Heard at MDC09 today (and a Quake III demo)

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There’s one thing that always happens at bar camps; people talk. They talk with a passion and if you listen carefully you can always pick up a few little tasty morsels of information.


At the Mobile Dev Camp in Munich today it was no different. Apart from some excellent talks that I’ll write about over at MIDMoves (I had my MIDmoves hat on today) I picked up the following bits of info.

Moorestown /Moblin graphics performance (video below)

I saw a nice demo which made me think that yes, that GMA500 that annoys so many people on the Menlow platform, will be a whole lot better under Moblin and Moorestown and might even work in Menlow. The demo was a MSI Wind U115 playing a Quake III demo in the Moblin OS. 35 fps on an external monitor isn’t bad at all! Apparently the drivers are the latest (under NDA) and were back-ported to work with Menlow. The software engineer ensured me that Moorestown would be better. He also assured me that the core was PowerVR in a GMA500. That’s two software engineers that have confirmed that now. Seeing Moorestown graphic drivers working in Menlow kind of proves it too!

What clock for Moorestown?

More of an engineers hunch than something set in stone was the thought that Moorestown would run up to 1.2Ghz. Actually I see no reason why it can’t go higher over time as long as the devices thermal characteristics allow it. When you think about the processing range that Moorestown could cover you’re looking at something that starts at the current high-end of smartphones and goes up, in multi-threaded form, to at least twice the processing power.

Intel Atom Developer Program.

IADP will launch very early next year. That’s earlier than I thought but the earlier the better because the momentum for the Android and iPhone ecosystem is huge.


HTML5 is exciting. Flash is exciting too but both of these software technologies are going to put more load on your CPU. On mobile devices, that means trouble. Either the battery drains faster or the page loading slows down. You can turn Flash off but I hope you can turn HTML5 support off too otherwise the battery problem on mobile devices just gets worse.

No news on GPU for PineView.

I tried to squeeze out the details from a few people but no-one knew. Is it the GMA 3150 or the GMA500 as I predicted? The jury is still out on that one.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    A few things I heard at MDC09 today Video: Quake III demo on Moblin/Menlow Netbook. (inc link this time!!) http://bit.ly/jBORY

  2. Ken E Kaplan says:

    RT @chippy: Things I heard at MDC09 today Video: Quake III demo on Moblin/Menlow Netbook. http://om.ly/XJlY

  3. Alessandro Tucci says:

    RT @chippy: A few things I heard at MDC09 today Video: Quake III demo on Moblin/Menlow Netbook. (inc link this time!!) http://bit.ly/jBORY

  4. Intel Software says:

    RT @chippy: Things I heard at MDC09 today Video: Quake III demo on Moblin/Menlow Netbook. http://om.ly/XJlY

  5. loewe says:

    I don’t understand why you so happy with his Q3A results.

    We all konw that the driver for the GMA500 are crap and at the moment I don’t see a better driver.
    You know that I use the original PowerVR driver for some tests, you can see the results here: http://www.mitrax.de/?cont=artikel&aid=36 .
    If you compare your “new NDA driver” with this you will see, that we don’t have better one at this time.
    I have made a fast test with the Q3A map from your video and I get near 30 FPS at 800×600 pixel on a Windows 7 system with the Microsoft OGL 1.1 wrapper.
    With a good driver I would expect more the 120 FPS in this scene.

  6. DavidC1 says:

    It depends on the settings you are running at. From the video and the textures it looks like the video uses a high quality setting. My S5 can reach 30 fps with the latest driver in XP in low, but I’m not gonna get half that in high quality settings.

  7. Tech Flypaper says:

    Heard at MDC09 today (and a Quake III demo) http://bit.ly/1W1Szk

  8. chippy says:

    Hi Loewe.

    I’m not a 3D expert but this demo looks great to me. Far better 3D than i’ve seen in other apps/games i’ve tried. If there’s more to be had out of the hardware then even better!

    Also saw full 1080p playback on Moblin/Menlow on an external HD screen today. Amazing quality.

  9. loewe says:

    Hi Chippy,

    I wouldn’t say I am an 3D expert, but I work with PowerVR graphic since a long time (more then 10 years).
    The real good thing for me is that (intel) they work on an OpenGL driver. The last information I had was that intel don’t want an OpenGL driver.

    I can’t say this for my tests here with the MSI X320.
    If I use all at max I get 25.5 FPS in demo001, if all is low I get 26,0 FPS. The only thing you can do for a much better framerat is using Vertex Lighting.


  10. Hyd says:

    Lol this results are nothing special . I’ve got this amout of fps on my eking i1 running windows 7 on 800×600 all maxed out . Ofcourse on gma950 you’ll get 2 times better framerate :] .

  11. Velik says:

    which msi wind is that, they are all 1.6ghz, I doubt any of the phones will support that speed. also, this thing has a gma950 and not the gma500. The 500 may be capable of similar performance? but the drivers are not yet up to spec.

  12. Hyd says:

    Velik yes the gma500 is capable of that performance now . Dont know about win xp but on win7 quake3 runs similar on high settings .

  13. loewe says:


    Thats are real good news! :)

    If they will support Windows with this new driver we will get near 100FPS in the old games like Q3A and I think it should be possible to play games like Doom 3 in the lower resultions. But all this is OpenGL, if they will give as the same perfomance under Windows D3D, let us see.
    Good work!

    The MSI X320 is a Atom Z system and use the GMA 500. No fear, I know what I say. It is right, the most little devices are not using the Atom 1.6 CPU, but the S5 use the Z520 with 1.33 GHz. And at the moment is not the CPU the problem, all this apps are fillrate limited with the old driver.


  14. Alex says:

    Jezz that would be great but my gma 500 on windows 7 run for exemple Counter strike in software mode because the opengl in driver isent set since i saw it had the capability for 2.0 but it dosent … so gotta wait for better drivers

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