6% of you appear to have UMPCs. Really?

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According to my stats, 5.77% of vists to the UMPCPortal are from people with screen sizes of 1024×600, 800×480 or 800×600. Those screen sizes are almost exclusive to the ultra mobile PC (MID, pro-mobile, netbook) class of devices so its got be close to a 1:1 relationship.

I wonder if that same 5.77% statistic will appear if I put a poll here.


Look at the growth of the 1024×600 screens. Its not just cross-sector growth either. The 800×480 graph isn’t going anywhere!

1024600 800x480

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  1. fab says:

    i own a tablet hp tx2000 (12.1 inch). running ubuntu 8.10 beta and it works like a charm. just touchscreen not working yet… as soon as we have the final release i will set up the touchscreen. back to topic: a netbook with 10″ screen would be a waste of money and most of all… my tablet is so freaking overpowered that a netbook would look like a texas instruments calculator (with all respect..) so my next device will definitely be a MID..though we all know about the current problems – availability etc.

    devices i consider at the moment:

    benq s6
    archos 5 (not actually a MID but does the job)
    TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED in m528 since it’s basically just a big promo and ad campaign but nothing out there… the AIGO with ubuntu mid would be a solution

  2. JP says:

    Do not forget that probably a lot of us are accessing this website from several computers!

    I personnaly go here from my Eee PC 701 (800×480 res) but also from my desktop PC and my office PC (and sometimes other ones)… I’ll even add that the most time I go on UMPCPortal certainly isn’t from my Eee PC :-)

    So I expect the poll to result in a much different result.

  3. fab says:

    Steve, maybe the poll should be:

    who actually visits UMPCportal with the MID, UMPC, Netbook instead of the usual laptops/desktops?

    because basically who visits this site is either interested and most probably owns one of those devices so it does not say if they also access it with it. right now MORE than 50% own these devices, but access is less than 6%..so the poll cannot give the answer you were seeking.. (me thinks..)

  4. Marc says:

    What I own on any given day seems to depends on the direction of the wind… ;)

    Currently using a Dell Mini 9 Netbook, an HTC Advantage (PDA/MID/UMPCish) and an iPhone. All of which can be responsible for my browsing depending on where I am.

    Ironically I rarely use any of those to visit UMPC Portal. That’s mainly done from my desktop!

  5. Milnoc says:

    The poll should have asked HOW MANY devices we have. When you consider the nature of this site, some of the results would have been in the double digits. :)

  6. tino says:

    Yeah I was going to say I have two. Counting my smartphone that would be 3.

  7. Ben says:

    Dont forget that many people are probably hooking up to external monitors.

  8. Chippy says:

    So if the stats on the poll show that a higher % own UMPCs than 5.77%, it means that people with UMPCs tend to use the other devices MORE for browsing umpcportal, OR access more content when they browse with a non-umpc device.
    I guess the latter is true.

  9. JP says:

    Well basically all these small devices are great on the go, but when you’ve got the choice (typically at home or at the office) then you’ll use the bigger computer because there’s no way a UMPC/MID/Netbook can compete with a big keyboard and big screen (of course!). And a bigger processing power too!

  10. fab says:

    well, this..obvious :-) and it explains an experience of a friend:

    he owns a 15.4 inch laptop and an ipod touch. he’s telling me continuously that he wants to use the ipod touch in bed to browse etc, but everytime he takes his laptop or doesn’t use the ipod touch since..it’s too small.

    these are definitely MOBILE devices that won’t in any way replace the big ones. a small device is made to be portable, that’s priority number one, not a big screen. and from a biological point of view small devices are not exactly healthier for your eyes than bigger ones with big screens.

    so if you have the choice at home, in the office or wherever, i doubt you’re browsing on an AIGO when you have the desktop or laptop next to it.

    that’s why i think that umpcportal holds quite a lot of information that you might want to read when you have time and…screen estate. on the go you might want to read some mails, check news feeds or post something…

  11. Vakeros says:

    This is where you want a device which you plug in at home/office into the docking port for the large screen/keyboard, but when you travel about just carry the small unit. Something like the Everun where the CPU could also double in power when docked.

  12. JP says:

    I don’t know why but I want to add “multi-device strategy”, always the same…

    Unless you hook up the device to external display (and maybe keyboard) and in this case, as spotted by Ben, it doesn’t fall in the 5.77% either.

  13. Palm Fan says:

    I have a Palm TX PDA. I am looking at an ultramobile as a possible replacement if/when the time comes that I can no longer find a Palm TX PDA.

  14. Ivan says:

    Wow, how do you get those statistics. Although I have an HTC wizard that I use sometimes. Pictures and browsing experience is not really pleasant. I use 2560×1600 at my office.

  15. Patrick says:

    My purchase of an eee 1000HD was an impulse buy. I am very satisfied although touch typing has its problems.

    Recently bought a Lifebook B3010. This was a beautiful and expensive laptop when it was new.

  16. citats says:

    I have 4 small screen devices… I tend to do my reading during my lunch at work, where I use a desktop. In the evening I will also drop by UMPCPortal on my acer aspire one or my iPod Touch…

  17. ProDigit says:

    Pretty soon I hope to have 2 devices!
    An EeePc,and a ebook reader.

  18. Chippy says:

    The stats on the poll are way different to the silent stats on Google Analytics. I suspect that if I swapped the question round (how many of you have NOT got a UMPC) the stats would be different. Even so, its great to see so many people answering ‘yes.’
    Welcome to you all!

  19. AFD says:

    I browse UMPCPortal with..

    1024×768 desktop
    1366×768 laptop
    480×272 PSP

    and 1024×600 EEE when my 900HA arrives tomorrow.

  20. ecsk2 says:

    I’ve got 1024×600 on my EEE 900 which I am typing this on right now :)

  21. Kahm says:

    Desktop – 7040x(1200/1024) 4 Monitors :)
    Tablet – HP2000tx
    Netbook – Libretto U100 (The *original* UMPC)
    UMPC – Fujitsu U1010 (Imported)
    Iphone, Ipod Touch.
    Zaurus (But I don’t surf on it anymore…)

    Desperately waiting for the LG MID…

  22. grey says:

    I mostly visit UMPCPortal during day time (laptop hooking with external monitor).

    When I get home, I am on my SX3, but I rarely visit UMPCPortal in the evening… haha.

  23. kyle says:

    i have an aspire one and a n800, this is the first time i have visited the site on either. my desktop computer still gets the most use.

  24. deicidist says:

    I only own an ASUS Eee PC 701, but I have it connected to an external display at all times when I’m at home. The external display is usually at 1024×768, but sometimes runs at 1280×1024 depending on what I’m doing…

    If anyone else does the same or anything similar, your display readings will most definitely differ from the actual # of UMPCs being used to view this site.

  25. Chippy says:

    It just goes to show that you can’t trust any stats!
    One set says about 6%, the other says about 60% have UMPCs!

  26. JP says:


  27. JP says:

    Didn’t you know that commoners do need a “statistic specialist” with a lot of specialized “statistic analizers” to get you some trustable info?

  28. Andrew says:

    This site is my laptop’s home page.

  29. SirToby says:

    Having a look at UMPCPORTAL every day with either a FSC LifeBook P1610 (9″, 1280×768 convertible or @home with 1920×1200) – which is my understanding of an UMPC – or a HTC Touch Diamond and somtimes with a FSC Stylisitc 41xx Slate (used as a web-tablet and ebook reader). None of this matches the screen sizes mentioned above… :-)

  30. Gearsguy says:

    Guilty, I use my 17 inch laptop most of the time, and use my UMPC mostly for movies music and games :P

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