Fujitsu F-07C – Questionable Design Choices

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As phone / PC combos go, this Fujitsu F-07C is definitely the smallest I’ve ever seen. It’s also the smallest PC I’ve ever seen.
A 1.2Ghz Atom, 1.0GB of RAM and 32GB of storage sounds like it could work as we’ve seen similar set-ups in the past. 1024*600 screen resolution is ok too. You’ve got a slide-out keyboard, Wi-Fi and a docking port and a local RRP of $850. Sounds exciting.

I’m a little confused though. Fujitsu know what it takes to make a ultra mobile PC so they should know that a 4″ screen makes Windows nearly unusable at any resolution and that a 2hr battery life doesn’t impress anyone. I wonder what the target market here is.

Hot-desking Japanese execs come to mind but there’s probably another reason. Win7 provides good encryption so perhaps this was built as a secure storage device? Perhaps its main purpose is to be docked and used with screen, keyboard and mouse. I suspect there’s a big customer involved somewhere here. I mean, UMPCs are niche but this looks to be extremely

Take a look at the thread running on another pc/phone article (Magic W3) from last week. There’s interesting information about a possible 600Mhz clock speed (that would be another stumbling block,) the impressive 1.3W TDP X86 platform and the expected price.

What do you think? Personally I think it will be an interesting test for Oaktrail but you have to wonder why Fujitsu partnered a Ti OMAP platform with the Oaktrail platform when Intel, theoretically, have one phone platform in production and another one due at the end of the year.

Press release is available here.

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  1. zeo says:

    You may be onto something Chippy, the video demonstration did show it docked and connected to a big screen after all…

    The low run time wouldn’t matter if it normally gets used with a dock and the half speed may only be for when it’s running on battery power and just to check notes and files, maybe quick reply to an email, on the go, with the dock for use for any real work.

  2. Red Steve says:

    4-inch screen? 2-hour battery life?

    Flawed by design. It tries to be two things too distinct from one another to coexist in the same device.

    It’s too small to be a good PC, but has too short a battery life to be a good phone.
    Ditch the phone part, you get a rather tiny Windows 7 UMPC. Enlarge the device for a bigger screen and a bigger battery.
    Ditch the PC part, you get a perfectly sized phone. Remove the powerful, energy-consuming hardware.

    You can’t have both, at least not yet. Technology just isn’t there.

    I’d get this if it underwent the “ditch the phone part” changes I named.

  3. schmo says:

    I agree, if Fujitsu just stayed with improving the UMPC part of it (ie. 5 inch screen, not underclocked, no dedicated phone parts except for WWAN, longer battery life, etc.) then I’d buy it as soon as I’m able to. With not many options out there though (the Magic W3 may come out too) and with some debating with myself, I’ll probably end up buying it anyway. I did the same with the N5. It had many flaws but nothing was better.

    Hopefully, the underclocked CPU could be unlocked and an extended battery is available. Anyone know of any other accessories besides the dock? What currency is that $850 price in?

  4. peejay says:

    I agree – apart from the “buying it anyway” bit. A 5″ screen, and decent battery life – please Fujitsu!

  5. alan says:

    If this thing has an extended battery and/or is chargeable through USB (small battery pack, car charger, PC, etc.) then I may get it. I would prefer Android over Symbian though.

    My needs aren’t exactly professional. I want a device that could play my H.264 video files without transcoding so I could just pop videos in it and watch them on the go (train, doctor’s office, waiting while everyone is shopping, etc.). I also want to watch Flash videos and HW acceleration is hit or miss thing. I wonder if that forced 600 MHz frequency is enough. I’ve tried Archos but that thing had way too many problems.

    Other than videos, I also want a fully capable desktop browser with mouse support and this thing has that too. Is that FOMA 3G the same as GSM/HSPA?

  6. paul says:

    I’d get this too. I’d go up to a 4.3 inch screen given how the bezel looks pretty small. Though the additional power consumption of the screen may not be proportional to the capacity of the slightly bigger battery that it could accommodate. So battery life might get worse than it already is. Of course, I don’t mind an extended battery sticking out the back.

    If this were a UMPC only, I’d prefer a 5 inch screen. Since it’s a phone too, only something with up to a 4.3 inch screen could fit my front pants pocket.

