UMID MBook M1 in 12 points and 7 minutes.

Posted on 21 April 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

Here’s my overview and opinion on the UMID MBook M1 in 12 points and a seven minute video. It highlights what I think are the most important things you should be thinking about if you’re looking to buy it.


  • Build quality. Plastics and part fitting is poor. Some creaking and poorly fitted casing components. *1
  • Table or handtop use. Neither are perfect. If the screen folded back further it would be far more comfortable to use in hands. Too light for tabletop touchscreen use.
  • One shift key is awkward in handheld mode. Strange layout for some keyboard characters.
  • Wifi and BT default to off after standby and can not be individually enabled.
  • No direct usb or headphone port
  • (Not in the video) No mouse control other than touchscreen which can be fiddly with Windows XP.


  • Smallest, most powerful notebook style pocketable pc available.
  • Extremely fast to boot, resume and start programs due to fast ssd
  • Good quality touchscreen with stabilisation software/drivers.
  • Powerful enough for Skype video capability out of the box. Good webcam.
  • Excellent battery life. (I’m currently running a full start-to-finish web browsing battery life test as I write this.)
  • While not perfect in every scenario, can be used successfully in every scenario. A flexible device.
  • Silent, cool operation.

Overall it’s one of the best ultra mobile PC devices available on the market and a great step forward for UMPCs but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

More information, links, videos, gallery in the UMID information page.

[*1 I am told that this is a retail UMID Mbook and not a prototype as I mentioned in the video. JKK has a similar problem with the one he bought from Ebay but there’s still a question about whether I have one of the pre-recall versions here.]

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