30 iPad Productivity Problems.

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T1028M 059Glossy Screen. Glossy, transmissive screens are the worst type for outdoor use. Look for a matte solution. It doesn’t impress as much, especially for video, but it’s very helpful for mobile productivity.

Limited BT stack. The BT2.1 stack is big. The possibilities are huge. The iPad has a relatively crippled Bluetooth stack with many functions missing. There are no file transfer or DUN profiles in the iPad Bluetooth stack.

Limited USB capability This, for me, is one of the craziest omissions on the iPad. You can buy an adapter but that’s a big NO NO for mobile productivity. Do not rely on adapters because you will forget and eventually lose them.In addition to this, it is unknown just what devices will be supported on the USB port. Can I plug in a USB hard drive? A keyboard mouse? A webcam? A printer?

Printing Another roadblock. I recently needed to print something in a hotel so of course, I didn’t plug in my phone, I plugged in my laptop. (Actually my UMPC) and it worked.

No Memory card slot. The iPad is nothing for photographers. It’s tough for music lovers too. In fact, if you haven’t got a PC around, you can’t transfer diddly squat. (Actually not 100% true. You can transfer via MobileMe over the internet or via email. Good luck with that if you’re away from your hotspot.)

No stand. Case includes a stand but if you’re thinking of working with the on screen keyboard without it, you’re out of luck unless you want to slouch over the pad while it is placed flat on a table. (Note – two-hand touch typing like this is not like writing while resting on elbow. There’s a whole different set of muscles in play.)

No browser plugins Many of you don’t use or rely on plugins (they can cause memory, performance and security problems so I completely understand) but many do. IF YOU DO then you’ll be left without options on the iPad.

No removable battery If the battery life was anything below 8hrs I might have flagged this up as a serious issue but with 10hrs+ battery life, it’s only an issue for those planning a few days away from power.

Learning curve The iPad requires a different style of working and is nothing like a desktop experience. You’ll have to take productivity hits in order to learn about the user interface and, very importantly, learn where your hurdles are and how to get round them.

Distractions Please, if you’re an author, don’t try writing your book on the iPad. There are so many fun distractions on it that you’ll never find your groove! For book reading too, you’ll find yourself getting distracted by twitter, apps and web.

No in-car use. The base model doesn’t have GPS and with the huge size and glossy screen, it’s not going to work too well on your car dashboard. It will serve well as a video player for the kid but if you have more than one, prepare to but two iPads because one will be worse than none!

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