UMID M1 base price indicator: $500 (Korea)

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umid With a base memory of 512MB, a Linux OS and the 1.1Ghz processor, the $500 local price reported by (Via Lazion) indicates that there’s going to be a wide range on pricing for the UMID M1 MID/UMPC

Add an estimated 70 for XP, 100 for 1.3Ghz, 50 for another 1GB and 120 for a 3G module and it brings the pricing up around 850 dollars for a high-end model. It’s going to seem quite high to a lot of people but in reality, it’s not. $850 is still cheaper than many other 3G enabled mobile computing options (OQO 2+, Q1 U HSDPA, U820 HSDPA) and in-line with high end smartphones that are also commanding prices in this area. (E90, Touch HD, Advantage.) The chances are that this could be one of the best ultra-mobile mini-pc’s yet.

We’ve heard that both Dynamism and Mobilx are working on global sales for the UMID and we’re expecting prices very soon. The source article indicates that samples are going out from UMID now so that would indicate a timescale of under 2 months to sales.

Source PMPInside

Update: Another post at CNet gives us the details in English. Note Kevin’s comments about the RAM.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    UMID M1 base price indicator: $500 (Korea)

  2. anon says:

    I wonder if the options stack – can I get a 1.1 GHz with 3G and without XP? 1 GB of memory wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. kyuss says:

    that’s good news…

    i’m planning to order from mobilx :-)

  4. Marc G says:

    I’m not planning on getting excited about it until it actually says ‘in stock for immediate shipping’ as I’ve been burned waiting on things too many times recently!

  5. Andreas says:

    …I try, but slowly fail, to take it as it is:
    Things start to behave like on the stock-market… (who wonders – as some of the companies behind the products are assumingly traded on the stock market)

    …so it is fun to watch on mobilx the product stock status for the WibrainI1:

    Today’s news is the availability date of the 31st of march,
    up to date, it was the 28th Feb,
    well, before that date, it was the 20th Feb…

    …and the pricing is happily floating the same way – fun to watch, but I have lost any serious intrest in buying products not available!

    In an effort to support the industrie, I start spending all my money I once have saved up for all the products once promised and I once wanted to have – but never made it to market. Waiting just ends up in frustration :-)
    So I should rather spend my money today for products I never wanted… arghhh

  6. EC says:

    Andreas who you’re really supporting:

  7. anon says:

    That mobilx link is pointing to .com by the way – it should be instead!

    Does anybody have ideas how that M1 keyboard might or even could be localized to have special (western) characters required in some languages? The first versions will probably just have US layout, but can we ever expect to see ä and ö on it?

  8. Chippy says:

    As for keyboard, unless a carrier picks it up, or it becomes a suprise big seller, i think the answer is ‘no’

    Thanks for note about URL.

  9. EC says:

    You could always do what UMID had done for at least one unit for the CES use keyboard stickers :)

  10. John says:

    Any word on WHICH version of Linux?
    And will the 3G card be available on the Linux version?

    I’d love to see 1.1GHz, 1GB RAM, and 3G … with some variant of Ubuntu (NBR?)

  11. NobbyNobbs says:

    Wow, this is good news. If they keep the $500 for the basic version I´m certainly going to get one. Much nicer than the Vaio P.

  12. Chippy says:

    Expect a bit more than 500 for the base model. Import and distribution costs could put 50 or more on top. Delivery also needs to be added plus local taxes.


  13. NobbyNobbs says:

    I should have put it the other way:
    as long as it stays below €500 (including taxes and shipment) I`m going to buy one ;-)

  14. Blogtimes says:

    UMID M1 OS… Han Soft 3D Cube

  15. scoobie says:

    I like it, apart from lack of pointer? How on earth can you use it without this?

    I also suspect, as we don’t know much about this company, that there will be unexpected problems with this device, and the first wave of users will be beta testers.

  16. Chippy says:

    It has a touchscreen and stylus. i’d expect people to use it as I use the Everun. Ideally it would have had an optical mouse.

    Yes, there’s a question mark over quality.

  17. John says:

    I think a closer comparison might be the N800/N810, where you have a stylus as an option, but it seems like lots of people mostly use their fingers (except for those UI elements that are too small for fingers).

    That’s what I was thinking when I saw the pics in the gallery, with the guy holding a stylus.. “I wonder if it’s like an N810, where I can just use my finger a lot of the time”.

  18. EC says:

    I second that quality “?” as indicated by the demos at CES.
    As you can see in Jenn’s picture here the left hinge was literally “falling apart” on the UMID at the Intel booth :( Nevertheless it’s still one o my big favorites.

  19. scoobie says:

    I see Vista is an option on that link from Blogtimes

  20. TimJDav86 says:

    Is there a claimed battery life expectancy? do we know how big the battery is supposed to be?

