Intel launches mobile and Internet Linux project.

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As the Intel Ultra Mobile ecosystem moves forward with both RedFlag and Canonical developing distributions for the next generation of Intel-based MID devices, Intel has gone public with some of the development work that’s been going into these projects through a new portal called Moblin at At the same time, Intel have pulled together a number of other resources in order to attract developers to get on-board with the new developments.

I picked up the announcement on the Ubuntu Mobile development list.

We are happy to announce the launch of the Mobile & Internet Linux Project on is an umbrella open source project focused on the development of Linux for Intel-based devices. is also an incubator for prototyping new ideas and building a community of developers around them. Currently, hosts a number of projects, including an Image Creator, Browser, UI framework, power policy manager, and various non-PC oriented applications and software components. The work so far has been focused on Intel-based devices, but is open to contributions for support of other architectures.
One of the main goals of is to serve as the point of integration for these projects, and to ensure the interoperability of the various components. enables the creation of complete source trees and binary images that can run either on actual devices, or in an emulated environment for testing purposes. We’ve just started the development on, so please join our
developer mailing list-all are welcome to contribute to the various projects, or propose new ideas and projects on You can join the mailing list at with much more information available at
Rusty Lynch — Bob Spencer
Intel Open Source Technology Center

How about that. ‘The work so far has been focused on Intel-based devices, but is open to contributions for support of other architectures’ Nice to see Intel publicly entering into the open source spirit of things although I guess it would have looked a bit selfish if they had tried to tie an open source project to their hardware!  At the new site you’ll find source code, mailing lists IRC channels and oh wait, no forum. Strange, They should get that sorted out straight away. Apart from that though, it looks like a great start. If you look careful you’ll find hints about some of the new features for Ubuntu Mobile which is now only three months away. The browser will be based on Mozilla 2.0 with a ‘finger-driven UI’ and ‘clean UI, standards-focused, xul-based, add-on support, plugins’ There’s even some early renderings showing ideas for various components. The image, left, shows an early idea for the media player.

Join the development team at

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