Monday, December 11, 2006

The Eleksen fabric keyboard video.

This is the Eleksen fabric keyboard prototype.

I'm writing this blog with it now just to demonstrate how quick it is. At the same time I'm videoing it so that you can see all my mistakes!

Its quick, but on this worktop that I'm using, its a bit slippery. You can also see how I have to peck the keyboard with sharp taps instead of just hovering over the keys like you might do on a normal keyboard. Anyway take a look at the video and see what you think.


[Update: The Eleksen fabric keyboard review can be found here.]



At 10:30, Anonymous Neil said...

That looks very nice Steve, and a lot quicker, and nicer to use than I thought it would be.

I'd like to see them start producing these very soon, maybe with some way of stopping it slipping around during use (though a full non-slip backing might make it difficult to slip inside a larger bag), and a rigid front to protect the screen, and allow it to be used on a non-flat surface.


At 10:44, Blogger Chippy said...


Good points. Eleksen are watching my posts so i'm sure they'll take them all into consideration.


At 16:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Steve. Thanks for that.
Few questions about it:
Does the keyboard hopefully have a mute button and does it have any give to the keys themselves?
What is that huge chunky black component on the upper right of the keyboard and does it have adequate padding for minimal protecting of say my Q1b when they release it hopefully soon?
Thank you.
--- Jerry.

At 17:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a lot quicker if you actually knew how to type!

At 20:01, Blogger Chippy said...


You should see my handwriting!


At 15:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to post the comment i left on JKontherun here as this company is watching this thread:

This is a really cool concept. It is so cool in fact that it makes me want to overlook the fact that most umpc's at the moment don't have a keyboard. This means that you don't have to carry a seperate foldable keyboard with you. Also it would be fantastic for setting up the umpc's like Asus which require a keyboard in order to get the system started. I think that these things ought to be mass produced and bundled with every umpc instead of a seperate keyboard.

The only problem i can see is if the keyboard part of the case is very flimsy then you are likely to loose your coordination when tapping away. It dosen't matter to me though cause i've never learned to touchtype so i alway's look at the keyboard anyway.

The big pro to this is that fact that the keyboard can be made as large as the designers can fit them. This being the whole LxW dimensions of a typical UMPC so a full qwerty keyboard complete with seperate number and function button lines and full size shift key's. Also the keyboard won't be bent too much out of shape like the roll up keyboards. Although i've never used a rollable keyboard i'm sure that they have a tendancy to curl (just like most fabrics that have been bent for a long time). - feel free to put me straight about rollable keyboards if this is not the case as my comment is only based on obsovation and common sence ;)

I think that i can now officially say that my only concern with UMPC's now is the battery life and screen resolution. Once these are sorted i'm going to make a significant investment in one :)

Another great feture of this concept is that fact that you can control audio content without taking the umpc out of the case. for users of the Q1 this could be useful for the instant on media player that is already a great feature of the system. This would however require some kind of hold key or microswitch incase it is bashed in a backpack.

A feature i would like to see on these is to have the umpc screen facing the oposite side of the keyboard so that a hole can be made for instant screen access. The keyboard can be disabled by the hold key/switch feature so a user can place the umpc on a desk and ink. another flap could be added to protect the umpc screen when it's not in use.

This would be my perfect UMPC case.

I love the way these UMPC/origami concepts are unfolding (pun intended ;D)


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