Viliv S10 Blade Convertible Netbook/Tablet Review

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Other features


One of the key features of the Viliv S10 blade is the three-point multitouch screen. We can confirm it works but we are struggling to find a useful application for this capability.

Image zooming and page zooming in a web browser is a staggered, non-fluid operation that is arguably easier using CTRL-+ or the multitouch pad.

The Windows 7 on-screen keyboard is clearly better and more accurate with multitouch. Image rotation works in certain apps and a two-finger right-click is possible on the screen but apart from those limited features, we’re struggling to see a major advantage of a multi-touch screen when you have a multi-touch mouse pad and a keyboard available. Maybe the advantages of multitouch will be unlocked through third party software and will improve over time but apart from some niche applications, multitouch is simply trend-following rather than a serious attempt to improve usability of a desktop operating system.

Windows 7 provides gesture capability (flicks) which are single-touch operations and we’ve been using these. Single touch panning is also good.

Your comments on the use of multitouch are welcome as we continue to learn and test multitouch in various usage scenarios.

Multitouch doesn’t prevent secondary touches affecting the use of single-touch applications. For example, the TIP (touch input panel. used for handwriting input.) is rendered useless if you accidentally touch the screen on a second point.

Viliv S10.jpg (32)Webcam

The built-in webcam is acceptable for Skype although the frame rate was relatively poor on a local network test between two devices.

Application tests.

  • Firefox3.6, Chrome, Opera, Tweetdeck and Twhirl all tested perfectly.
  • Skype V4.2.0.152 works well with built in mic and speaker. Normal quality video works at a slightly reduced frame-rate.
  • YouTube – See above.
  • Google Earth (5.1) worked reasonably well in DirectX mode. Certainly not as smooth as on a desktop or laptop but usable. No multitouch support.

We expect all applications to work with the exception of those that check for certain 3D graphics features.

Full Viliv S10 specifications and more information in the UMPCPortal product database

Firefox load times.

  • Firefox application startup time: 4 seconds.

Page load examples (full script and flash support over Wifi. 10m and two walls away from a hotspot)

  • UMPCPortal: 9 seconds
  • Google News: 1-2 seconds
  • 5 seconds
  • Facebook 2 seconds to login screen
  • 7 seconds
  • Techmeme: 8 seconds
  • Gmail (full version): 7 seconds
  • Google Reader (1000 items): 7 seconds

Overall, page loading times were fast.


We haven’t tested any games with the Viliv S10 and don’t recommend the Viliv S10 Blade as a gaming device.

WiFi/Bluetooth quality.

Bluetooth quality was not extensively tested. The system uses BlueSoleil version 5.4.281 which, in our opinion based on a number of devices running the same stack, is a quality, stable and easy-to-use stack.

We had no problems at all with Wifi configuration or reception. Reception appears to be slightly better than average. The Marvell SD8686 Wifi module supports b and g networks (no ‘n’ support.)

3G quality.

Viliv S10.jpg (2)

We tested 3G reception in out studio which is underground. Reception was impressive and nearly matched one of the best devices we’ve ever tested. The antenna on the Viliv S10 appears to have been well designed.

2.0Ghz Version of the Viliv S10.

JKKMobile are testing the 2.0Ghz version of the Viliv S10 and a full review video will be available here.

Testing notes

Here are Chippy’s personal testing notes we made public

  • Slick – man it looks good.
  • No Ethernet port
  • Silent
  • No heat. [Note: Updated above]
  • Turn Aero OFF!
  • Mouse pad buttons horrible.
  • Mouse pad is multitouch.
  • 3G antenna good reception (not as good as my Gigabyte T1028M)
  • No auto-rotate or frame buttons for rotation
  • Excellent Wi-Fi reception so far (802.11g)
  • Terrible speaker. Quiet, tinny and distorted.
  • 1366×768 is a high dpi. More screen space but needs font and window element size boost for touch and readability IMO.
  • Q. The SSD… is that a 2.5″ or 1.8″ drive? A. 1.8″
  • Q. Could you assess the DRAM under that cover too? A:No
  • Q; Resolution on the webcam? A:not known at the moment.
  • windows 7 screen brightness doesn’t work (only works from keyboard which is useless in tablet mode)
  • Impossible to use in one hand. (basically useless as a tablet) because of weight.

Remember – personal opinions there!

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