Apple launches iPad

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It looks pretty much like everyone expected. 10 inch, thin, iPhone OS (based.)

Update: Specs now in database.


Image from

Spec-guessing based on the sizing. Update: Some confirmed. Update 2: All specs now in the database along with image and article links.

  • 9.7″ ‘IPS’ technology screen, multitouch. (confirmed)
  • 1024×600 1024×768
  • 12mm thick (confirmed 0.5 inch, 13mm)
  • 10wh battery 25wh battery.
  • 3hrs online battery life (‘up to 10 hours’ confirmed)
  • 400gm (corrected: 1.5lb 670gm)

Full specs, gallery and links in the database.

Check out the 8 minute presentation video.

Mentioned in the event:

  • 1Ghz Apple A4 CPU (Could be PA-Semi or ARM-based or both)
  • 16, 32, 64GB storage.
  • Bluetooth
  • 802.11n
  • Accelerometer
  • Docking port
  • HD YouTube (720p we guess)
  • New OS designed around similar feature set to iPod Touch. (Photo’s, YouTube, iTunes
  • App store.
  • Apps run pixel for pixel center screen or pixel-doubled (from iPhone app store.)
  • iBooks store.

Info from others.

  • No multitasking
  • No flash.


  • 16GB, Wifi : $499
  • 32GB Wifi:  $599
  • 64GB wifi:  $699
  • Add 3G (unlocked) for $130

Availability: 2 Months.

Docking station:


Via Engadget

Not mentioned: Dimensions, cam details. Update: Dimensions now in the database. No cam!

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  1. Matt Propst says:

    Chippy, the one big wonder I’ve got is typing. Typing has seemed to be the issue that has plagued tablets historically. How will normal users and apple fanboys alike take to touch typing on the new Apple iPad. I’m happy with the iPhone, but I have a MacBook Pro for daily use. From my own experience, if i need to be using a text editor or word processor keyboards are required.

  2. Chippy says:

    I totally agree. SCreen typing is hard work. It’s something I tested a lot on the Archos 9 and the ergonomics of the process are horrible.

  3. anon says:

    This guy made a printout replica of the iPad for interface design and found it possible to thumb-type in portrait mode:

    I wonder if that holds in reality or has any relevance.

  4. modano says:

    im not an apple fan, but i do appreciate cool toys, and i am a bit jealous of all the iphone people.
    but, the truth is, if i cant put it in my pocket, and i need it in a bag/case when on the move then it is not going to replace my 13″ sony laptop, how cool it even might be. period.

    still waiting for a 5″ android device to have in my pocket thank you.

  5. ray says:

    “still waiting for a 5″ android device to have in my pocket thank you.”

    Have you seen the archos5?

  6. pod says:

    The Archos 5 IT is as bad as all other Archos devices. It crashes and freezes all the time. It’s a POS. Out of all the reviews I’ve seen, Steve is the only one who likes even though he himself gave it a bad review.

  7. comment says:

    So it’s just an iPod Touch for people with bad eyesight and/or fat fingers. No Adobe Flash support and just runs iPhone/iPod Touch apps. This is a big fail on Apple’s part but who knows, with their great marketing they’ll probably trick a lot of people into buying it and make them think it’s actually more useful than their iPod.

  8. focus says:

    It is big,it is heavy and is not cheap for what it is ofering.

  9. Chippy says:

    I’d argue with that. It’s a lightweight 10″ device at a good entry price. An exciting way to get into the whole Apple app-store concept. I’m imagining this as a great sofa/coffee tablet gadget. Not productive. Not mobile. Just home life gadget.

  10. Epyon says:

    1997 called, it wants it’s aspect ratio back.


  11. Matt Propst says:

    Chippy I just came across this review of the iPad from PC World where this lucky fella got his hands on the iPad.

    After some thought after seeing the release coverage, I can’t help but think that the majority of people are trying to look at the iPad as a possible laptop replacement.

