Viliv S7 UMPC. Images to drool over!

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Yup, that’s my favorite IDF device right there. The promise of a 1,8Ghz Atom with XP and 7-10hrs battery life in that stylish, productive form factor is just too much for me to resist.


Check out the full gallery of images here. Its well worth a look!!!

IMG_7197 IMG_7202 IMG_7206

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  1. cat says:


    Do you think the S7 will actually see the light of day? As others have pointed out, there’s at least one key missing on the keyboard layout (the “p” key). Makes one wonder what else might be missing and I really don’t see it being ready by Q1 of next year, unfortunately. Looks like they really rushed to get that protoype ready for this show and someone didn’t do a very good job on the quality control checks before they departed for the exhibit. Did anyone ask them about the keyboard issue?

  2. chippy says:

    We talked about keyboard. Shift keys. They asked me a lot of questions too.
    They want this out for Q1 2009.
    I really do think it will come to market.

    The big indicator is that they want to send me some corrections on the specs so that means they really have locked down final specifications.


  3. Jelpy says:

    The “p” key is NOT missing!! they just did’t imprint it, you can clearly see that the key right to “o” has its upper left corner blank!! Just right where the “p” should be imprinted!!

  4. MiKeN says:

    This device and the Wibrain are the only devices I’ve seen out of IDF that I would consider purchasing. I like the fact that this little device has a full keyboard, tablet function, good specs, and is fairly small. Hopefully the device won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy it.

  5. chippy says:

    Target price at this stage is under $1000 (read 999!)
    That is probably without 3G but if it’s really 8 hours battery life and has a 1.8Ghz processor that can be locked down for battery life or free’d up for performance, I could well be in on this one. Assuming XP of course (yes, XP will be available thru 2009 to some OEM’s apparently.)

  6. Brett says:

    How do they “P”, is there no “P” in Korea ?

    must be a lot of bladder infections there ?

  7. chippy says:


  8. tanjeraldy says:

    how’s the hinge? looks flimsy on the video.

  9. chippy says:

    It IS flimsy on this version. Its a demo hinge. Not final version

  10. wizink says:

    Dang under $1000? (Or $999, however you want to look at it) Though it’s one of the best designed UMPCs that I think are out there so perhaps it is worth the price. But still…in a perfect world I would make it at least under $500.

  11. chippy says:

    In a perfect world it would be free with a box of breakfast cereal!

  12. wizink says:

    Or most likely a box of cereal that costs about $1000 with a “FREE viliv S7 INSIDE” sticker. ;)

  13. Zapgun says:

    It does look promising, but will have to see what the final specs and performance are before I buy. Is this another Poulsbo chipset?

    Also I’m still a bit mystified by the track pad. Are the right / left click buttons on the right / left of the trackpad area? How exactly does one thumb-click with that.

  14. tal says:

    I am not kidding, we need a 8.9″ screen for this baby. 7″ is way too small for real work on the go, at laest for me.

  15. ProDigit says:

    I agree about the screen size. I wouldn’t buy it for it only has 1024×600 pix (where the 7″ is too small, and the 600pix is too narrow to even watch .720Pix HD movies.

    I would love like the kohjinsha SX3(or something) to have 1280×768 in a 9″ touchscreen.
    The only con about the kohjinsha is it’s lower processor speed of ?1,3Ghz?..

    By the time I’m ready to buy an aditional UMPC, Intel will have the newer Core2 Atom ready, and I first want to see the perormance/battery life of that!

    It would be amazing if they incorporate the TURBO technology into that Atom (technology found in the upcoming Nehalem), able to boost core frequency, and concentrate poor threaded applications to run from one core shutting down the second core to further preserve batterylife.

    Intel’s also busy with creating an ALL-in-One chip, on a motherboard about the size of a bankcard that reduces power requirement of the total upto 10X (or so Intel claims).
    The technology now is for cellphones, but I wouldn’t be surprised if today or tomorow Intel decided to bring it to the UMPC market with an improved version of this design.

    This together with the overdemand on UMPC (take note that Europe is a grand market largely not reached with UMPC’s yet), the ongoing research into powersaving and design, shortage of battery, and the kid deseases and bugs in the first batches of a newer design are all indicators for me to wait for at least 1 year before a really decent quality and priced UMPC comes to the market.

    On the question if this reaches the market, I think probably. But it will only be a minority of users having such a device.
    The late introduction of a ‘supreme’ UMPC (at least in battery life) like this one is one of the reasons.

    When I look at all UMPC’s available today from Asus, Acer, MSI, Kohjinsha, I keep on thinking that they are only a copy with a minor improvement over the other….
    Devices like the EEE Pc 701, and the OLPC XO where probably the greatest inventions.
    It seems so far no manifacturer has brought the UMPC to a level where it’s worthy to be upgraded for something like Intel’s bank-card sized, all-in-one chip design motherboard.

    So far the competition has done anything except for keeping the prices of mininotebooks low (at least lower then their far superior performing laptop brothers).

  16. Fixup says:

    This thing is MUCH larger and heavier than the U2010, the latter also has a 1280×800 screen. It is almost the size of an Eee PC 901, but double the price.

    What’s wrong with you guys? You were so excited on the Willcome D4, now this crap. Come on!

  17. Mike Cane says:

    Watched the vid over at jkk by you, Chippy. Nice work. Very, very interesting. But it’s a long time to Q1 2009 — that’s even if it arrives on time. We know that Asus is no slouch. Who knows if they don’t already have something like this in their labs?

  18. John says:

    Hm. No vendor supported Ubuntu Mobile option? Disappointing. Probably a deal breaker.

    The pictures don’t make it clear as to whether or not you can comfortably thumb type on it (which is far more important to me, in a device this small, than being able to touch type on it). Any idea?

  19. Engineer Smartcard says:

    Keep working, great job!

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