Viliv S7 UMPC gets UK Preview.

Posted on 07 September 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

PC Advisor have a Viliv S7 ultra mobile PC and have just released a hands-on preview. Largely positive, it highlights that the S7 has the potential to be a true personal and mobile companion.

Honestly, I was surprised. I expected some tech torture with the Viliv S7, but I find myself flipping up the screen and using it in odd situations: on the bus (to a couple of interested stares), at the local watering holes… and yeah, even sitting next to me at my desk. Admittedly a little imperfect, the S7 has the potential to become my digital sidekick. Tighten up the girth a little bit, and this could make a fine thumb-typing computer.

The reviewer isn’t so positive about the mouse pad though!

Read the full article here.


Viliv S7 specifications and information.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Viliv S7 UMPC gets UK Preview.

  2. Corrupted Mind says:

    I like the review, but I’m gonna swoop in and warn UK buyers about Purely Gadgets. No, in fact what I’m going to do is recommend that you research Purely Gadgets before you make your purchase and make your own mind up. (Google is a beautiful thing.)

  3. tmarks11 says:

    Chippy- what every happened with the S5 with physical keyboard that was shown privately to everyone at Computex in May? Have you heard any rumors about this model getting released?

  4. Chippy says:

    Next meeting with Viliv – 21st-24th Sept at IDF. Lets see what they show there.

  5. Clayton says:

    Very cool but i would prefer something more handheld rather than buying a mini netbook… I prefer designs along the line of the wibrain and the sony ux series, handheld devices not saying that this isnt handheld!

  6. Chippy says:

    Let me guess…you have a netbook!
    The S7 fits in nicely as an all-rounder UMPC but if you’ve got a netbook or even a laptop with you when you travel, the overlap in functionality is considerable.

  7. Velik says:

    I was considering this a year ago when they said it would have the Z540, 1.8ghz processor, or at least the Z530 1.6 Actually, I preferr the x70’s form factor, but the 1.3’s are too underpowered. So, im still waiting for something to come out (either tablet or slate, preferably tablet)

  8. animatio says:

    “The reviewer isn’t so positive about the mouse pad though!”
    that exactly is one of my main points of criticism too, actually a killer one.
    the position is so akward that is does not fit any touch typing habits at all. besides of this it is ways to small/thin. a combi of keyboard and touch screen makes sense … if the 2 are as close together as possible. a touchpad belongs to where everybody’s hand is used to find and operate it, below the keybpoard.

  9. Clayton says:

    Wow! Steve chippy! Thx for replying back! Your my umpc hero! Your always up to date with the latest umpcs and all, iv watched all your youtube videos! Anyway i hate netbooks i have a sony vaio ux280p which i love i know it got some harsh reviews because of its size and key size but i love its size its perfect and i think ahead of its time i wish sony still made them… Theyv moved onto the vaio P i believe thats the name… I think you did an unboxing vid of it or maybe it was someone else… Idk i watch all the umpc vids on youtube anyway i think that the vaio p is very nice other than the fact that its netbook style even tho i know sony tried to not use that word thats wat it is and the wide screen isnt the best tho the display did look beautiful then lastly it has vista which in my opinion isnt good for a umpc but that can be fixed. The two usb ports were nice tho. Even so i think sony should have stuck with the ux design. This had nothing to do with the viliv so sry but i got cot up in a rant! Im still amazed its you steve chippy!

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