HP Pavilion X2 13 (Haswell-Y) Deal Coming …$499 Offer Sold-out within 2 minutes

Posted on 28 November 2013 by

Hp Pavilion X2 Haswell

Update: It sold for $499. The ‘waitlist’ is, after seconds, already full. let us know if you snapped one up. Stay tuned for the next offer!


If you’ve been looking at a 2-in-1 with Haswell and thinking hmmm, $1000 is a bit too much, then this offer could be for you. Coming up at Amazon is a deal on the HP Pavilion X2 13 with Y-series Haswell CPU. This is also available with a low-end AMD or Baytrail CPU but for Ultrabook-style performance and efficiency, this Haswell version is going to be way better.

This model is not listed for sale at HP.com yet so I had to dive deep into hp.com to get to the bottom of what this product really is.

The current price for 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD and Intel i3-4020Y 1.5 GHz is $765 but the deal kicks off in about 11hrs (at time of posting.) [Our affiliate link] If it goes on offer for $699 I wouldn’t be surprised. B&H also have it for $749 so keep an eye on other sites before you hit the order button.

Update: It’s selling for $499 but already there’s a waiting list… [Our affiliate link]


  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Intel Core i3-4020Y CPU (Same as Sony Vaio Tap 11)
  • Slate: 2.36lb
  • MicroSD on slate, full SD on keyboard base
  • 1xUSB3.0 1x USB2.0 on base
  • No battery in base, 33Wh in slate.
  • Intel HD4200 graphics
  • Screen: IPS 1366×768
  • Wireless: 1×1 (single channel) b/g/n (up to 150mbps 2.4Ghz/5Ghz we suspect), No WiDi (assumed)
  • Keyboard backlight: Unknown

Note some versions have a 500GB hard drive in the base so there’s some scope for an HDD upgrade. There’s a suggestion that some models have a battery in the base unit. That’s unknown for this model though.

Clearly this is a low-cost 2-in-1 and much heavier, less powerful and with shorter battery life than the MS Surface Pro 2 but it could be your only desktop, tablet and laptop. If your usage fits within some of the obvious limitations. (heavy tablet, not a high-end CPU.) you’ll save yourself a big handful of money over the Surface Pro 2

Given the knowledge we have on the platform thus far we’d estimate a 9-hour video playback experience or 5hr WiFi-on web working experience.

Liliputing had some hands-on recently. but I can’t find any detailed reviews yet.

Alternatives: Yoga 13, ASUS Transformer Book T300. The latter offers a full Core i5 and FullHD resolution but is currently $959 at Amazon.

We’ll keep you posted on deals over the next week. (And we’ll try and include other countries too!!!)

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