How’s That Notion Ink Adam Working Out For You?

Posted on 20 December 2010, Last updated on 10 June 2018 by

adam Now that we’ve finally got some proof that the Notion Ink Adam is at least available as a working sample (below,) lets have a chat about it.

Notion Ink have had no shortage of media coverage about their device and unique features such as daylight-readable screen and Tegra 2 platform running 2.2 with a custom UI mean there are interesting things to discuss. Fans seem to be following too. In droves! It’s a bit like the WeTab and JooJoo following in that respect.

Personally, I like the Tegra 2 platform now that Google appear to be using Tegra 2 as the reference processing platform for Android 2.3 (I’m praying that Toshiba claws back some credibility and  release 2.3 for the AC100!) but this is a 10 inch tablet and weighs more than the iPad. That knocks me out of the customer list and I’m sure a lot of other people too.

10 inch screens work well for newspaper and magazine content though and Google Earth will look great on this… when you managed to find the APK and sideload it.

Sorry to sound so negative on this one but I haven’t yet seen a well integrated Android stack on a 10 inch device. From CPU and core OS through UI to content availability there’s a mismatch. My head thinks ‘multitasking’, productivity’ and I immediately get disappointed when I go through the real-world scenario in my head.

The Archos 101 article I wrote recently (‘One for the Coffee Table’) has some good pointers on the 10 inch platform. Sofa, coffee-table, holiday.

What are you going to use this coffee-table gadget for? Ignore email, Twitter, Facebook and anything else that needs an account because when you share a single-user Android device with the family, you’re at risk. What the family needs (possibly) is a flexible on/offline video player, image viewing, web browsing and gaming, a bus/train/flight timetable, holiday booking, Wikipedia and other casual activities. Pure entertainment. [source]

At 299 Euro I can really see the match but at $375 it’s pushing it a bit.  Maybe the custom UI changes everything though? [See video below]

It does indeed look good and I’m really pleased to see the window manager so truly active that you can interact with programs running in it. You’ve got the makings of a windowing Android OS there! Certainly side-by-side apps is something I’ve been thinking about on the Galaxy Tab. Here’s the demo video from Notion Ink.

We’re bound to see the Adam at CES in a few weeks so I’ll report back when I’ve had hands-on but for the time being I remain skeptical that it’s going to be a device that really satisfies customers.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

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  1. MarcG says:

    Device is quite ugly in the flesh isn’t it?

    The panel thing, to me, looks like they realised apps don’t work full screen but if we try we show 3 side by side they can have three phone sized apps looking good together!

    Didn’t realise it was heavier than the iPad, that’s a big downer really. Especially as I bet the next iPad due soon will weigh a lot less and with the no real idea when you can own a Notion you may even get an iPad 2 first…

  2. me says:

    @chippy both ipad and adam weighs 1.6 pounds. GET ur facts clear dumbass!

  3. me says:

    @chippy both ipad and adam weighs 1.6 pounds. GET ur facts clear dumbass!

  4. me says:

    http:// www.
    http:// www.

  5. Patrick says:

    IMHO it’s problematic for usage with such weight. This tablet is perfect for garden-surfing :) but without a proper kick stand it will be difficult endeavor. I’m more prone to use smartbook/notebook with native/custom installed Pixel Qi screen instead holding in my hand a alomost 800 gram device. Archos 101 pushed the weight just right.. not even 500 grams but if it had Pixel Qi (adding few extra grams) it would be a killer tablet.

  6. chippy says:

    Garden surfing. Maybe because its minus 4 here I didn’t think about that one!

  7. Zorg says:

    I want one to use while riding my unicorn through flowery meadows under rainbow skies past rivers made of chocolate. Or maybe I’ll return to earth, where I bet I’ll be able to buy pixel qi on a sanding device first. Btw, I could live with the extra weight—the iPad is not close to too heavy for me.

  8. Zorg says:

    Oops! I meant Samsung not sanding in the prev comment!

  9. Adam says:

    Anything over 550ish grams is too heavy.

    I also think anything over 7-8 inches is too big.

    For me the Nook Color really hits the sweet spot.

    I don’t like that its a locked down lame version of android but its size weight and screen are completely awesome.

    I can easily palm the screen and hold it one handed over my head as I read my books (like I would a paperback) or the economist.

    This thing follows me around the house because its responsive and the size/weight just lends itself to easily snagging it and in turn setting it down anywhere I am, it doesn’t need anywhere bigger than an average book does.

    The iPad form factor is too big and clumsy and this is a combination of the weight, the leverage that the size exerts against you as you try to use it one handed and the inability to palm the device.

    As well a $500+ shared device easily loses out to two $250 personal devices.

    I’m looking forward to the raw android 2.2 conversion that BN is providing for this device so that I can actually recommend it to my friends.

    I will say that what I see of the multitasking ui in Adam looks MUCH better than stock Android or iPad. I look forward to the end of this fad of stupid simple ui with terrible multitasking that people have accepted with ipad (android is guilty of it too). Maemo/meego use really makes it obvious how bad the iphone multitasking ui is.

  10. CaTiC says:

    I suspect multitasking would strain Arm A8-based devices enough to affect the user experience. This appears to mostly be resolved with A9+GPU based devices such as the Tegra2. And speed issues will completely disappear when devices based on TI’s dual A9 become available…In 18+ months…Maybe… OK I’m buying an ADAM right now!

  11. theluketaylor says:

    A9 isn’t worlds faster than A8. It won’t be faster than atom, for instance.

    The SGX540 found in hummingbird SoCs seems to trade blows with tegra graphics-wise pretty well.

    The big thing A9-based tablets will have going for them is more RAM. playbook is going to have 1 GB and I wouldn’t be surprised to see many other A9 tablets having the same amount.

  12. CaTiC says:

    For the moment, the 7″ format is a much better fit for me. Although I drooled all over the Galaxy Tab in the store, I’m holding off for dual-core units.

    But my son prefers a 10″ format as it provides about twice the reading surface. He always carries a backpack so size & weight are not an issue. Readability under any light condition is a big criterium for him so he still is a fan of the Pixel Qi equipped Adam. Note that the Adam is still much cheaper than the iPad and, with its Tegra2 + Pixel Qi, much more versatile. It will only improve with Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

  13. eric says:

    it might improve w/ gingerbread & honeycomb, but we’ll have to see. Eden is a custom UI, with custom multi-tasking code. Per Notion Ink, Gingerbread will be an easy transition, but they’ve said nothing of honeycomb — that will be a major upgrade for them. Expect to have to install it yourself. (FWIW, NI have insinuated in the past that they won’t take steps to prevent people from rooting the Adam.)

  14. eric says:

    I’m not sure about the whole 10″ thing myself. I meet so many people who have iPads and never use them because they’re too big. I’ve looked at the Nook Color and the Galaxy, and both are quite large enough to do useful things with.

    If Archos would stop being so pennywise and install enough RAM in their devices, I’d have ordered a 7″ Archos weeks ago.

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