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Acer Iconia W510 CloverTrail Tablet Incoming. Send us your Questions.

Posted on 12 December 2012

After weeks of trying to get hold of a CloverTrail tablet through product managers, PR companies and marketing teams I’ve given up and bitten the bullet and bought one. The Acer W510, with 64GB and dock, will be with me soon and I’m excited to get right into the testing to find out what the platform is capable of.

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Samsung N350. The 1000gm Netbook arrives soon for Live Session.

Posted on 11 November 2010

Heads up! If you’re interested in a mobile netbook with a touch more oomph! than your average Atom N450 based device you’ll want to tune in here over the next few days because the Samsung N350 dual-core Atom netbook is on its way. The N350 is one I’ve had my eye on as a possible upgrade to my trusty Gigabyte Touchnote so it will be coming with me to Dublin […]

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Donate in October and Get Free Device Advice, Full RSS, EBook.

Posted on 13 October 2010

Its time to raise the flag and say ‘help’ here at UMPCPortal and Carrypad. We’re asking for donations (and offering services in return.) We’re a independent website provider focused on mobile computing and survive purely through advertising and the support of our readers. We resist the temptation to add roadblock ads, overlay ads, pop-ups, affiliate links in articles, ‘deal of the day’ and text-link-ads and we direct-sell our ad space […]

Hello World (Guy Joins the UMPCPortal Team)

Posted on 06 May 2010

My name is Guy Adams and I’m an I.T consultant in Robin Hood country, deep in the heart of the UK. Chippy has asked me to join the excellent team here at as an article contributor and I hope to be bringing you some posts on the latest ultra mobile pc’s  around the technology space. I have been posting on my personal blog Guy Adams on Technology for just […]

Announcement: Carrypad launches ‘Smart, Mobile and Internet-Connected’ Website.

Posted on 01 December 2009

‘Smart, mobile and Internet-connected.’ launches to cover mobile and handheld internet devices.


UMPC Search Term Still in Decline. What Shall We Do?

Posted on 23 June 2009

We see no point in ignoring the real facts. UMPC is a term in decline and has been for the last 18 months. Despite 2009 seeing more UMPCs than ever before and customer numbers remaining solid, the keyword trends are changing. We’ve held up well and, to be honest, have been one of the longest lasting businesses in the UMPC market so I don’t feel too sad about it but […]


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