Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Vega user installs XP Tablet Edition.

I was pointed to a conversation running over at Handtops.com (who need to get a forum RSS feed running. I keep missing good things over there!) yesterday morning about a very happy Vega user. Here are a few excerpts from the thread.

I am enjoying the Vega more than the ux, mainly because of the screen and the way it feels to hold in the hands. I find it much more comfortable. In terms of opening office, internet, visual studio etc, it seems just as quick as the UX.

Battery life is great. I got 4 hours 56 mintues with wi-fi stick plugged in and screen on full watches tv shows / movies from the hard drive

The screen is fantastic. Best viewing angle I've seen on any device, very bright and clear. Great resolution too.

And look at this. He's even installed XP Tablet edition. So its now the smallest screen tablet PC I've ever seen. Its probably the cheapest too. In Europe,PocketPC Solutions are selling them (English version I guess) for about 900 Euro. In the U.S. Dynamism are selling them for $879. 

I have finished installed tablet xp and I can report that the device works really really well. The tip works great, I had to use a 3rd party program (softrightclick) to emulate right clicking on the screen, but apart from that its great. With tablet xp this thing really is a winner.


More info, images, the Carrypad review and specifications here.

Steve / Chippy.


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