Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nokia N800. More Memory. Better processor.

update: Full specs on the datasheet.
update2: John Tokash has just bought one. He's unboxing as I type this. Keep an eye on his blog.
update3: John sent me some images.

It didn't take long for someone to pop out to CompUSA, buy one and report back and tell us the good news. more memory and a better processor.

The processor type is unknown at this stage but it looks like its a RISC ARM processor with at least 2 times the processing power of the processor in the 770.(Xscale 266) Could be a Marvel 500Mhz or a Samsung 300Mhz. I guess its irrelevant. The important thing is it has much more power. More power for faster browser rendering and for videos.

And there's more RAM too. 128MB. Twice as much as the 770 but yielding 3 or four times the amount of free RAM once things are running. Superb.

Keep an eye on Thoughtfix's blog for more info. He's tracking it closely.


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At 10:16, Blogger Bob said...

I just found out this about the camera from Amazon website comments: "The camera only works out of the box as an internet chat cam; it doesn't take pictures or capture video to the SD cards. "

At 19:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a video. I guess it doesn't run windows?


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