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Booklet: €579. N900: €500. Pre or Post tax prices?

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27173655 No word on availability of the booklet or N900 from the Nokia keynote but a couple of prices:

Booklet: 579 Euros

N900: 500 Euros.

The question is, are these pre-tax prices because the N900 is still available for 599 Euros (503 pre tax)

Update: Three responses on Twitter suggest that Nokia normal quote pre-tax prices.

If tax needs to be added to the Booklet you are looking at 689 Euros fro the Booklet in Germany. Bzzzzzzt!

Nokia World Live Webcast starts. Tracking Booklet, Maemo, Tablet news.

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The Live Webcast of the Keynote is running as I type this. Images are coming in too so I’ll update this post as we go along through the keynote. I’m live on the /live page (chat too) and i’ll be posting more as information comes through over the next two days.

Nokia Booklet 3gBooklet 3G Image  via Twitter user Filchambers


Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is speaking right now. I’m picking out info that might be relevant to UMPCPortal readers here.

Nokia Booklet: Great example of the convergence of mobility and computer

Avail, price, later!

Nokia N900: ‘Best browser device ever’

‘Both devices are natural next steps for Nokia’

0940: Olli not talking details but Anssi Vanjoki (Executive Vice President of ‘New Markets’) is now talking. Hopefully we’ll get more info from him….

0954: N97 mini launched. New features added to Nokia Maps. A couple of music phones launched.

10:05 Talking about booklet. Highlighting W7 and 12hours battery life. Unconfirmed: I think he said 1.6Ghz Atom. (N270 or N530?) Price 579 Euros.

10:10 Talking about N900…Price. 500 Euros. It’s still 599 on the Nokia Shop in Germany!

Keynote finished. I guess everyone is rushing for hands-on now!!!

More news as it happens during the day. Stay tuned.

Nokia announcement on Wednesday

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The predictions were that Nokia World would largely be a software and applications event but Robert Scoble has stirred the pot and seen something else.

I asked “what about the touch screen cell phone that I’ve seen rumors about?” He said that no one had gotten it right yet. He said that even internally only a handful of people have seen the new device they’ll be announcing on Wednesday

‘Device’ he says. Does that mean its not a phone? It may be wishful thinking on my part but maybe it’s the announcement of the new Nokia Tablet. The one with 3G, hi-def camera and a Cortex A8 core on the Ti OMAP platform. Or is that just too small a deal? Are they going to announce something to go head to head with the iPhone? Are both the tablet and the new device one and the same thing. Is this the device that’s going to replace the E90 and see the tablet and phone products coming together for the first time? Somehow I doubt that. Fortunately I’m in the Barcelona timezone so I’ll be looking out for news as it breaks on Wednesday morning. Stay tuned.

Update: This Nokia countdown clock indicates that the announcement might be in the keynote tomorrow morning (0915 GMT+1)

Nokia’s Nokia World Blog

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If you’re following the Nokia World forum and expo news you might want to load up the Nokia World Blog “From The Floor” into your feed reader.

A team of internal and external Nokia commentators will giving opinions, news and updates throoughout the two days.

If we don’t here anything about the 870 tomorrow, it might be interesting to see what comes in after the party in the evening!

Via AllAboutSymbian, who are also at the event and will be providing updates.


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