    My main concerns are the 600 MHz underclock and if an extended battery is available. I also wonder how the internal components are shared and how switching between OS’s works. Are there 2 completely independent platforms on one PCB running simultaneously or are components shared somehow between the ARM and x86 side (ie. RAM, storage, cellular data)? Very interesting device.

  7. TY says:

    From what I’ve been able to gather so far there’s no word on being able to unlock the 600 MHz frequency. It supposedly comes with only a 1400 mAh battery and I haven’t found any indication of an extended battery.

    While it has a mouse pointer (any UMPC without one is a no buy for me) it seems to only have a left click. I couldn’t find a way to do a right click. Hopefully there’s a way to do a right click.

    It seems that Symbian and Windows can run simultaneously and if both are running, switching between them takes about 3 seconds. I assume that’s how long Windows takes to go into/out of standby. I don’t know if the Symbian side can be shutdown completely though.

    If an English version (OS and physical keys) came out with no underclock and an extended battery exists, I would buy this.

  8. Reader says:

    @Alan: FOma is Japan only. However it supports 2100Mhz 3G and GSM bands in Europe.

    Btw, you can receive incoming calls, when your are in Windows mode :-) Great

  9. Ben_Voigt says:

    Actually this could be the smartphone I’m looking for.

    I don’t use the smartphone features all day long, and I don’t need to receive the mail ASAP in any situation – I only need to receive it, when I am truly able to read it.

    My Android usage looks like the folowing: All connections disabled except for 2G, no sync enabled. Then, when I’m able to truly receive any information, I enable 3G and activate sync. After I’ve processed the new information, everything gets disabled again to save battery life.

    Switch to this device. Here I’d switch into Win7 to check mails, which gives me all security features available for Win and the full web experience.

    And here comes the best part IF it is impelemented. When I first heard of this device, the phone OS was said to be Symbian. If that is the case and everything is wired accoringly you could theoretically sync your phone contacts in Symbian with you Outlook in Win7 on the same device. No third party services needed. All your information could stay in your hands.

    If that is the case it could broaden the niche to all security concious professionals as for example hopefully your lawyer, doctor, or whatever.

  10. zeo says:

    Looks like many are viewing this only as will it serve me point of view but ignoring how Japanese culture differs from many other places.

    Just some Examples…

    There are many devices that do well in Japan but wouldn’t if sold elsewhere. So chances are if Fujitsu considered selling this world wide that they’ll likely change it considerably.

    Japanese culture is just more obsessed using every space as possible and enjoy pocket-able form factors more than many in the rest of the world do and staying connected is more of a lifestyle than a luxury feature.

    So Steve is likely right that this is for keeping data on the go and will mostly be docked when used as a computer. While the Phone feature is not something easily given up in Japan.

  11. Gearsguy says:

    Chippy, did you get my email? I sent you a (trusted) site where they are already selling the F-07C, but for an insane 2,000 USD.

  12. Chippy says:

    Yeah. Not really worth publicising IMO! I think I sent reply by email saying they are probably just going for publicity before they get, test the devices.

  13. ravellar says:

    Hi Chippy , OMG , 2000US . Dont think I will go for it .
    Saw somewhere that the Magic W3 is shipping Beg 2012 and RRP at USD1200 or somewhere around there .
    Then it will be more affordable ( and has better specs except for the resolution .
    But then again , at 4.8″ , 800X480 will do just fine .
    It also can be dock and be use for heavier computing , from the video at their website . Please do update us if you receive more info . Thanks a million .

  14. Darktriad says:

    Conics say they can only get them on 2year contract at the moment, so you have to pay the entirety up front. That’s understandable and common in the phone world, at some point it may be available sim free, but don’t hold your breath. It’s possible this could be network exclusive for a long time, making importing a very expensive proposition. If it does go sim-free, fully-unlockable, english convertable, for <$1100, then I'll probably get it.

    BTW: when is Meet Mobility coming back?

  15. joseph says:

    While a 5 inch screen is the smallest I’d go for a standalone Windows device, I could see this as a good supplemental device for people with notebooks. When it’s not feasible to pull out your notebook you could take this out of your pocket. Use the smartphone OS for simple things or Windows for more complex but still quick tasks.

    I agree with others about having an extended battery and the ability to step up to 1.2 GHz under load. Was battery life significantly worse when having the ability to SpeedStep to 1.2 GHz or was it a heat dissipation issue?

