Monday, January 08, 2007

Eleksen Vista sideshow bag.

Remember the Eleksen keyboard? Remember I said that I wanted a messenger bag with a screen on it?

How about that! The coolest bag in town?


The module can receive data from the laptop PC either wirelessly through Bluetooth or via the USB connection depending on the application.
A 2.5 inch LCD display presents the information to the user. Both portrait and landscape configurations can be supported depending on the industrial design requirements.
ElekTex fabric controls allow navigation and access to the information stored in the on-board memory cache. Additional controls can be added for enhanced functionality or to support new applications such as MP3 playback, photo album show, video clips, etc.

There's a PDF available too.

Again, this is a ready-for-manufacture concept like the keyboard so no pricing or availability info.

Eleksen product page.



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At 18:50, Blogger Jon said...

I want one! OS X Leopard + Windows Vista Ultimate = Me getting a MacBook Pro so I can get one of these niftly 'lil bags.. or whatever will be made like it.. when it comes out!


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