Pick up an Acer Aspire One on woot today only for $289

Posted on 01 November 2008 by

One of the most popular netbooks here in the Portal can be bought from my favorite deal-a-day website, Woot.com for $289. I’ll cut right to the chase so that those of you who want the Aspire One can get the facts and go pick one up before they sell out!

Take a quick look at my Aspire One review to get a general feel for the hardware; software review can be disregarded as the Aspire One on Woot is running Linpus Lite (Linux) instead of XP like the one I reviewed (of course you could always put your own OS on it). So anyway, here is what you are going to get for $289 (+$5 shipping):

  • 1.6 GHz Atom N270 CPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 8GB SSD
  • 1024×600 8.9" screen
  • Linpus Lite (Linux) OS
  • All the other goodies that are common across every Aspire Ones

And there you have it, you can pick up a nice netbook for $289 if you are quick on the trigger, I feel certain that it will sell out quickly. Remember, the deal will only be available today and only until it sells out. Make haste!

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  1. Good Price for a good choice (buy 6 cell battery with savings) says:

    Note that this one has the 3 cell battery. There was one up for sale once that had 8 GB SSD, Linux (very quick booting), and a 6 cell battery (and it was rated for 7 hours of use per charge). So, for $289 can get one, and buy a 6 cell battery with the savings (will then have 1.45 hours, plus the 6-7 hours in the 2 batteries that you have). All for less than you pay anywhere else. Of course the mods that are out there for this unit are teh 3G, bluetooth, and there is even a “touch screen” mod as well. Not a bad deal when you look at the feature list and the mods that are possible. Don’t need XP, as 8 GB is enough to run Ubuntu Linux just fine and use and external RAID 1 usb powered hard drive from Addonics, or use other FLASH or USB flash with ECC and Wearleveling for file storage safety. Why Ubuntu? Because how with Ubuntu you have with version 8.10 the encrypted directory (folder), and the new Guest User (the new guest user you get to from when you login, then you can get to guest user to then let a friend use your device and they can’t see any of your files when they use that guest user account.

    What I have not figured out how to do, and maybe an Ubuntu user can tell us, is how do you log in to the new guest user account directly (without having to go thru your login first to get there)?

  2. With an SSD - Ubuntu needs NEW install option says:

    The problem with the Ubuntu Linux install on an SSD is that the Log files (that grow and keep writing to the SSD in a frequency that is too often for the SSD), is that during the install or setup process, the Ubuntu folks need an option to elect to put these LOG Files in RAM somewhere, and during shutdown be given the option to save them to somewhere else. With Log files in RAM, then SSD will last longer, and will not store useless files and take up the 8GB of space that is perfect otherwise for most Linux use.

    When using Ubuntu in the past (don’t yet know about 8.10) you have to be aware of what is said in this web site (a need to do a system cleaning, something that they need a much easier way to do).

  3. Vikenty says:

    is it available from Moscow?

  4. Sam says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is all about.
    They’ve been available at this kind of price on Amazon for some time.

  5. Matt says:

    Sold out fast.

  6. Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    Today I saw the Linux model for only $299 Canadian dollars. On the right day that’s equivalent to $250 USD. It was at Futureshop.

  7. Dynamo says:

    – base AA1 A110
    – Plus 6 cells battery
    – plus HDD 1,8″
    – Touchscreen solderless (Fido)
    – BT dongle

    – XP Pro Licence or Linux with stack or Hildon desktop

    not so cheap

  8. mobilebomb says:

    You can get the exact same one in Thailand for about US$215 (7,500 Thai Baht)

    Netbook is pretty cheap here.

  9. Dajgon says:

    Dear Mobilebomb,

    Can you please tell me where in Thailand I can find netbook for this price? Is there any e-shop where I can buy it?

    I will be here for few weeks and looking for one with HD of 160GB, 6 cell batt and 1GB memory.

  10. mobilebomb says:

    btw, Asus Eee PC 701 cost about US$170 (5,900 Thai Baht)

  11. Free Gadget says:

    Nice blog adding this to my twitter now

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