    Also, does anyone know the difference between the Z600 Atoms from last year and the ones from this year? In particular, the 1.6 GHz Z615 and the 1.5 GHz Z670. There’s also the 1.9 GHz Z625.

  16. joseph says:

    Okay, it seems that the ones from last year are for phones but I thought those weren’t able to run Windows. The F-07C seems to contradict this unless Fujitsu also stuck in another chip to handle the required functionality in an already tight space.

  17. mike says:

    Wait, I’m confused, the F-07C uses a Z600 which from what I can remember is part of the Moorestown platform that isn’t supposed to be able to run Windows 7. Is Oak Trail a 2 chip solution (Moorestown plus Whitney Point) or are both in a single chip?

    I gotta say, this UMPC phone is pretty interesting.

  18. DavidC1 says:

    Moorestown are Oak Trail are both 2 chip solutions.

    Moorestown: Lincroft + SM35
    Oak Trail: Lincroft + MP20

  19. Mike says:

    That makes sense. Thanks.

    What makes the TDP of the Z600s so different?
    Z615: 1.6 GHz, 2.2 W TDP
    Z625: 1.9 GHz, 2.2 W TDP
    Z670: 1.5 GHz, 3.0 W TDP

    This is just based on Intel’s website:,49660,49662 , which sometimes shows missing and incorrect info.

  20. Mike says:

    Nevermind, the TDP isn’t just for the processor. Makes sense now.

  21. DavidC1 says:

    The Z615 is just a lower clocked chip of the same bin. In reality, the power consumption might be somewhat lower than the Z625.

    The TDPs of the Z615 and Z625 are without Hyperthreading and ODT(On Die Termination). Combined, they will add 0.8W. The latter might not be enabled for smartphones and tablets though.

  22. PreLovedPortabled says:

    I definitely like the look of this product. The one thing I would change, and its one thing I would change on most portable devices, is the mouse.
    Personally I think the mouse from the old Toshiba Libretto 50CT (and its brothers) is one of the best, most ergonomic designs for a portable device mouse ever; where the mouse buttons are pressed using the index and middle fingers on the back of the screen and the thumb controls the movement of the mouse.
    When I use my desktop or laptop I use one hand to move the cursor and push the buttons, it makes it a lot less convenient when you’re using one hand to move the mouse and another hand to push the buttons, like the Samsung Q1 or HTC Shift for example.
    AFAIK, only the early Toshiba Librettos have this type of mouse.

  23. jackson says:

    I’m in the may buy camp. Only if the CPU frequency can be unlocked through software or firmware and an extended battery becomes available.

  24. Reader says:

    It’s listed on eBay for about 700€ and as the seller told me it will ship in august (from UK store for european customers and from Japan)

    A bit ore than 700€ is a great deal. That’s nearly as “cheap” as a new Viliv N5 (e.g. when you’d buy it in Germany) but in contrast to current Viliv-UMPCs this one is brand-new!

    It#s also usable in EU because of 2100Mhz band (3G) and GSM functionality. I think i’ll buy it. I always found windows 7 on a tiny screen exciting^^

  25. Chippy says:

    I’m sure it will be a fun item. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on ewith it. Don’t forget to give us an update.

  26. Reader says:

    I will post some impressions asap I get hands-on. Btw, an early review of akihabaranews showed rather slow (from time to time even painful) slow performance. That might be due to simulation of Windows 7: Actually it’s not dual boot, like the HTC Shift for example. That one had a second processor for Windows Mobile.

    Imho the main advantage of this “emulation” is the posibilty so switch between both operating systems within a few seconds.

    Moreover I’m very interested in the touchscreen. I can’t imagine such a small capacitive screen to be accurate at all. As Win 7 is not finger-friendly I prefer resistive screens that usually proide a better accuracy when using a stylus or like that. In early youtube videos you can see people trying to navigate with the finger- they all failed. It seems not to be possible to hit a small Icon as the screens DPI is very high and diagonal is very small.

    one thing that turns me off is warranty. In Japan it’s one year only and the ebay-reseller himself isn’t guaranteeing anything. Could get quite expensive when a hardware error occurs.


  27. Reader says:

    @jackson: It might run at full frequency but it will get very hot. Battery life is affected very negatively either. At least I’d like to see 1h + with Win7. That should be enough for quick browsing, chatting or Office, Outlook etc.

