Apologies: 1K Challenge Delayed

Updated on 18 March 2012 by

The 1K challenge was turned upside down last week as I took delivery of the Galaxy Tab and Tega V2 and, due to a short, pre-planned (and badly needed) break with my family didn’t get as far as I planned. I apologise.

As the Galaxy Tab turned up we did the live session (a huge success) and then went into doing a few videos over at Carrypad. I honestly hadn’t realised that I was one of the first and only people reporting in English so after realising my position, I focused on taking advantage of it. As an independent blogger, these important revenue-earning opportunities are rare and simply have to be used when possible. Without the occasional exclusive, there’s just no way I could run this blog as a full-time job.

So again, sorry for the mess-up.

I’m back from holiday now and looking over at the Tega V2 and an interesting capacitive stylus that Tegatech sent over. Over the next week I should be able to get some more content out on it. The full review of the Galaxy Tab is also on the list too. (as is a back-log of emails I need to send out to donators, a big tax return, some proposals for 2011, a new advertising agency and preparation for the Meego Conference!)

I will re-visit the 1K challenge as soon as I can, hopefully with a Toshiba AC100 with a fresh build of Froyo and an optimised Tega V2!

Stay tuned, and once again, I’m sorry about the delay.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    Apologies: 1K Challenge Delayed http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=22652

  2. Josh's Tech Items says:

    Apologies: 1K Challenge Delayed: The 1K challenge was turned upside down last week as I took… http://goo.gl/fb/uA602

  3. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Apologies: 1K Challenge Delayed: The 1K challenge was turned upside down last week as I took delivery of the Galax… http://bit.ly/bxDHYq

  4. Alltop Mobile says:

    Apologies: 1K Challenge Delayed http://bit.ly/bMbE8u

  5. AhmedJamal Ibraihimi says:

    RT @Alltop_Mobile: Apologies: 1K Challenge Delayed http://bit.ly/bMbE8u

  6. aftermath says:

    I like my blogs like I like my coffee: done right, not fast. Thanks for all of your hard work. I’m looking forward from the perspective that emerges from your challenge and the conversation that results.

  7. Dave P says:

    Take the time to do it right. I’ve got enough to do at the moment reading all the blogs on the HP Slate – it’s amazing how many ways you can rewrite a press release and even more amazing how many “tech” writers don’t know an active digitizer from vent hole. Here’s hoping you can score an exclusive with it as well.

  8. animatio says:

    take it as a chance … may be you could include the very last devices too …
    would mean even more value for the reader. breaking news always has the right to break “the rules”. thanks for info we will stay tuned. and yup, family is invaluable

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