Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! (Unboxing video)

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I’ve been giggling for the past hour. I just can’t work out if that portfolio case is a masterstroke or just plain silly but one thing’s for sure, it highlights how small this device is.

SK3 Portfolio (5)

SK3 Portfolio (4) SK3 Portfolio (1)

We got hold of the Kohjinsha SK3 a few hours ago and ripped straight into it with an unboxing video that you’ll find below. So far we’re impressed with the build-quality, the size and weight, the features, the bright and crisp screen and of course that portfolio case. We’re not so impressed with what looks to be low-end battery life (largely due to the tiny battery) and the Japanese language XP build (a nice challenge!) although the speed of the device seems to be good. XP is helping here. The keyboard is exactly the same as found on the SC3 so you’re limited to pecking on the desktop although thumbing and single hand-hold pecking is also possible. The screen mechanism is solid.

Full specifications for the Kohjinsha SK3 along with links to the new gallery, videos and other articles are in the product database.

We’ll be testing more over the weekend so watch out for a full hands-on early next week. A live session is tentatively planned for Monday evening (Central Europe time.)

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! (Unboxing video) http://cli.gs/BRVdB

  2. Mihnea Parascan says:

    [Umpc] Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! (Unboxing video) http://tinyurl.com/m7cm8n

  3. Suhaib Sufi says:

    Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! (Unboxing video) – http://shar.es/cU3X

  4. Mark Hirsch says:

    RT @chippy: New article: Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! (Unboxing video) http://cli.gs/BRVdB

  5. Steve says:

    I like the folio idea. I guess you could replace the default pages with some of the Pulse Livescribe pen special paper for notes, and audio recording with the pen; that would make a good combo.

  6. John in Norway says:

    That battery placement doesn’t look good for an extended battery. I was a bit annoyed that I’d just bought my SC3 but this doesn’t seem to have anything more that I want (especially as I have the double capacity battery fitted). I also like the portfolio.

    As you’ve used the SC3 with XP and Windows 7, can you tell if there was any difference in the speed? I’ve only used Windows 7 on mine and it seems a bit slow sometimes.

  7. stellar says:

    It is very suprising to have only 17W battery.

    Only 1 hour 3 min. battery life time ???

  8. holy shXX says:

    yeah, that´s what I want. All-in-one.
    Let´s wait what chippy says to the battery.

    And, hey chippy, what´s the price of it?

  9. fran bullington says:

    Here is the url for the netbook/planner http://bit.ly/10O9Vu

  10. xemone says:

    That’s one impressive device.
    The slim polymer battery give the SK3 a bit more visual balance as compared to the SC3. I’m sure it’ll be easier to carry around too.
    I’m not so sure about the case though. It’s probably not leather but it looks nice. I think it looks a little too thick/bulky. Maybe the additional paper is too much; but either way I think it’s a smart idea.
    Doesn’t look like there’s goin to be enough space in there for a 1.8″ hard drive, but maybe there is.
    In my opinion, it’ll be a better alternative to most 7 inch UMPCs/Netbooks out there.

    Any thoughts?

  11. xemone says:

    By the way chippy thanks for your questions at the Moorestown Q&A. You were almost reading my mind the whole time.

  12. Joao Oliveira (BassoPT) says:


    Do you have any reports on battery life?


  13. joenoe says:

    how is writing/drawing with the stylus? does it have any level of pressure like a wacom cintiq (i have one but i hate that it needs to be connected to a computer to work)?

    i really want a slate that works like a wacom tablet to do digital artwork. the apple modbook has a wacom board with 512 levels of pressure but it weighs a ton (5lbs), mac only os, and costs over $2,000+.

    i’m looking at three other slates/umpcs: the Stylistic ST6012 (12.1″ screen but weighs 3+ lbs), the x-mode slate (10″ screen; looks really nice; i can’t wait until it’s released), and the archos 9 (looks interesting too).

    anyway, thanks for this post and the nice video (i’m typing this reply using my asus eee 1000H).

  14. Cajun_Mike says:

    I have the SC3 and have only used it twice. It is totally worthless. Anyone want a good deal on it? Let me know. There isn’t a UMPC or MID that’s available right now that is worth a damn for us in the U.S.A. who need a tactile keyboard.

    Eking i1 looks the best, but it has it’s faults too. I simply do not understand what is taking this market so long to evolve. These products are never done right.

  15. Chippy says:

    Mike. The SK3 is just an all-round tidy-up. Keyboard, processing power and battery life are not improved at all. 3mp web cam seems to be driven by totaly slow and useless software too!

    It doesnt beat the Fujitsu U820 in my opinion. X70 also a good choice unless you need more comfortable table-top use.

  16. animatio says:

    like the folio concept. have the same with my asus eee 900. it’s exellent for seminars, meetings, congresses and so on. if one is not so much in that sort of bunsiness it might looke more like a fancy gadget.

  17. Richard Joerges says:

    Dieser Kohjinsha SK3 ultraportable PC hat irgend etwas. Irgendwie putzig und die Idee mit dem Ringbuch ist toll: http://ow.ly/gAs0

  18. STYPROD says:

    Hi, i ve just sent driver and hotkeys softwares on usenet :
    Just in case !!

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