Aigo nearly ready with XP-based MID.

Posted on 05 March 2009, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

We visited Aigo today to ask then just one question. ‘Are you planning an xp version of your MID?’
Luckily for us, we didn’t get half way through the question before we saw the XP version of it running on the display. JKK shot a video and I pushed in with the mic and asked for an official response.

IMG_8126  IMG_8129

Listen to the interview with Aigo here.

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  1. DrugAddict says:

    it needs better specs, it’s only 800mhz Atom/512MB RAM/800×480/tiny battery. as of right now the Viliv S5 beats this in every way besides the KB.

  2. DonutPro says:

    storage on it is too small also, only 4GB + 4GB

    this thing better be CHEAP

    the Viliv S5 is like a highend sports compared to this Ford Taurus

    version 2 should be great though

  3. Cajun_Mike says:

    The Velocity Micro version of this might not become a reality according to my source at the company. So, if you’re in the U.S. and like this unit, you will have to buy international.

    As far as the Viliv S5, it’s a no go for people like me who refuse anything without a tactile keyboard.

    For me, it’s either this unit, the UMID M1 or the new OQO (too expensive).

  4. marc says:

    i will wait the umid m1 or viliv s5, the best choice, but i love the umid, small, i thing have a good battery, wimax, 3g, good choice, but i will wait the review !

  5. Marc G says:

    Just get some drivers out so those of us with Compal based MIDs can run XP instead of this crippled Linux!

  6. John in Norway says:

    I don’t suppose they’re putting a mouse control on this, are they? Without it the only way to use XP is with a stylus. And another Micro SD slot would be nice. And better battery life.

  7. Marc G says:

    Not a hope, I’d bet a lot on it being exactly the hardware as their current MIDs with a new operating system.

  8. Galileo says:

    Don’t think too much. This MID sells at same price level to Viliv S5 in Hong Kong …

  9. MiKeN says:

    All I can say is YES! Finally! A USB 2.0 port is a must for me and that is why I won’t even consider either the UMID M1 no matter how awesome it looks and I have chosen to stay away from touchscreen keyboards so the Viliv S5 is out of the question, which leaves me with the Aigo, a great device. I wish I could load XP and have working wifi right now so that I can read my emags. If it wasn’t for that reason then I wouldn’t mind sticking with linux. The OQO is a great device to, I had one before, only reason Idon’t have it now is because it broke so often.

  10. Fixup says:

    They said “next week” 6 months ago. I’m glad that I did not believe it and did not buy one. Even if this time it is true, it is too late as the UMID M1 is at the corner.

  11. Morganj says:

    It looks like Mobilx are getting ready for the XP version of the Aigo Mid, the price on both the P8860 and P8880w have dropped today, and the P8880w restock has been moved back one month to 30 April.

  12. John in Norway says:

    The base Aigo is still 550 Euros once I’ve been robbed by the tax and customs people. Hopefully it’ll keep getting cheaper. I’m happy with 4GB Flash.

  13. Morganj says:

    I dont know why but the price for both the P8860 and P8880w have had a huge increase today on mobilx. The P8880w is now 752€!!!! What the ….!!!!
    Chippy could you ask mobilx for clarification on the insane price hike?

  14. Ux says:

    Mac OS X 10.5.6 (Leopard) inside?
    VGA-out for Keynote and PowerPoint presentations?

    That would rock!

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