UMID M1 Thumb Typing Demo.

Updated on 21 February 2009 by

Thanks to Slashgear for this demo which convinces me that given a bump up on the font size, the UMID M1 is going to be extremely easy to ‘thumb’

Check out the nice gallery too, over at Slashgear. Thanks Chris!
UMID M1 MID typing demo video & gallery – SlashGear.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    UMID M1 Thumb Typing Demo.

  2. danny says:

    Interesting form factor. That screen should be larger filling more of the space on the lid.

  3. Gerson says:

    yeah, it looks nice, but still the price seems to high, and the performance and memory to low. what I dont like about this particular ultra mini lap is the bezel sorrounding the screen, they could have made it smaller and the screen bigger, that way the icons, etc. would be substantially bigger. If they claim the that the bezzel was necessary for the webcam, I think this is not excuse, look at the cell phones and how they manage to put one in a super small corner.

  4. Fixup says:

    $500 is high? The screen cannot be enlarged without increasing the overall size. It is perfect when you need a pocket PC. The only thing missing is a mouse.

  5. EC says:

    Actually if you look at the room next to the LCD there would be room to widen it, though I’m sure they are working around screens available on the market now. Making/using a custom size screen as on the Vaio P would cost a lot more!

  6. scoobie says:

    The antennas will be either side of the screen I expect. The same design set up is in the Vaio P

  7. snowviper says:

    Agree, all it need is a mouse (optical mouse so the size did not increase).

    Also other concern is the material used on this unit.

    But let see and wait. (I’m debating between this and U820)

  8. EC says:

    Agree on the mouse being needed (as I mentioned on the podcast from CES) though I’m impressed too by the optical mouses found on some mobile devices such as the Samsung mobiles, I am not so sure it would “not increase size” due to the size requirements INSIDE of the unit, the part of the “mouse” you don’t see from the outside.

  9. Christian Kurz says:

    Of course the screen can be enlarged without altering overall size. Though youd have to alter aspect ratio too.
    I imagin something like a 1280×600 screen in the umid which would fill the to bezzels on the side.

    In addition, you should be able scale the whole windows appearance according to your needs. The high resultion is definitly needed for web browsing.

  10. Fixup says:

    1280 would be nice but price will go too high and battery life will suffer. 1024 is enough for web, I have not seen a single site that’s designed for 1280. Actually the only site that’s locked to 1024 and not for 800 is How ironic, that site is called “pocketables”.

    That said, yes, I’d love to have a 1280×600 screen, it can only make this thing even better.

  11. EC says:

    Well until we have “pocketable” devices like we’d want most of us are using other devices to read Jenn’s site :)

    Frankly I have no problem viewing Jenn’s site on my iPhone not in portrait nor landscape mode :)

  12. fab says:

    …4.8inch, higher resolution, windows XP and Chris had quite a problem closing a window…

    i still don’t get it..XP on such a small touchscreen..

    why do you guys still believe the MID is going to be a killer device? have you been following the device developments and how the market is interested in this (see Moblin delays, see disappearing compal devices from market)?

    they will sell a few of these and that’s it.

    my opinion? destination failure of the (U)MID…

  13. kyuss says:

    may i remind you that this site is called UMPCportal…

    we want small computers ;-)

    OS ist customizable…

  14. fab says:

    so? a netbook is also one of those. and i did not say anything against the website. i also want a MID, but apparently we’re not enough and with too many different interests…

  15. DavidC1 says:

    Netbooks are small, but not small enough. Netbook sized devices have been around for years with ultraportable PCs(which obviously costed a lot). UMPCs and MIDs put the “ultraportable” on the Netbook, which does raise the price, but becoming almost handheld, there is considerable interest on such a portable full function device.

    People like “extreme”. I’ve heard how back couple of years ago out of the Geforce 4 TI, the 4200, 4400 and 4600, the 4200 and the 4600 sold better than the 4400.