    Beside the gadget-factor that’s what the device is made for- quick full WIn 7 experience when you need it.

    Unfortunately the battery is pretty weak (imho 1400 mAh). That might be sufficient for any other smartphone but not for the Fujitsu.

  28. Reader says:

    Sorry for triple-post, but:

    Benchmarks! (Official product catalogue)

  29. umpcfan says:

    Wow those benchmarks are bad.

  30. Reader says:

    According to early videos on youtube office Word opening takes at least 10 seconds (firing it up the first time). Multitasking seems to be very slow…

    As I’m familiar with waiting times it wouln’t be a criterion for me not to buy it. I would be satisfied anyway^^

  31. PreLovedPortables says:

    A guy on Ebay is selling them on preorder for a tad over £600.
    He lists the CPU at 1.2Ghz though.

  32. Reader says:

    The CPU is always listet as 1,2 Ghz but official FUjitsi-Specs show that it runs at 600 Mhz only.

    Under windows device manager however you can see it running at 1,2 Ghz (x2 -> hyper threading). Assurance only brings a look at programs like CPU-Z for example.

    Benchmarks show that the device is significantly slower than others with Atom Z520 Platforms. I wonder if they also slowed down GMA600 performance… :-( Right now it seems there is no video-hardware-acceleration either.

  33. PreLovedPortables says:

    A couple of questions to anyone who gets one:
    – Can you just have the Symbian part running without the Windows 7 virtulization? Whats the battery life with just Symbian?
    – Can you change the Symbian part to English language? Are there any Japanese language parts left at all? Same question for the Windows 7 part.

    I can think of one way to improve performance – turn off all unessecary boot up programs; I mean look at the taskbar on the photos! Also you could put it back to the Windows Classic theme.

  34. Reader says:

    – you can either run Symbian or WIndows 7. Standby under Symbian is 600 hrs (according to Fujitsu) and a few hours of talk time.

    Battery life under Windows 7 is a maximum of 2 hours. The device will switch to Symbian automatically when battery is low.

    – according to the UK-eBay-seller you can change Symbian-language to english. However I don’t think you can change the Llnguage of Windows 7 completely, because it’s a special japanese Windows-Version. Even if you change most things to English by yourself, there still will be some japanese-Parts left, e.g. the U.I.overlays like certain Shortcuts.

    I wouldn’t install any other WIndows version on it, as the drivers might be not available to users. However the device has a partition that contains a recovery of japanese WIndows 7- that is good news if your experiments go wrong.

  35. PreLovedPortables says:

    And the ebay seller ‘littlecube2010’ has confirmed that the speed is 1.2Ghz! At least if it isn’t it’s a good reason to return the unit for a full refund.

  36. umpcfan says:

    I looked at the eBay link and the seller didn’t really make it clear that the CPU isn’t locked to 600 MHz. He seems to just be saying that it has a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom and didn’t say if it is locked to 600 MHz or not. The image he copied and pasted on his listing even says “CPU frequency stays at 50%.”

    Also, where are you guys getting information about Windows 7 being virtualized? That’s going to make performance worse especially since the Z600 doesn’t have any virtualization features. So everything has to be done in software with that 600 MHz CPU.

  37. PreLovedPortables says:

    Check out the Akihabara review at

  38. PreLovedPortables says:

    But there are some reviews I’ve read that state there may be ARM cpu for the Symbian part and an Atom CPU for the windows part. I’ll wait for a proper review and teardown.

  39. Reader says:

    That would be a much better solution and would explain the long standby/usage time under Symbian.

    Let’s hope there are two processors.

  40. Reader says:

    @umpcfan: It really should be locked at 600 Mhz as it is cleary shown on the Fujitsu specification sheets (the eBay seller copied a very early spec sheet from Fujitsu) Also benchmarks show very slow performance results- probably due to underclocked system.

    Akihabaranews tell us that Windows 7 is being virtualized. However they didnÄt proof it. Well- starting up Windows 7 looks a bit different ->

    Not a regular windows startup.

  41. hojo says:

    When it switched to Windows it looked like the standard screen when resuming from hibernation (plus maybe a BIOS screen). Same as my N5.

