Ultra Mobile Podcast 18

Updated on 15 August 2008 by

JKK and I talk about the upcoming IDF and what could be in store for Ultra Mobile fans next week and we take some time to think about the Everun Note.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Anymouse Reader says:

    Dell uses Ubuntu on their Linux desktops and laptops.

    Might be using the Dell Moblin thing in small netbook, but we well have to see about that?

  2. Anymouse Reader says:

    Oops – forgot the link at Dell as evidence of Dell using Ubuntu:

    Also – to be watched in the Linux area is KDE 4.x as it is a revolutionary desktop and does more things than any operating system desktop ever before. If I might give a link that seems to be from a developer on this… worth reading:

    What would be really good is if KDE 4.x desktop “Folderviews” or projects could synch with mobile devices back and forth and be detachable and moveable (we shall see)?

  3. kyuss says:

    when JKK mentioned Finland, this reminded me of:


    sry, but: ahahahaha :-D

  4. jkkmobile says:


    best part on that video is at 3:37

    bha ha haa haaaa!

  5. kyuss says:

    of course…everybody knows that…they should teach this in schools, right? :-D

  6. Mike Cane says:

    I have revealed your Axis of Evil for the world to see!


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