  16. fab says:

    umpcportal covers netbooks so do we now define a UMPC by the size or by portability or mobility or just name?

    nobody is clear anymore on naming and specification, even names (netbook and psion) now create a problem.

    since the whole market is confused and manufacturers too, i have my own definition:

    UMPC= ultra mobile personal computer

    this covers all small devices which are NOT laptops over 12 inch and desktops.

    the UMID for me is rather a smaller netbook, it’s not tablet form factor nor slider. and with a touchscreen it’s not as functional as with a rotational screen. so a touchscreen and 4,8inch size with high resolution…anyway, i don’t see the big interest in these devices, 2 years now talking and some few devices out there.

    a netbook was announced less time ago and sold millions. so define interest! i repeat, i want a MID, a compal device type, but as of today i would not spend more money for a device which is in beta status. the umid is nice, but not my type as the touchscreen is not useable without being able to rotate…

  17. kyuss says:

    personally i don’t think of a netbook as a “UMPC” – it’s a “MPC”, but i wouldn’t call it “Ultra Mobile”…

    and you’re right, fab…chippy started covering netbooks with the eee pc…probably due to people’s interest and also the lack of new UMPCs…
    i embrace the new devices and chippy’s coverage, because before netbooks this site was much more about UMPCs and now there are finally new UMPCs (respectively “MIDs”) :-)

  18. Chippy says:

    And whats wrong with xp? I tend to run apps on my devices and xp carries these very well indeed!

  19. EC says:

    Either the UMID MID will make a good success or there will be some other similar device as it from UMID or some other brand to take that place. I predict it will become the “netbooks of pocketables”

    Despite EEE 701 being one of the first to hit the market and with Linux, neither the 7″ 701 nor the Linux editions have majority of the market share (right?), but yet the EEEs are the most known. I predict a similar market reaction to this UMID.

    People want a FULL OS they are used to and to which they can add all the SW they are used to.

    As for what’s wrong with XP I could mention a long list but yet it offers the best “compromise” for most still.

  20. John in Norway says:

    I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting and have found that these flat keyboards are not conducive to fast thumb typing. The keys need to be raised and seperate from each other otherwise I find I’m constantly hitting more than one key at a time and the end result looks like some type of indecipherable code phrase.
    And it definitely needs a mouse thingy. And not gay white colour.

  21. fab says:

    i actually agree with the keyboard, that’s why i did not want the eeepc 901 even though it’s a nice device..

    ps: lets leave the homophobic comments outside, color is not technical and an individual taste…

  22. Chippy says:

    i would argue with that. black keyboard with white lettering is always easier to use due to the contrast. especially true in low light and with backlit keyboards.

  23. fab says:

    so that’s an individual preference and not a technical spec. my keyboard is light grey and black letters. i write with 60+ words per minute and i don’t even look at the keyboard – be it night or day. so color is a preference, it does not make the device better or worse. and this umid does not come with a backlit keyboard so it’s not an advantage.

  24. Chippy says:

    No, id argue that for most people, the white on black will be better, not due to personal preference but simply because its a better contrast for the eye.
    Even without backlight, i would say the most people will find it better. I may be wrong but im basing it on experience from myself and others, not personal preference

  25. Anpu says:

    > id argue that for most people, the white on black will be better, not due to personal preference but simply because its a better contrast for the eye.

    IMHO, white letters on black keyboard are extremely difficult to see in low light. When I use a notebook with black keyboard in a dark room, I have to illuminate it with USB lamp. Now I have Toshiba R500 with white keyboard — it’s quite comfortable even in the dark.
    And about the better contrast for the eye… There is a reason why the black text on white backgroud became a norm… ;)

  26. EC says:

    John in Norway,

    As I’ve stated before the keys on small mobile devices should NOT be as on the (most) HTC devices or the E90 Nokia where they are “wall-to-wall” but with space between like on the G1 (yes also an HTC device :)) or Apple keyboard or Sidekick keyboards, size of keys is not that vital as spacing. But of course size plays a vital role too. I’m ok with the EEE keyboards and my first hand experiences with the UMIDs is that it’s very similar to EEE keyboard, I would personally prefer spacing between the keys (and yes smaller keys in return).

  27. anon says:

    The screen bezel should also have contained mouse controls unless they’re already filled by the display controller underneath. If the price is right and it comes with HSUPA (UMTS900) plus the build quality is decent, this might be a very nice device.

  28. Chippy says:

    a mouse control would be nice but having spent time with the everun note, i know its quite easy to adapt to touchscreen only on a device under 800gm.
    Its just a matter of adapting to the device tonget the best out of it.

  29. anon says:

    True, my concern only rises from sometimes having the need to move the cursor or hover over a target without clicking in XP – a case of not having a proper software user interface to be exact! A good front-end would alleviate many problems, if it’s a good one and doesn’t introduce problems of its own.

