Official: Toshiba AC100 to get Froyo in 6 weeks. [Updated]

Updated on 14 October 2015 by

Update: 4th Nov. The latest I have is that Froyo will be available in Germany on within the next 2 weeks. (3rd week of Nov) Yes, it slipped

We had a great chat with the product manager for Toshiba’s AC100 in Germany at IFA yesterday and we covered a lot of ground about the target markets and future for these smart-books. Toshiba seem quite committed to the ‘smart’ sector and already have a team of 25 working on their Android builds. The next two milestones for the team are the Froyo-based Folio 100 Tegra2 Tablet and Android 2.2 (Froyo) upgrade for the AC100. Yes, it’s coming in 6 weeks and I’m excited because not only will it bring a Cortex core optimised version of Android to the device but it will also bring important browser improvements. We should get access to Google Docs and for me, that’s a huge step forward.

I’ve made Toshiba aware of the battery issue and I’ll be following up with an email. We’re also planning to get up to Toshiba’s HQ near Duesseldorf to get some quality time with the Folio soon. Yes, i’ll be taking the chance to tell them how important the Market is and encouraging them to kick Google hard!

I’m hoping to get my 3G / UK version of the AC100 from Amazon soon so if anyone want’s to buy a German (QWERZ keyboard) Wifi-only version, let me know!

Specifications in the database.

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  1. Friedrich says:

    Hi chippy,
    thanks for the information. Please, don’t get soft about the battery issue. I’ll keep my AC100 although battery life is poor.
    Do you think that Froyo will improve it?

    And here another thing that I recognized. The battery is even drained when the AC100 is completely shut down.

    But it is nice to hear that Google Docs access might be possible.
    Thanks for IFA coverage!

    Thanks from PB

  2. chippy says:

    Let’s wait to see 2.2 and then re-test. I’m getting about 6hrs out of mine (on, connected) so its just the standby that’s the issue.

  3. Friedrich says:

    Thanks chippy,
    okay, let’s wait and hope.

    Today I got an email from Toshiba about my request to comment on the poor battery performance.
    I guess what they write is just balderdash.

    Are you interested in what they wrote?
    I don’t know if this is the proper place to do it.


  4. Jack says:

    Anyone know anything about the AC1000-114? This version has (according to the French Darty website, where it is in stock – and other reports) a 16GB SSD… a spec that is not listed on Toshiba’s Europe site!!!

  5. Doug says:

    Hey there Chippy

    i was wounderig if you have heard anything else about a 2.2 update for the ac 100 yet i’m seriously concidering getting one and i’m waiting untill 2.2 comes out so…if you hear anything or get the download please let me know or do a video.

    Many Thanks

  6. Friedrich says:

    Hi Chippy, I am inteinterested in the same issues and waiting for froyo. Today my galaxy tab arived. Not bad, but I think the klar to be the better experience.

  7. Friedrich says:

    Sorry, damn SwiftKey. klar =ipad.

  8. Speedyuk says:

    Likewise I can’t wait for the 2.2 update, having Flash support and being able to use things like the Google Streetview and BBC iPlayer sites will be great. Regarding Google docs I downloaded and installed the updated version of Dataviz Docs to Go 3.0 and paid the $9.99 to activate – this provides the Google Docs integration – I’ve not been a Docs user, though I did try it ut and it works :-) I’d really like good Twitter and Facebook apps, the Included Toshiba widget just doesn’t work! TweetDeck 1.01 won’t install and the official Facebook app is optimised for Portrait mode, and I’d prefer a desktop widget with the screen real estate that is available on the AC100.

  9. Rune says:

    Are you sure Froyo is coming? Deadline is already passed and we haven’t heard anything from Toshiba in their forums or elsewhere…

  10. Rune J says:

    The Good News The OS update launched today! YEAH.
    The bad News: The OS install does not work “Parse Error” There is a problem parsing the package. ANTICLIMAX

  11. chippy says:

    I had an email about the folio 100. Will see if I can find out about the ac100

  12. chippy says:

    Testing on mine now. . .

  13. Rune J says:

    I really hope that you can find a solution chippy. But i think that the released application file might be corrupt or contain wrong manifest code. I just can’t believe that they would release software that doesn’t work. There are no indications throughout the net that ANYONE has made a succesfull update. But i hope that i am wrong. Let us know what you find out Chippy.

  14. chippy says:

    I should find out this morning whats happening. I’ve fed back to the product manager for Germany. They can then pass the information up although I guess that by now they now. If not they need to start watching twitter and their own forums!

  15. Dario G says:

    I tried to update during the weekend, but still the download process doesn’t even get to the end. It says impossible to download, check your internet connection (which is obviously fine)…
    Will the 2.2 OS include access to the google marketplace?
    Please keep us informed of any news.

