MSI Wind U120 unboxed

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The upcoming MSI Wind U120 has been unboxed over at MSI WIND en Español. The MSI U120 is very similar to the original MSI Wind U100 [Portal page], apart from the U120’s standard larger capacity battery, larger HDD (120GB), 3G option, and color. The unboxing video isn’t terribly exciting; it seems a bit confusing that the box says "MSI Notebook" and "Wind Netbook" [my emphasis] on the very same side of the box. Head over to MSI WIND en Español to read some Google translated first impressions and see the unboxing video below.


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  1. Travis says:

    Perhaps the labeling on the box is to indicate that the wind is produced by the “Notebook Division” and the Wind is a “Netbook”.

  2. Ben says:

    I understand that, but to someone who doesn’t recognize MSI as a brand (imagine a consumer in a store like Best Buy), I’m sure it could be confusing.

  3. PBartkowiak says:

    why lable on a botom is saing U100 ( you can see in around 56 secound)

  4. deriuqer says:

    Weird that they chose to copy the Acer Aspire One design.

  5. Gooey says:

    I noticed the U100 label underneath too :/

  6. Brentan says:

    original Wind is much better looking

  7. Til says:

    still using that awful Sentellic touchpad?

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