  21. Chippy says:

    4.5 tested on video playback.

    I’m expecting 3-3.5hrs easily as an online time.
    4hrs might be possible.
    6hrs screen off/wifi off.
    (Figures based on Wibrain i1 and Aigo MID testing)


  22. Cajun_Mike says:

    I’m buying one of these with every option (except Vista, is there an XP option?).

    Chippy, I asked this in another blog post and got no response. Has UMID ever been distributed in the U.S. or is MobilX and others our only option here in the states?


    If my cell carrier is Sprint and they are CDMA / EvDO carrier how would I get on the net with this device? You wrote about the 3G module. I’m guessing that’s GSM. Would I be screwed with this device since there is no USB port for my Novatel card.

  23. EC says:

    Dynamism *IS* a US based company! In fact the EEE I’m typing on is from them :) though perhaps the “best prices” on the web, I’d say their customer support is very nice and they are quick on replying to emails too.

    I doubt that there will be any EVDO edition of the UMID at this point, however as I learned from some of the KR reps at CES they use CDMA/EVDO in Korea as seen here too however I don’t know if their EVDO is compatible with the NA ones?

    One downside though is that if you want the UMID early on *AND* the KR EVDO would be NA compatible I’d say that you’d end up with a KR keyboard.

    I would say contact Dynamism, they might know! Aside from NA and Korea (as it turns out) EVDO isn’t that common on an international scale, I have a feeling Chippy isn’t to familiar with the EVDO networks either :)

    As for Vista or XP (I guess you removed that part of your question) there’s n mention on a VISTA edition and I’m quite sure there won’t be one either, thankfully :)

  24. EC says:

    My bad on the “no mention on a Vista edition” it does indeed say Vista on a number of UMID own papers. I do doubt we will see a Vista model with the current specs though, and I also HOPE we won’t :)

  25. admin says:

    umid never distributed in the us to my knowledge.
    Looks like dynamism will offer it…without 3g.

  26. Marcel Titieni says:

    It has a mini USB and an adapter to normal USB connector, so you can attach any device, EVDO modems too. I’m distributing UMID’s in Romania, and the delivery term will be the end of March, I can get preorders so I can make the whole 1000 pcs order asap. Contact me on my website if you’re interested.

  27. Georgi says:

    Dear Marcel,

    I would like to know if you have UMID for me? Of course I need the price and how to buy the device from you? I wonder also if you could provide the specifications of the devise. Thank you very much.

  28. snowviper says:

    I’m curious on how to do the right click on this unit.

  29. EC says:

    As on any touch screen you “click” on the screen and hold for a while.. :)

  30. Chippy says:

    or, as on the everun note which doesnt have tap and hold, you have to hold a fn key when touching the screen.
    touch and hold is better unless the fn button is well positioned.

  31. Marc G says:

    You can always get SoftRightClick that will do it on Windows systems that don’t support it by default…

  32. Greg says:

    I noticed that Dynamism has the RAM choices as 512 MB/1.5 GB. I wonder if this is an error or if if they know something we don’t…

  33. Serge says:

    For $850 I would better buy Sony Vaio P.

  34. EC says:

    But the Vaio P and the UMID are not products of the same category? One is POCKETABLE the other is *NOT* despite Sony’s efforts to promote it as such.

  35. snowviper says:

    IF it has more than 1GB ram I might think about it.

    I’m debating betwen UMID M1, U820+hsdpa, or DIGIFRIEND M3

  36. John says:

    It looks really nice.. but then after thinking “ooh, cool”, then I think “oh, wait, I need my non-phone device to have a 7-9 inch screen.

    The U820 would be cool if it ran some flavor of linux.
    Otherwise, I think I may end up waiting for the convertible tablet version of the EeePC (the 9″one). Or the CTL 2Go PC’s convertible tablet with linux.

  37. jerm says:

    Mobilx now has product pages for this and Viliv S5. There’s a 1.1 GHz/8GB/Linux version as well as 1.33GHz/16GB/WinXP. For Viliv there’s 4 different versions differing in storage and connectivity.

  38. Wolle says:

    Moblix lists the UMID M1 in 2 versions: High MID and Low Mid. No price yet but both have only 512MB RAM. I would like have it with 1 GB ram – at least for the high MID offering.

  39. kyuss says:

    true…a 1GB ram option would be nice, as well as different colors, since i (and it’s probably not just me) want the black one…not everyone likes white (also one of the reasons i didn’t buy the everun note) :-)

  40. Marcel Titieni says:

    Do you wanna be the first one to have an UMID M1?
    Preoder it at

  41. fvssbyv says:

    ECWHvE rezwmbtveumc, [url=]ftkaogzudfsn[/url], [link=]tvyaplraarkq[/link],

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