Folio 100 Makes Move to Stores…With Content!

Posted on 04 November 2010, Last updated on 10 June 2018 by

folio100 Toshiba have just announced that the Folio 100, the 10 inch Tegra2-based tablet, is now being distributed in Europe. The Tablet uses Android 2.2 and is much the same hardware as the AC100 we’ve been testing (and hacking) here at Carrypad.

You’ll see that Toshiba are pushing their own applications store (Google Market was clearly not authorised for this non-phone tablet) and there’s some interesting content. AceTrax is offering the video content which will be an advantage over the Galaxy Tab which doesn’t offer any video content in Europe . 7Digital is doing the music (as on the Galaxy Tab) but we don’t yet know who’s providing the applications and ebooks. The AC100 uses the Camangi Market but we suspect they have switched providers. There’s a possibility that they have teamed up with Archos to offer AppLib but we’ll try and get that info for you soon.

As for pricing, nothing was announced today but we’ve spotted it online for 399 Euros (Google search) without 3G. With the Archos 101 starting to hit the shelves at €299, retailers will have to do better than that although we expect some premium for the Tegra 2 platform. USB OTG is included along with an SD Card slot and HDMI-out and there’s also a 3G option. Without GPS and the Google Applications though, it has its downsides.

We had some hands on at IFA and hope to bring you some testing with the retail version soon.

Fingers crossed that there’s only a few changes needed to get 2.2 out of the door for the AC100. We’re expecting an availability within a few weeks.

Via Android Community.

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  1. aftermath says:

    “…With Content!”

    Thank goodness. I had to throw my tablet (yup, it’s a slate in its form factor, but a tablet in terms of its usage scenario) into the garbage because its full-featured operating system and full-featured web browser was only able to provide me access to all content on the Web.

    The ability to access content should not be considered a feature. The REQUIREMENT to access content through “apps” or other platform-ties should be considered a deficiency. I don’t mind pretending that modern compact, mobile computing is “fun and cool”. However, I do mind pretending that the overall situation doesn’t represent a serious step backwards or a weakening of consumers’ position in the technology marketplace.

    Hopefully, people who want to support this nonsense will do so by printing up a witty t-shirt featuring an advocacy-oriented slogan rather than giving these companies their money.

  2. chippy says:

    If you’re not using an application to view content, how are you accessing it? You either copy your DVD and play it through an application or watch it through…a streaming application. E.G. Flash!

    Are you in the U.S.? Remember the situation with legal content isn’t the same in other countries so online content is harder to get.

  3. jjsjjsva says:

    The i-Pad becomes more dominate every time Google denies access to their apps market for a new Android tablet. Android apps markets needs to unit to beat the i-Pad because consumers won’t know if their andropid app market will be fully supported by software designers or even be around in a year or two- Apple will be! I like android, but until all of the dozen different app markets shake out, or Google stops playing bully and let’s everyone access their apps marjket, I’m not buying android. Not yet.

  4. Chippy says:

    Just spotted in a cached Amazon page: 3G available in Q1 2011. That has since been removed. Don’t hold your breath for the 3G version just yet.


  5. Sipp11 says:

    It’s available in Thailand and bad news for ones waiting for this, it’s nothing comparing to iPad. Screen is pretty bad if you ask me–too low resolution for the size, you can see each pixel clearly. It’s just cheap material, nothing like iPad or even Galaxy Tab. Software ain’t good either, just plain Android w/tweak from AC100, perhaps (all menu+letter shortcut and stuffs)

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