Dell Latitude E7440 (SSD, FullHD, Haswell) Overview Video

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Update: Full review now live.

Need an Ultrabook for professional use that’s going to be flexible with connectivity and be available in hundreds of variations? The Dell Latitude E7440 is one for you to take a look at because it’s available in variants that would suit most people. From a ‘basic’ Core i5 with 1366×768 screen and hard drive to this, the 8GB, SSD and FullHD version with fingerprint reader and smartcard reader.

The version I have here isn’t actually an Ultrabook although one can argue that by last years specifications it is. it doesn’t have the touchscreen and it runs Windows 7. It will be interesting to test Windows 7 on Haswell to see if it’s as efficient as Windows 8. I don’t think it will be but we’ll find out soon.

In the meantime, here’s an 11-minute unboxing and overview of the Dell Latitude E7440 for you. Youll see a docking port, DisplayPort, smartcard reader, fingerprint reader, removable battery and more.

  • Florian

    Do you know how the batterylife is?

    • argus

      I’d like to see the battery life difference between Windows 7 and 8.1 (various loads and standby time).

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  • Dan

    Great video, thanks Chippy! I’ve been curious about this new model.

    I’ve been buying and setting up the 6430u as my go to for business clients. In the US Dell offers the 6430u with 1600×900 and up to 16gb RAM and 256gb SSD. It’s by far my favorite business laptop out right now. All the ports you could ask for, plus such a great keyboard that is backlit. I really like its black magnesium. The 7440 looks less premium to me, also a bit thicker.

  • argus

    I’m interested in the 12″ non-touch screen version. Does anyone know if the RAM and SSD are user replaceable. I ask because it’s usually cheaper with this route and SSDs can still fail before the rest of the components.

    I haven’t actually looked up the prices myself though but Dell’s website is always confusing. Depending on where you click, the price and the customizable options can vary widely.

  • guy

    I’m not surprised Dell sent you the wrong notebook. That seems to be common with them including other devices/components. They’ll sometimes send the wrong item multiple times. That is if you can convince them you got the wrong item and to ship you the correct one.

    The new 7000 series does look cheaper than the 6430u. It looks closer to an Inspiron than the last model. At least when it comes to work environments, it seems great with its wide range of wired/wireless connectivity, ruggedness and replaceable parts. Can you clarify which parts are replaceable?

    Too bad the 12″ version doesn’t seem to have a trackpoint. At least I couldn’t see it in photos.

    • Dan

      Hey Chippy, the link doesn’t work right now… I saw it did earlier, but didn’t have a chance to read it. Anyway, thanks for the great insight!

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