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My name is Ben and I'm a mobile tech blogger for UMPC Portal. I'm a technology enthusiast who likes using technology to increase productivity. Currently I have a VAIO UX180 UMPC, iPhone 3G, and HP Mini 1000 netbook. If you are interested in micro-updates relating to my work on UMPC Portal, follow me on twitter @benz145

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AMD Temash Turbo Dock Prototype Hands-on at MWC

Posted on 01 March 2013

Temash is AMD’s new computing platform aimed at Windows 8 tablets. Recently they teased some interesting docking functionality in which you could dock a Temash tablet onto a keyboard for a 40% processing power boost which is an idea that we’d love to see explored in the computing industry. Chippy has been on the show-floor of Mobile World Congress 2013 this week and got to check out Temash prototypes at […]

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How to Turn Your UMPC into a DIY AirPlay Receiver

Posted on 13 October 2012

My Sony Vaio UX180 UMPC spent many years as the center of my mobile world. However, since the rise of the consumer smartphone, it hasn’t seen much field use lately. While the latest mobile devices are wonderful in many ways, they still lack the amazing software/hardware compatibility which comes with a full-fledged Windows-running x86 PC. I hung onto the UX180 knowing that it would be able to fill some role […]

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Intel Could Succeed in the Android Market with HDRC

Posted on 31 March 2012

Back at IDF September, Intel and Google finally announced that they’d be working together to get Android up and running on x86 devices. While there were a number of Android-running x86 tablets and a smartphone prototype or two floating around IDF, it wasn’t immediately apparent what the major advantage of Android 0n x86 devices would be for your everyday consumer. In fact, it wasn’t even apparent exactly why any of […]

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Mobile Computing and the Stylus in 2012 — A Survey of Devices and Software

Posted on 27 March 2012

Last spring, I launched into a rant on my personal blog (due to some minor profanity, the linked-to article is labeled as not safe for work) over the way the tech media was labeling a lot of the activity that was going on in the tablet market. You see, back then, circa May 2011, the pockets of resistance against the iPad were beginning to fade, and people were starting to get it that this tablet […]

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Sony Appears to be Working on a New U-series Hybrid Tablet With Windows 8

Posted on 17 March 2012

Back during CES, Sony was showing off a hybrid tablet with Windows 8. This was a sliding design that could function as a tablet with the screen down, or the screen could slide up screen up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. Image credit: Engadget We’ve seen a similar approach from Samsung, but despite an official press release about the product, it never made it to market (perhaps they were […]


Nokia Entering the Tablet Game With Windows 8?

Posted on 16 March 2012

Nokia may be working on a Windows 8 tablet, due out by the end of the year, according to some sources. We’ve long wished that Nokia would jump into the tablet game as their hardware design has rarely managed to disappoint. However, with Nokia’s commitment to Windows Phone 7 last year, the company was put into an awkward position. Microsoft built Windows Phone 7 from the ground up as a phone operating system. […]


Humble Indie Bundle for Android (and PC/Mac/Linux); Get 4 Great Games, You Name the Price!

Posted on 31 January 2012

Today is a great day. Why, you ask? Because the Humble Indie Bundle program just announced something awesome: their first ever Humble Bundle to include Android versions of 5 excellent games. First, let me tell you about the Humble Indie Bundle: The Humble Bundle Inc. puts together gaming bundles which feature notorious indie games which are “donated” by their respective developers. The bundle is then sold with a name-your-own-price model and you get […]

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What Happened to the Android Update Alliance? Less Than 1% of Devices Running Latest Version of Android!

Posted on 31 January 2012

At last year’s Google I/O, a great new program was announced — Google was working with a group of equipment manufacturers to create a sort of ‘update guarentee’ which would explicitly inform customers how long they could expect their shiny new Android device to receive updates, and how quickly they could expect those updates from carriers or manufacturers. Google never named the program as far as I can tell, so I gave […]

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Asus Padfone to Be Unveiled at MWC, Will It Have Tegra 3?

Posted on 30 January 2012

The Asus Padfone seemed to have gone into hibernation after it’s Computex debut way back in May. It popped up at CES and now, according to a story from MoDaCo, the Asus Padfone will be officially announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the end of February in Barcelona. Using the world ‘announced’ might be a bit confusing because Asus already officially revealed the device. However, the initial unveiling at Computex was […]

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Catch a Glimpse of the Design Process at the Notion Ink Adam 2 Dev Blog

Posted on 28 January 2012

I’m sure there’s lot’s of extremely interesting  stuff that goes on during the development of any smartphone or tablet made by some of the biggest companies out there; unfortunately, these companies are often extremely secretive about what they’re working on, and it’s tough to get a good behind-the-scene look at how these devices are made. Fortunately for us, Notion Ink, the company behind the original Adam tablet, has opened up […]

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Today Only: HP TouchPad 32GB Deal, $219 From Woot!

Posted on 27 January 2012

The HP TouchPad is dead right? Well, apparently there’s still some stock floating around, and Woot seems to have snatched it up. Today, they’ve got it on sale for you. It isn’t quite the firesale price of many months ago, but still a good deal if you like the HP TouchPad. While I haven’t had the chance to give them a try myself, pretty much everyone I’ve heard from has […]

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Here’s What Apple Needs to Add to the iPad 3 for Me to Adopt a Third Device

Posted on 26 January 2012

The iPad 3 is expected to be unveiled by Apple in the next few months. I decided to sit down and come up with a little wish list of the iPad 3. This might be somewhat different from other lists that you see out there because I don’t actually own an iPad. In fact, I don’t own any tablet at all. When the original iPad launched, I picked one up, […]

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