    My N5’s 5 inch screen and 1.33 GHz Atom is already an exercise in patience. The locked 600 MHz, 4 inch screen and possible virtualized Windows are going to make it unbearable. By the time you get something done, your battery will be dead.

    You say there is no HW video acceleration (likely in a virtualized environment) so for the guy who wanted a mobile video player is out of luck.

  42. Reader says:

    (Argh why you can’t edit posts^^) Is this visible in the forums? That would be more comfortable.

    -> there is a hint for two platforms (“k-tai” whatever that means). The text below the video shows “MAOP” (not to be mixed up with “Ti OMAP”) and “Atom”. It says it’s a platform. That platform might be realized with Atom? I’m not a specialist here…

  43. PreLovedPortables says:

    Another thing I would like to know is if the Windows 7 part can access the 3G network from the Symbian side.
    With regards to the battery life, you could always carry one of those rechargeable emergency chargers around with you.
    What port does it charge by? Whats its size?

  44. Reader says:


    Fujitsu specs say that you can access 3G through Windows 7 and Symbian (look at page #8) Good News! You can also use microSD(HC) in both operating systems. 5.1 MP camera may only be used in Symbian while the front-facing camera allows video chats in Windows.

    Unfortunately you cannot access GPS or Bluetooth (!) when in Windows. That is a bit foolish as you can’t add a Mouse to the F-07C. It has no standard USB-Port. You’ll have to get the dock in order to plug in a mouse or a keyboard.

    (However GPS in WIndows 7 doesn’t make much sense due to short battery life. After less than one hour navigating would be over ;-))

    But the lack of BT is a shame! Mhh… let’s wait for further reviews :-)

  45. auktionadmin says:

    It’s really a shame that Bluetooth is missing on the Windows 7 part!

    So I can only use a Bluetooth-USB-Dongle on the dockingstation for my Bluetooth peripheral devices.

  46. PreLovedPortables says:

    The device seems to have a Micro USB port, but it’s yet too be revealed if the Windows 7 side can use it and if its a USB host port.

  47. auktionadmin says:

    I mean something like that:

    provided the microUSB host does not work.

  48. PreLovedPortables says:

    Lack of a USB port is a bit naff, even a microUSB would’ve been nice!
    GPS on windows would’ve been great if you use it in a vehicle with a cigar lighter!

  49. PreLovedPortables says:

    Check out this video, the charger and earphones are both connected via microUSB! Excellent :)

  50. Reader says:

    You forgot the link? ^^

  51. PreLovedPortables says:

  52. Reader says:

    K, mhh specs show “3,5mm”, that might be a standard headphone jack as well.

    Btw, listen to music under Smybian.

    Although I really like Winamp, Windows 7 won’t last long for that :D:D

  53. Reader says:

    It can run Windows Aero Glass! Amazing o_O

  54. auktionadmin says:

    Aero Glass is a nice feature. But back again to the GSM band in Europe: I am not sure that the eBay seller confirm the GSM 900 MHz frequency.

    You asked: “can I do voice calls in Europe (=GSM900) under Symbian? You mentioned that the phone offers GSM850, that would be USA only.”
    littlecube2010 answered you: “Yes, you can make GSM voice calls. the 850 band is UTMS850MHz, Which is 3G network band in the USA.”

    When I see the last negative feedbacks of the seller I would say he is a profit-oriented seller from China who has a registered account in Great Britain. For me it’s not 100% clear that is GSM 900 in the F-07C.

    For me it’s a bad verbalized information of a eBay seller and the only confirmation that I read.

  55. PreLovedPortables says:

    I have emailed the seller a few times and he always seems a bit cagey with his answers. The device retails for Â¥56000 which is around £430 so hes making a massive profit selling them at £610. I did put in a best off of £500 but his counter offer was £590…. wow £9 discount :-\

  56. Reader says:

    Hey auktionadmin,

    you phrased my eBay-question ;-) I was asking the seller many things but never got clear answers…

    He states that it supports 2100Mhz (3G Europe = OK) and 850Mhz (=GSM/3G in USA)

    As you already said, he did not tell if it supports GSM (900Mhz) in Europe. That is quite important, because 3G 2100Mhz is not available everywehre. You simply need GSM 900 in rural areas.

    I also reveived an E-Mail from Fujitsu JP. I asked them about the WWAN/ possible usage in Europe. Here’s the answer:

    “Thank you for your inquiry and interest in [LOOX F-07C].