  16. JM says:

    I have the same problem as everyone else.
    The update seems to be corrupted.
    After a factory reset i’m not able to download the update again.

    Where is the simple, to do the update manually?

  17. mathias says:

    were can I get the update?

  18. mathias says:

    over the air update or download?

  19. rds says:

    The Update is Over the Air update. Use the Toshiba update control panel. The OS update will be there, BUT still no Froyo….

  20. mathias says:


    I am now testing ubuntu and it works (with german keyboard layout and touchpad) – but I can’t get the wlan-interface up. the function key on top did not work… Any idea?

  21. rds says:

    Hi Mathias

    I believe the wetpaint ac100 website has info regarding ubuntu.

  22. Lili says:


    We are 4 december…and not froyo… it is end ?
    I lost all my hope to have froyo on my ac 100 :(

    thank you for news (good one is better)

  23. chippy says:

    So far, still no news. Its a very very poor show from Toshiba. Clearly they haven’t got enough people in their android team.

  24. Sauro says:


    so desperate about Froyo 2.2 that I have tried to sell my AC100, no way.
    Shops now sell it with 30% discount!!!

    Confidence is poor now

  25. chippy says:

    Mine is bricked. I don’t even expect contact from Toshiba any more. Its a sad story and, if 2.2 never comes, a bad mark for future Toshiba products.

  26. Lili says:

    There is a new update ! not froyo but it’s mean that toshiba think about the ac 100 (my english is so bad, google traduction it’s better than me sorry) !!!
    I use my ac 100 everday in school juste to take notes, with 12 hours batteries life it’s cool.
    I hope that new update it’s a sign about froyo or android 2.3 on ac 100 !

  27. chippy says:

    As a mobile keyboard input device, the ac100 is superb. Must fix my ac100 to test out these upgrades.

  28. Mathias says:

    Yes, AC100 System Update to Build, 188861 KB – but no froyo. I hope they will release froyo later. If not, I will never buy from Toschiba…

  29. Mathias says:

    Important for ubuntu hackers: please restore the original partition 5 for successfull update procedure and get a cup of coffee because the update procedure takes some time!

  30. chippy says:

    If only you had told me a few weeks ago. Currently have a bricked ac100. its strange because if term the upgrade failed I restored part 5 and it booted back into android. On second attempt at upgrade, it failed and a restore of part 5 doesn’t help anymore. Black screen on boot. I’m guessing another partition needs restoring to get me going again.

  31. Mathias says:

    Hi Chippy,

    I saved all partition images before doing some experiments with ubuntu. My modell is a AC100-10K. If yours is the same, I can provide the partition images.

  32. chippy says:

    Fantastic. I have the same model. Ac100 10k. I can provide you with an ftp upload facility. How about we carry on via email? Steve at this domain name will reach me.
    Thx for the offer!

  33. Mathias says:

    You have mail.

  34. Tim Pollard says:

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my AC 100. Really useful device for people on the moove. The ONLY serious shortfall is no support for Flash. I read lots of stuff about the iminenet release of Froyo but the silence is deafening!
    Come on Toshiba, get your fingers out!

  35. Mathias says:

    Toshbia’s Folio 100 is based on the same hardware and has Android 2.2 Froyo – I think it should be no problem to port it to the AC 100.

  36. Tim Pollard says:

    And how can you do that?

  37. Speedyuk says:

    As I’ve posted over on the official Toshiba forum, I suspect the reason for the delay in Toshiba releasing the 2.2 update is the fact that currently Adobe have approved / certified the Flash 10.1 for the Tegra 2 platform. Hopefully something will happen in January…

    In the mean time my with the price drops on the Dell Streak and availability of 2.2 for that I decided to pick up a second hand one. Quite impressed so far, the form factor probably suits me better.

  38. Khalid says:

    Its always the same with those stupid Companies and their android politics. Once its out with an old version, the support stops and nothing moves. Just throw something on the market to get the quick dollar.

    Ive been waiting for a year now te receive the 2.x update for my htc tattoo. Same with X10 mini pro which I fortunately didn’t buy cause I way afraid of sony’s lying too. Motorla flipout/backflip/… and so on… there are way more devices needing an update than devices which finally got one…

    So now its the same with toshiba. I am so glad I did NOT buy AC100 even though I could die to get one. But I will not support this “promise and forget” strategy of any of those stupid companies. I hope the comunity (and the market as a whole) will show those companies that THIS is not the way to make sensible products for happy customers. THIS will only lead android on the useless-kindergarden-track so noboy will ever take it serious anymore!

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