Apple Tablet, ‘iPad’ is 10.2” and coming in Jan (According to German Kids Magazine.)

Posted on 25 November 2009, Last updated on 11 March 2010 by

My daughter picked up a(nother) teenie mag yesterday. Apparently this particular one is a must-read for the latest Miley Cyrus info although it appears that they’re getting some good tech scoops too. Check this out. It’s the new Apple tablet with a 10.2 inch screen and it ‘should’ be called the ‘iPad’.’ It’s coming in January.



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  1. Balazs says:

    It seems that even the teen mags starting to feel the hype about the tablet. I call it the iPad for month now and i Hope it won’t look like that or will not fit in any of my bags properly.
    January wouldn’t make sense, it will probably come june/july if you ask me.

  2. HoboJ says:

    Very interesting! Though I’m very skeptic. Too many fake “iPad” things around to be certain.

  3. Gunnar says:

    From which Magazin is this?

  4. tino says:

    I am sure the publishers would be the first to know about this. But I hope it doesn’t resemble a “fat” nano.

  5. Ben says:

    This is the first solid info we’ve seen in month — I can really get behind this rumor!

  6. David says:

    Check the shadows at the buttons. The picture is a fake.

  7. Brtman says:

    hahahah that’s class. Chippy you should contact the mag ask where they got the picture.

    Mind you if Apple put it’s logo on polished turd people would que to buy it

  8. Wishmaster says:

    It says 10,7 inch not 10,2.

  9. DocILLI says:

    Two Home-Buttons???

  10. MIro says:

    Too many fake buttons around here, this won’t be true. (Hopefuly)

  11. FatBobber says:

    RT @fscklog: "So cool wird das neue iPhone!" – "So groß wie ein Vokabelheft" – "Mega-Gerät"

  12. ArchiMark says:

    This is clearly not a real Apple photo, saw another similar version of this concept illustration somewhere else and it was just a mock-up meant to illustrate what someone thought the tablet might look like….

    While I’d love to buy a real Apple tablet, all these rumors that keep popping up are getting really tiring…just seems to be wishful thinking and a way to get more hits on websites…

  13. M. Diebold says:

    RT @fscklog: "So cool wird das neue iPhone!" – "So groß wie ein Vokabelheft" – "Mega-Gerät"

  14. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Apple Tablet coming in Jan?

  15. mobil_tipps says:

    RT @Fotojunky RT @fscklog: "So cool wird das neue iPhone!" – "So groß wie ein Vokabelheft" – "Mega-Gerät"

  16. Park Jun Young says:

    apple tablet rumor 10.2 inch display에.. 내년 1월정도 출시 예정이라고
    독일의 한 kids magazine에서 보고

  17. Terrence Cheek says:

    "Apple Tablet, ‘iPad’ is 10.2” and coming in Jan (According to German Kids Magazine.) | UMPCPortal – ( ) #Rumor

  18. johnkzin says:

    Two home buttons?
    AWFUL aspect ratio?
    Leaked into a teen magazine?

    I’m gonna go with “no” on this one :-)

  19. Der Teilweise says: At comment “Check the shadows at the buttons. The picture is a fake.” I thought the comments were ironic.

  20. TuxMeister says:

    No aspect ratio for multimedia, awful screen size for e-reading, suspicious inclusion of a second home button (although it make some sort of sense if you about this as a one hand holding device. If you take one button out, say the right one, you discriminate the lefties) and appearance in a publication with doubtful tech info sources (since their main interest is Ms. Montana) makes it look a joke.

  21. sophocha says:

    Two home buttons! One on the left one on the right???….lol….FAKE!

  22. Lili says:

    This is obviously a fake done by some kid who’s trying himself on Photoshop. Turn the acutal iPhone by 90º, elongate it a bit more than double. That’s where the button has its shadow from.

  23. Future Chris says:

    RT @apfeltalk: "So cool wird das neue iPhone!" – "So groß wie ein Vokabelheft" – "Mega-Gerät" (via @fscklog)

  24. Apple Tablet says:

    So the Apple tablet is appearing in teen mags now.

  25. John Ornelas says:

    Apple Tablet, ‘iPad’ is 10.2” and coming in Jan (According to German Kids Magazine.) –

  26. Pajama Sam says:

    Yeah, the germans were pretty much right:

  27. AppleTabletPc says:

    I think it’s great news about Apple Tablet PC and certainly it’s going to be a great offer for users and they will get benefits of it.

  28. Shelly Shouse says:

    Just wanted to say this blog is in my rss you got a way with words

  29. iPad says:

    Well the German Kids magazine turned out to be correct! It surprises me that iot was in there though. Not the sort of thing you expect teenagers to be concerned with!

  30. Isidro Colatruglio says:

    Hey great post! I enjoyed that.

  31. ipad says:

    hey great post.. enjoyed reading !

  32. iPad says:

    Nice read, thanks

  33. Kris Brode says:

    I love my Ipad. I got it as soon as possible and do not regret it at all. Its so delightful to use and the software is outstanding. I use it most every day.

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