    (Except in games, where you can’t (always) expect a mouse-driven interface to be redesigned for touchscreen only input.)

    My previous comment was made with my 901 Go while on the move – well, at a rest stop that is. It was usable for maps in a roomy car, but a proper UMPC or MID would have been much, much nicer. The 901’s battery lasted the whole 400 km trip though, playing music through Spotify while providing Google Maps too. Asus, Samsung, anyone – bring on an affordable 6+ hour ultraportable please!

  30. EC says:

    The build quality of the UMIDs I’ve seen so far have been “so-so” but again I don’t consider this device to be an OQO contender.

  31. jkkmobile says:

    You can hover by starting the click near the place u want to hover and then move your finger while still pressing the touch screen.

  32. Chippy says:

    Anyone ever seen any ‘snap to’ mouse software which could be useful with ‘click on release’ touchscreen setup?

  33. [AFX] says:

    will this product be available in North America?

  34. EC says:

    [AFX] as in the one from the AXIMSITE (mobilitysite)? I am “ecsk2” from there :) I still use your themes for my X51V! :)

    Anyhow does have it listed on their site but without any WWAN option if I recall correctly.

  35. [AFX] says:

    that would be me, yes. i dont need WiMAX/WiBro, just normal wifi…

  36. EC says:

    What a small world :) yeah if you don’t want/need WWAN and if you specifically want to get it from a US company then AFAIK Dynamism is one (the only?) option for now.

    Btw here is a podcast between myself Chippy and JKK while I was live at the UMID booth at CES 2009: (see next post)

    P.S. Due to the Skype (this was a skype call) lag there a little confusion when I ask UMID reps things, which made Chippy believe I was asking him :)

  37. EC says:

    Well the spam filter won’t allow me to post the link it seems but its Podcast#10 on here on UMPCportal.

  38. [AFX] says:

    looks like a nice gadget, just hope it doesnt cost as much as the sony vaio P….

  39. EC says:

    If you go to POCKETABLES dot NET you’ll see Jenn has pricing info around the $500 mark. Now while I don’t feel the Vaio P is expensive for what you get, it goes to $1500 or so with the SSD and WWAN I’d like to have in it (Vaio P) and that’s a bit too high for my taste for the Vaio.

    This UMID however I’d pay more than $500 gladly due to it’s size, as it unlike the Vaio P *IS* pocketable, I’ve had a UMID in my pocket :)

  40. [AFX] says:

    very true. im hoping the SSD is SLC and not MLC….will be a PITA to install XP and make it run decent.

  41. Marian Titieni says:


  42. [AFX] says:

    “Rep­o­rts­ are c­o­m­ing­ o­u­t o­f­ Ko­rea­ th­a­t UMID h­a­ve been­ f­o­rced to­ reca­l­l­ th­eir M1 mo­­bile int­ernet­ devic­e over c­on­c­ern­s abou­t bu­ild­ qu­ality an­d­ fin­ishin­g­. The M­1, w­hic­h retails in­ K­orea as the m­Book­, w­en­t on­ lim­ited­ sale on­ Febru­ary 13th, an­d­ ap­p­aren­tly is yet to sell ou­t the 500 u­n­its.”

    “Repo­rted­ issu­es inc­lu­d­e po­o­r­ mo­l­d­in­g­s ar­o­un­d­ po­r­t­s, t­o­g­et­her­ wit­h r­o­ug­h o­r­ chipped­ fin­ish t­o­ t­he cl­amshel­l­ MID­’s hin­g­es an­d­ ed­g­es. It­’s al­so­ po­ssib­l­e t­o­ see d­ir­ect­l­y­ in­t­o­ t­he casin­g­ t­hr­o­ug­h t­he o­v­er­-sized­ cut­o­ut­ fo­r­ t­he b­at­t­er­y­ co­n­n­ect­o­r­.”

  43. EC says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s been noted all since CES (2009) that he UMID has had some questionable build quality. Let’s just hope it doesn’t kill it? :(

  44. scoobie says:

    Hands on video. Looks promising still I think. In the video he shows how to right click. Certainly the most UMPC-like new device I’ve seen this year so far

  45. dude says:

    it’s shiny … geeky …

    but in the usability stakes, a smartphone will blow this out of the water.

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