Poll: What ‘MID Space’ Gadgets Do You Use?

Posted on 09 May 2009

Ignoring your phone and your PC/Netbook/UMPC, what other gadgets do you regularly carry? Do you use a navigation device? A personal media player? How about an E-Reader? A lot of people consider the MID space between a  4″ and a 6″ screen to be dead and that MIDs  have no chance but these people are forgetting the gadgets already in that space.  To those people I say; Forget this idea […]

Is the iPhone a MID?

Posted on 02 April 2009

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Poll: Whatchya waiting for?

Posted on 03 February 2009

Here’s a question for you. Are you in the market for a UMPC or MID? If so, based on offerings and info available today and if you had to make a choice today, which one would you order.

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