ASUS Zenbook Infinity Hands-On

Posted on 13 September 2013 by


We saw the ASUS Infinity launch, behind perspex, at Computex. It appeared last week at IFA but it wasn’t until today that I got some hands-on time with it. It’s a beautiful design, light and has the unique feature of an Intel Iris HD 5100 GPU.

After taking a brief look at the device manager it appears that the storage is a dual-SSD RAID set-up. One assumes this is for speed rather than redundancy but the question remains, do people really notice the difference when SSD speeds are above 400MB/s?

Here’s the hands-on video.

  • Chris

    Did they say anything about the release-date? Price?

  • paul

    What’s with ASUS and their ugly shiny lids?

  • Josh

    there is something about that screen that is a bit off for me, maybe the bezels , dunno,lol, I find the sonv vaio pro 13 more attractive, to give it plus I like the way you can tilt the screen more than the vaio pro though, only if sony has a 5100 iris part for the vaio pro, then It would be a real winner :), I think I’ll just wait for a bunch of reviews first of the Zenbook infinity for the moment and maybe receive some dimensions regarding everything on it.

  • asusfan

    I hope future releases will include an ethernet port just like the Fujitsu Lifebook UH90.
    Release date is rumored to be November btw. I also checked with the local Asus distributor and he told me although he can’t give me any details in regards to pricing, it will be available in November.
    Can’t wait!

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  • edlberri

    Best laptop in the world right now. It’s also proof that Apple purposefully gimped the MBA resolution to retain profit margins & create separation with MBP.

    I really enjoyed the Apple bloggersphere defending the MBA resolution earlier this year saying it wasnt possible to have a “retina” screen in a device of that type. They really out to look at the world outside of Apple before commenting sometimes.

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  • Touko

    I’d like a list of Ultrabooks you can still get without a glossy touchscreen full of extremely visible finger smears on their mirror surfaces.

  • Yes

    Nice price tag of 2199 euro (around 3000 US dollars).

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    • Touko

      spam much?

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