JKK gets Hands On with the Nokia N900. Video and Podcast.

Updated on 04 September 2009 by

N900umpcportalWhat a stroke of luck. JKK was checking out the Nokia N900 information page in his homeland yesterday and spotted that it would be available to view in the flagship store from today. He’s now got a hands-on video (shown below) and we’ve rounded up his thoughts in a podcast, also embedded below.

He likes the keyboard apart from the missing 4th row, thinks there’s room for improvement on the browser and puts it in the ‘same category’ as the HTC Touch Pro2 and N97 which he puts alongside the N900 in the video. In the podcast we talk about the software ecosystem and how that N900 could grow into a completely different device over the coming year. At 599 Euros, I don’t think too many consumers are going to be running for the N900 but for MID fans, web pros and developers, this is definitely one to consider buying as the hardware, both outside and in, looks to be best-in-class.

Video is still encoding into high quality. Check back again later for HQ version.

Podcast. 26 minutes.

Podcast is available for download here.

There’s a ton of information in the N900 in our info page including specs, more videos, community links. Check it out here.

Thanks, jkkmobile

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  1. Vlad Bobleanta says:

    RT @bdogg64: 16 minutes of Nokia N900!! [GR] @jkkmobile gets Hands On with the Nokia N900. Video and Podcast. http://bit.ly/nvCVn

  2. Jeff says:

    RT @bdogg64: 16 minutes of Nokia N900!! [GR] @jkkmobile gets Hands On with the Nokia N900. Video and Podcast. http://bit.ly/nvCVn

  3. Sven Muentel says:

    RT @martin_j001: RT @bdogg64: 16 minutes of Nokia N900! [GR] @jkkmobile Hands On with the Nokia N900. Video & Podcast. http://bit.ly/nvCVn

  4. Marc says:

    Thanks for that. It looks very slick in operation.

    But from that the browser doesn’t give me anywhere near the full experience I was hoping for. You’ve just save me £500!

  5. Marc says:

    Just loaded the jkkmobile page with the 3 videos on my iPhone 3GS and the page loaded very quickly and the videos started quickly and played smoothly. Of course youtube is the exception on the iPhone as other embedded flash media won’t play on it, which I assume the N900 will be able too.

    Sadly this is a high end phone, not an internet tablet/MID.

    And double tap to zoom doesn’t seem to do a nice fit as on Opera or the iPhone either. Very annoying!

  6. Chippy says:

    I can’t get over how small it is.
    It’s a smart phone. Not for MID fans I feel. Fennec and another inch on the screen and it’s perfect as a MID. Drop voice too as far as i’m concerned!

  7. Marc says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  8. Bobby says:

    â™» @bdogg64: 16 minutes of Nokia N900!! [GR] @jkkmobile gets Hands On with the Nokia N900. Video and Podcast. http://bit.ly/nvCVn !maemo

  9. Joe says:

    When you tested Flash performance on YouTube, it looked like you still left the Flash-heavy site open in another browser window. It would make more sense to test YouTube as the only window with Flash content. That would probably work well enough, which is good enough for me.

  10. Vit says:

    I wander, if this device has any other means of a text input besides this clumsy keyboard. Something like virtual keyboard, handwriting recognition. anything? Anything at all?

  11. Chippy says:

    Maemo 4 had a reasonable OSK. I expect Maemo 5 to have it too. Cant confirm right now though. Anyone else?

  12. Morganj says:

    Looking at the techspecs, it says OSK and pen input.

  13. Patrick says:

    It’s basically a smartphone but i think that other smartphones can’t even dream of starting OpenOffice on their platforms..


    but linux apps will need to be appropriately ported and GUI-ed for such small screen & weak CPU, still the platform seems promising.. once it gets micro HDMI port that is. ;)

  14. Patrick says:

    BTW if it has transreflective screen (still not in range w/ pixel qi) it’s a sure winner. Keyboard is a laggard but still seems usable. I got info that FrogPad will get even smaller and lighter bluetooth keypad so that means a portable pro tool (at least for me).. if only head mounted displays were a mature technology… :\

  15. Jari Laru says:

    Yet another #N900 #Maemo5 hands-on (UMPC Portal) http://bit.ly/KS7er

  16. Nick Doucet says:

    SIP settings? Anybody know if this will support SIP for Internet Calls like my Nokia E71 natively. I know it will probably support Fring and other SIP applications, but does the OS support in natively?

    Thanks to anybody who knows.


  17. mfl says:

    The basic technology behind the chat and google talk is telepathy which is capable of connecting to sip and much more. However with the predecessors it was always a extra package to install which was released later as a addition. look for rtcomm.

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