    Unfortunately, Wireless LAN built in [LOOX F-07C] is only supported Japanese network standards.
    So we offer Wireless LAN of [LOOX F-07C] is used inside Japan.”

    They misunderstood me… they say that WiFi is only wokring in Japan?! That’s very strange as it’s simple standard WiFi with Atheros controller. Should work anywhere.

    IN terms of WWAN I can say that NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu-spec sheets tell us that so called “World Wing” roaming is supported.

    That means GSm and 3G worldwide! With an unlocked F-07C GMS900 and 3G 2100Mhz should be possible in Europe. But let’s wait for European reviews!

    By now it’s only sure that it works in USA (850Mhz GSM/3G) and Asia (FOMA e.g.).

  57. auktionadmin says:

    Yes, let’s wait for European reviews! I’m not going to buy the F-07C before I am sure that GSM 900 is working.

  58. auktionadmin says:

    In the service manual is:

    “The Wireless LAN (WLAN) function of FOMA terminal is compliant with wireless standards and is authorized for use only in Japan.
    If you use this function overseas, you may be punished.”

    I think that’s why the Author of Akihabra can not run WLAN without any problems.

  59. PreLovedPortables says:

    But if you turn off Aero Glass you will definately get a performance increase :)

  60. Reader says:

    Aero is in my opinion turned off by default. However it is much more eye-candy when turned on.


  61. D3K17 says:

    I was really sold on this but there are three things I have read that are keeping me from it.

    1. CPU is locked at 600mhz? Can’t be unlocked? Maybe because of heat issues? If so why would they advertise it as 1.2GHZ Z600 and then in very small print say CPU stays at 50% lol.

    2. WLAN cannot be accessed in Symbian mode? I have read this on a poorly translated JP site so I have no idea how true this is but it seems a Bluetooth and GPS isn’t accessible in Win 7 mode so it makes sense.

    3. 1 Processor and Windows is virtualized? Can the GMA600 be used in this case?

    I really want this phone but after reading and seeing people with the device it looks insanely slow and bogged down. I just want to pull at least 60-70% performance of my Fujitsu U820. I’d be more than happy with that.

  62. PreLovedPortables says:

    Agreed. I would like to see this made JUST as a PC with no phone.

  63. Reader says:

    Hm, I actually like the dual-design (I really need a phone built in). But it needs to have real dual boot as it brings much more performance than Virtualization.

  64. Reader says:


    1. It seems to be locked at 600Mhz. Unlocking may be possible. I guess this will result in much more heat dissipation and much lower battery life (remembet it has got a 1400mAh battery…)

    2. I also read that. Versy strange. Neraly every Smartphone supports regular WiFi. Maybe it’s due to Atheros WLAN which only is accessible in Windows 7. They just passed on a 2nd WiFi.

    3. TRhis is currently not really sure. Some arguments speak for Virtualization, others hint to two separate Systems.

    Pro Virtualization: Slow performance, seamless switching between operating systems. Only one Atom platform and a specialized Symbian that might work with Atom

    Con Virtualization: reports about a second SoC for Symbian (most likely an older OMAP platform) and long battery life under symbian that never could be realized with Intel Atom.

    So we also can’t tell much about GMA600 at the moment. Running in software mode would mean no video-acceleration.

    I still believe it has 2 SoCs. Let’s wait for reviews. I still hesitate to order at eBay as I don’t know exactly when the seller can provide devices or where they’re coming from (China-> cutom charges!)

  65. Reader says:

    Btw, it makes me wonder that the eBay seller states he has got a little store in one of Britains most famous streets. I googled his little shop and didn’t find anything.

    However he accepts pick-up service in central London.

    I believe he just sends items from China/Japan to a small UK office, but not to a store.

    If you have a look at further customer feedback you can see that many items have been sent to UK-adresses at a low shipping pricing. The seller actually can provice some items directly from UK. Hopefully also the F-07C. Custom charges and other charges would make the device very expensive.

    Actually his pricing is ok- Conics is much more expensive right now and you’ll have to pay customs as it comes from Asia.

    @people: if you find any other reseller, please report here!

  66. D3K17 says:


    Thanks for the very clear and laid out answers! I figured as much.

