Photo:UMPC and beer.

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Xmangerm, a Fuji U810 owner, did exactly what you’re supposed to do with a ultra mobile PC at the weekend and that is work wherever you want to!

Today is a wonderful day therefore I have decided to hang out on my balcony with my handy dandy UMPC. The screen is only 5.6 inches but it handles everything I throw at it. I am a happy camper.

We’re running little UMPC-on-holiday photo competition in the UMPCPortal forums over the next quarter so if you take your ultra mobile PC on holiday with you (as is the law, no matter what your partner says!) make sure you send in some pics. The best one wins a prize.

Source: Xmangerm’s Blog.

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  1. Synced says:

    I don’t really call this a real UMPC experience if your propped up on a table with mouse & mouse pad.

    Yes very nice that your able to do so outside with a beer but its no different than a laptop IMO.

    I tend to think of a UMPC experience which shows off its mobility is like sitting on the couch surfing the web (no table, no mouse, nothing on your lap etc) . Things where laptops & “netbooks” aren’t too comfortable but UMPC’s thrive in casual use.

  2. xmangerm says:

    I believe that you are missing the point of the multipurposeness of the Fuji u810. Besides being considered a UMPC it is also IMO a micro laptop or “Lifebook” as Fuji likes to call it. The keyboard may be a tad bit small however one can without a doubt type the occasional document.

    On the other hand, if one is looking to write an essay or other long drawn out documents or undertake long Internet sessions (which is what I did the “entire” day) then a mouse and keyboard is a must. Btw, what is not shown in “my” photo is the thinkoutside Bt keyboard.

  3. Vakeros says:

    Have to agree with Synced on the one level. However, I don’t have a problem if someone wants to get comfortable and “can do everything a laptop can” and more…

  4. xmangerm says:

    Btw, I forgot to mention that the U810 has actually replaced my other laptops for the features it offers are just that good. For example, it is almost my bedtime and I will now disconnect from the BT keyboard and mouse and change to tablet mode and surf further in the horizontal position until I fall asleep. Fluffy (bed dog–Bichon Frise) and the wife don’t even care anymore for the device is so small and doesn’t crowd them out.

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