    Like we’ve already discovered with many other touch-based devices they will come to fit a niche, not be the total laptop replacement. Here’s a question, with only a “virtual keyboard” and running on the iPhone OS, where will the iPad fit into the laptop/mobile market?

  12. jelpy says:

    You guys don’t get it!!

    it’s much less about the specs than the features and content.

    And now with the iPad, Apple has ALL the data/content covered, and WELL covored:
    – music and podcasts
    – video and videocasts, web videos and movies (bought from iTunes and ripped from DVDs)
    – ebooks and emagazines
    – manuals, leaflets and booklets (promotional materials on PDF)
    – you can now read over 420,000 Kindle ebook titles since Amazon recently released a software only reader for the iPhone (*.azw files)
    The Kindle, and therefore the iPad, can also read U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs. (Source:
    – the whole Web; including SD and HD video on youtube (remember many/most websites that display videos, host them on youtube)
    – maps with Google maps and Google earth
    – most certainly 200,000 apps before end of 2010 (140,000+ beginning of 2010); at iPad launch a few developpers showed enhanced iPhone apps with iPad specific features; all were enhanced in less than 3 weeks. Therefore it’s not too much to expect that a very sizeable part of the currently available iPhone apps will be iPad enhanced within the 2 months prior to the actual product mass availability.
    – pictures, mostly personal, but also those shared on social networks, personal websites and Flickr, etc.
    – email, full featured email capability (HTML) with attachments
    – Apple developped Office-like programs especially tailored to the iPad features: iWork: 3 programs, each to process texts, numbers sheets and presentations (slideshows)
    – one of the developpers at the iPad presentation showed an iPhone app he enhanced for the iPad: a potent paint program
    – last but not least: games, all types, for everyone; from Monopoly to Scrabble, from car racing to jet sim, from classic card to casino games, etc.

    As usual, Apple doesn’t invent things, they make them USABLE and PRACTICAL and ATTRACTIVE and VERY EASY to use from non tech savvy people to experts, and now they are affordable as well (remember that the 3G version WILL be sponsored by cell phone companies!! after all it was France Telecom/Orange who “pre announced” the iPad a few days before Job’s conference): they didn’t invent MP3 players, but everyone uses the ipod as a reference, and not only for the name. They didn’t invent the cell phone and never made any before the very recent (Apple was established around 35 years ago and made personal computers well before IBM itself!!) iPhone; it was an instant success and EVERYBODY refers to it and not only by the name.

    Apple didn’t invent webpads (this probably will be the main usage; 80/20 rule) but it’s poised to become extremely successful and the DE FACTO standard.

    Already NOW in Asia, webpad manufacturers are refering to their devices as “ipad-like”!!

  13. Chippy says:

    JKK and I have just discussed the iPad in a podcast over at UMPCPortal.

    As a ‘gadget’ I find it quite interesting, especially as it doesnt cut across any of the devices I use for work.

  14. tablet says:

    The only Apple tablet I’d buy isn’t sold by Apple.

  15. gratis handy says:

    I don’t think the Ipad will be as successfull as the iphone, as it is not as knew and revolutionary.

  16. johnkzin says:

    I’ve been away from my rss feeds for a couple weeks (can you tell). The Apple tablet leaves me quite-a-bit underwhelmed.

    1) no PixelQi display
    2) 1024×768 (non-HD display resolution)
    3) no built-in video out (mini-Display Port would have been a great feature)
    4) no built-in USB ports
    5) even on the dongles they have, no indication of generic USB keyboard support, just a dedicated keyboard device
    6) no landscape docking capability
    7) no GPS in the base unit (needs the 3G module)
    8) iPhone OS instead of Mac OS
    9) no built-in SD/miniSD card slot

    I’m MUCH more interested in the Notion Ink Adam.

    So, I did a comparison of the iPad, Adam, EnTourage eDGe, Archos 9, a concept of the Archos 9 crossed with the Archos 5IT (ie. 9″ android tablet), and the specs for the Moto AMP 10. The Adam won, by a lot.

    (I know, usually posts this late are spam, I promise, it’s really me, posting a link to real and relevant content)

  17. man says:

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