Toshiba Satellite W30T Hands-On

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Toshiba W30T (2)

With Haswell Y-Series, the Toshiba W30T has the right platform for the design. You’ve got a docking keyboard with battery and up to 256GB of SSD in the tablet (or 500GB hard drive if you want!) The screen resolution of 1366×768 is disappointing, as is the ‘punch’ of the display but we’re told that this hybrid is only 649 Euro. I want to see that in writing though.

Hands-on video below.

The keyboard isn’t an authors dream but if this is being targeted at consumers, it will be OK. Total weight of 2.4KG is a bit on the heavy side though and the tablet itself weighs 1.28KG.

We can’t get too excited about this to be honest but that’s probably because we’ve seen a lot of high-end Ultrabooks and 2-in-1s. More is possible from Y-Series Haswell designs but if the price is right, it certainly has something going for it and could make quite a few consumers excited.


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Toshiba W30T Hands-On Video

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