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Posted on 10 January 2009, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

As we mentioned on CES podcast 8 yesterday, the UMID M1 seems to be getting a lot of attention. Mini clamshell laptops always attract the eye as a familiar form factor so its not surprising.

Both jkOnTheRun and Pocketables have had hands on now and the feedback is positive. James called it out as his favorite of all the Intel MIDs. [Note: Intel and others have been calling the Windows based devices UMPCs but I sense that soon, everyone will be calling them MIDs.The marketing is tending in that direction and there’s nothing much we can do to stop that.] Jenn had a good hands-on session and has written a more detailed article saying that it works well for thumbing but that it felt a little laggy in a Vista/1Gb kind of way. She was testing the 1.1 ghz version. A 1.3ghz version with hyperthreading is planned.


I really think that this device could sell well and will stimulate OEMs to develop prototypes in this form factor. I don’t know why they’ve waited so long! Mini clamshell devices always seemed like a good idea and you only have to say the word Psion on UMPCportal and the commentators get active.

Hop over to Pocketables for a great set of pics and more thoughts from Jenn and check out more details and links on our UMID info page.

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  1. Fixup says:

    Yes, this is THE one I’ve been waiting for, assuming battery life will be at least 3 hours. My OQO and the M528 are almost perfect except that I cannot touchtype on them and 800×480 is the yesterday. The Sharp D1 was a great idea but poorly implemented in every ways.

  2. kyuss says:

    yes, this one looks like a real winner…


  3. juantoad says:

    The interest in this computer seems deserved. There are many people waiting for an easily pocketable computer with decent keyboard and good resolution. I think that this form factor is the future. Flipstart comes close for me (love mine, hope they are working on a successor), but this computer is much smaller. I don’t take the flipstart everywhere I go, but I would take this one.

  4. anon says:

    Too bad it’s missing a normal usb port – now there’s no mobile-friendly way to plug in usb sticks or other devices when you happen to need them. If the price is right I’ll be seriously considering one – even though the keyboard will be missing ä and ö no matter what.

  5. Jörgen says:

    Looks like I can retire my latest Ericsson mc 218 (Psion 5 mx) now..

  6. David says:

    Love this! Light and pocketable. And with the XP magnifier utility it should make even small letters readable. Of course battery life will be crucial. I’ll be carrying an extra battery, or two. I imagine the next gen UMID to utilize the edges of the unit to enlarge the keyboard just slightly, and to have a larger screen. This seems to be the best MID configuration, so far.

  7. David says:

    Just discovered it’s got a “zoom” button as well. I’ll be getting the 1gb and HSDPA version, assuming it’s out by summer.

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