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Tech classics for a ‘boys weekend.’

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Weekends away with friends should happen without distraction from smartphones, tablets and laptops, games and social media. Not for me. Tomorrow I leave for what you might call a ‘boys weekend’ and it requires a very special blend of classic tech. I need to cover all angles while staying light, rugged, offline and making sure that if something gets broken, lost or stolen that I’m not looking at a huge bill. I’m talking about music, videos, navigation, maps and evening photography and for that task I’ve chosen the classic Nokia N8 and Acer W510.

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Select YOUR best ultra-mobile PC

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The new features on the product database are going to help you select YOUR ultra-mobile PC.

Select your perfect mobile PC


Despite tech websites telling you what THEY think is the best solution for your needs it’s still up to you to know what you want and to sort through all those lists to see if a product matches your requirements. Now, instead of starting with someone else’s top 10 you can make your own.

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