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The Toshiba U945 is a great value Ultrabook and you can get the 1.8Ghz Core i3 version for $479 on today. The Core i5 version, with Turbo Boost, is available for $568. Removable battery, easy upgrade access for HDD and RAM, backlit keyboard, good port selection and, good Wi-Fi performance, a keyboard and trackpad that works well and, for the 14” laptop category, a reasonable weight. As a desktop with external monitor the Core i5 version will satisfy. For occasional away-from-home use, the battery life is fine and if you’re into upgrades, dropping a 7mm SSD into this will make it as fast as Ultrabooks costing three times as much.

Toshiba U945 Core i3 1.8Ghz Ultrabook for $479 at

Full review – Toshiba U940 (EU version) here.

Toshiba U945 Core i3 1.8Ghz Ultrabook for $479 at

Toshiba U945 Core i3 1.8Ghz Ultrabook for $568 at

Note: We have seen spare batteries for as low as 50 euros. (PA5076U-1BRS)

Note from Chippy: It’s not unheard of for manufacturers to switch to cheaper components later in a products lifetime. Please check you’re getting Centrino WiFi and an Elan Trackpad when you get your order.

Not in the USA? Latest DE and UK prices should be shown below.

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