Samsung Epic 4G – Specifications and Reviews Round-Up

Posted on 16 August 2010, Last updated on 27 January 2015 by

Samsung Epic 4G The pace of progress in the Smartphone world is stunning. Only last week we were excited to see the Droid 2 (Our unboxing video here) with its improved slider keyboard but this week, Samsung take it up a notch with the Epic 4G which has seen a raft of reviews in the last few days. It’s a 4 inch slider Android 2.1 device running on a 1Ghz Samsung Hummingbird CPU. The Epic isn’t quite available yet (31st August is planned) and even then it’s only available to Sprint subscribers in the U.S. but even if you’re not in that catchment group, it’s one to watch as it’s likely to filter out to other networks and countries. It’s based on the Samsung Galaxy S and given the high-end specs and screen size, this one is something to consider as more than just a phone. Kindle reader, free navigation, 5MP cam, fast ARM-core processor and a promised upgrade to Android version 2.2 in September. Lets not forget that keyboard too which is getting some great reports. 5-row goodness! I’m certainly thinking about selling my X10i for this if it comes to Europe!

Samsung Epic 4G product page.

We’re tracking news on this one in the product database now so click through to find the latest reviews, full specifications list, gallery and a list of comparable smartphones.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. DrNick says:

    Hey Chippy! :-D I’ve got to ask. Is the keyboard the only reason you’re featuring the Epic 4G? I know you like physical keyboards. The Epic 4G will be a great phone and I know this because I have the Vibrant which is the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S and the same exact phone as the Epic 4G with a few differences. As you noted the Epic 4G has a slide out keyboard but it also keeps the front facing camera of the original Galaxy S. Other than that, it’s the same phone. Same screen, Same Processor, Same memory. The Epic 4G is one of four Galaxy S variants in the US of which two have already been released. The Vibrant and the Captivate. They’re all great phones and I just want bloggers to show love to them all.

  2. Chippy says:

    Good point. I admit that the keyboard has me thinking that this is slightly more capable than other Galaxy S devices but you are right, the others need love too because they are turning out well. We’ll try and get them in the database soon.

  3. DrNick says:

    Thanks for the reply, Chippy. You’re still the best in the business. I look forward to the next Open Review with JKK. :-D

  4. medah4rick says:

    i wish this one was on tmo or att in the us since im a gsm guy. since this isn’t gsm and it uses a short supply s-amoled screen my bet is that it wont be headed to europe.

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