Dell Mini 5 Shown Around at MWC, Will be Able to do 720p Output

Posted on 16 February 2010, Last updated on 16 February 2010 by

dell mini 5 We knew that Dell would have the Mini 5 [Product page] at MWC and it looks like has one of the first looks. Not really any new info, but the device being showed off looks extremely slick, and it is likely very near its production form (if not already there). The person giving the demo mentions that the device will be able to play back 720p video and even output at that resolution through a dock which will have an HDMI connector.

The speaker says that we’ll see the Dell Mini 5 this year, and “sooner rather than later. inch He also goes on to say that the general model for smartphones these days is a subsidy to make them affordable and that Dell would stick with said model.

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  1. Tim says:

    Any word on what 720p means? Is it 720p, low bitrate, level 3.1, baseline profile or 720p, high bitrate, level 5.1, high profile. MKV support? Embedded soft subtitles?

  2. Brookespeed says:

    Well, subsidized means that they can charge more and wireless companies can charge more. This is a 400.00 device that will be sold with a subsidy that will cost a user 800.00 for a 200.00 discount. But as long as it only has a single carriers 3G frequency, it’s locked to them anyway. More disappointing ‘giving people what they want’ behavior.

  3. Kim says:

    At least in the US, it’s said to support both AT&T and T-Mobile 3G frequencies. Not sure if it’s one device or 2 separate devices dedicated to each carrier.

  4. drebin says:

    hi. im intrested in this device but i have a data only sim. does anyone know if that will still work. i dont need the phone capability.

  5. Xeno says:

    With all these videos so far and no mention of MKV and subtitle support, methinks the device doesn’t support them. If it did, the Dell booth guys would be touting it by now but instead they’re being fairly vague. Maybe it supports low bitrate 720p videos in MP4 containers only.

  6. silversin says:

    android os has been horrible for video playback in general, lack of supported formats and poor playback speed. its too bad they chose android os.

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