Thursday, November 09, 2006

Arima UM650UV1 Ultra Mobile.

This is the third new ultra mobile device this week. And this one really has a great specification. Look! A keyboard. Look! A docking station. Look! A long battery life.  Its the Arima UM650UV1.

Click to enlarge.

It appears to have a touchscreen (there's a stylus in one of the images.) but its not clear if its got a touch pointer. It looks like the touch pointer is integrated into the keyboard and the mouse buttons are on the bottom left hand side of the frame. Its a strange layout but at 680g it might work.  The size is nice too. Smaller than a Q1.

Size comparison (Samsung Q1, Arima UM650) from

Here are the specs. Keep a look out for the VX700 integrated chipset and the LED-backlit screen technology that I wrote about in July.


  • CPU- VIA ULV C7-M, 1.0GHz FSB
  • Memory - DDR2-533, 512MB on board
  • Chipset - VX700
  • GPU - Integrated in VX700, UniChrome Pro core
  • Media card controller - /SD-IO/MMC
  • Wireless LAN - 802.11b+g  (USB based - Not clear if its internal or an external solution.)
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, (USB Based. Not clear if its an internal or external solution.)
  • LCD - 6.5” TFT, WVGA (800x480), with LED backlight
  • HDD - 1.8”, 5 mm high, 4200rpm, 20/30/40GB
  • Battery - 2 cells Lithium Polymer battery, 3900mAHr, total: 28.86 watts
  • Battery Life - 4~5hrs
  • Speakers - Mono, 0.6watts
  • Web Cam - VGA resolution, USB I/F, for Video over IP
  • Dimension - 190mm x 120mmx 27.9mm, 7.48” x 4.72” x 1.1”
  • Weight - 680g, 1.496lbs
  • USB x 2
  • Audio jack x 2: Mic-in and HP out
  • VGA x 1
  • Docking x 1

I'll see if I can find out availability info. New information will be added to the Carrypad data sheet.

Thanks to Hanzo in the Origamiproject forums for highlighting this UMPC.

Steve /Chippy.


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At 01:30, Blogger Doug Moran said...

You know, they really have to start giving these things catchier names. I mean, "Pepperpad" is okay, although it reminds me too much of a children's book series. But SA1F00A? R2H? UX-280? SPH-P9000? Who's coming up with these names, anyway; a frustrated mathmatician? As much as I sneer at marketing types and their constant desire to put marketing-speak in everything (and believe me, I do sneer), these UMPCs really need some help on that front.

At 01:44, Blogger Doug Moran said...

Any info on what type of OS this thing is going to be running, Steve?

At 22:18, Blogger Chippy said...


Under the medion brand in europe it has to be XP. I doubt Tablet edition but you never know. I guess bulk licensing of XP is cheap at the moment!


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