    I’m not really worried about battery life at all to be honest. I have one of those external battery packs that can keep me going. I just want decent performance. The device is useless to me if I have to sit there waiting a considerable amount of time to get anything done on it (the battery life would be dead just as quick!) I just want 3 things: Internet browsing with Flash support, ability to watch videos (streaming), ability to run small x86 applications. It seems the first two are a no go though, many reporting it can’t even play a simple divx movie.

    I really want to wait until much more of the device is fleshed out, it has a lot more reviews and owners. I don’t however, want to miss out on the amazing price tag the eBay seller has. He only has 3 left in stock and his price tag is around $500+ cheaper than Conics. From what I am hearing DoCoMo isn’t selling the device without a plan. If you want one without one, you have to pay the entire amount up front + 50$ for unlocking, thus the high price tag. On top of that customs charging and shipping shoot the price up to an insane amount. Getting the device from the eBay seller seems to bypass all this.

    Arghhhh I’m not even sure anymore. I was unsure about getting my U820, but in the end I did and it was one of the best devices I ever purchased.

  67. Reader says:

    Better wait for the feedback of the first F-07C customers. The eBay seller says he only has limited stocks but I bet he will offer it again once this charge has been sold. Morever he can’t tell when exactly the first devices are rolling out… that means you could wait a month or longer if you’re unlucky.

    When the devices are selling well, he certainly will boost his stocks. Consider that the device just came out and not many shops have it in their portfolio yet.

    I also considered buying it right now. PayPal offers a cash-back-guarantee. But yesterday I decided to wait for further reviews and more eBay listings/greater stock of the metioned eBay seller.

    By the way: The F-07C has got a pedometer and it seems it also has got a pulse checker (LOL!)

    -> (Section “utility”)

  68. PreLovedPortables says:

    The ebay seller littlecube2010 told me that his stock is shipping from Japan to UK on the 1st August

  69. Reader says:

    shipping to UK?

  70. D3K17 says:

    Thanks! You talked me out of doing it.

    I am going to wait like you and see what comes of this. I’ve been waiting since the device was announced back in May.

    Arthur @ Pocketables ordered one from Conics a few days before the 29th. I am very much looking forward to his review hands-on with the device.

    I contacted the eBay seller personally and he/she told me the devices would begin shipping out on Monday, which has passed so these should be out in the mail to people already if that date holds true.

  71. Reader says:

    Yep, hopefully Arthur’s review will be published soon. He ordered from Asia, that might take longer.

    I will also follow “ittlecube2010” in term of customer feedback.


    Looks like it supports GSM 900 Mhz. Source unknown.

  72. auktionadmin says:

    WORLD WING seems to be 3G/GSM 850:

    But yes, in japaneese wikipedia it seems to be GSM 800 MHz, too:

    (3G: 800MHz , 850MHz, 1.7GHz , 2GHz )
    (2G: 900MHz, 1800Mhz, 1900MHz)

  73. auktionadmin says:

    Oops, sorry! I mean GSM 900 MHz :-)

  74. Reader says:

    Oops, sorry! Ok that is good news.

  75. Reader says:

    “Add to this the rather disturbing fan noise that your F-07C will continuously make once plugged into its cradle” (akihabara)

    It has got a fan? o_O

    Hrrm, forget about that Akihabra review. The Author isn’t answering to any questions to his review. Also his review shows that he is not really used to UMPCs. He just expected too much from that device.

  76. auktionadmin says:

    You misunderstanded the author of Akihabaranews: The cradle/dockingstation has the fan, not the F-07C.

  77. auktionadmin says:

    As I wrote on pocketables: (Wed) 07:34:26.22):

  78. auktionadmin says:

    HD movies seem to play beautifully smooth (comment from 2011/07/27 (Wed) 07:34:26.22)

  79. auktionadmin says:

    instruction manual (PDF) in Japanese:

  80. auktionadmin says:

    And the English service manual :-)

    The SAR value is 0,796 W/kg

  81. PreLovedPortables says:

    Another seller on ebay, a bit more expensive this time.

  82. auktionadmin says:

    And in this eBay-link is the information:

    “GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz
    3G 2100MHz”

    :-) :-) :-)

  83. auktionadmin says:

    I do not believe that the eBay-seller has knowledge about the frequency of the F-07C when I see one of the last neutral feedbacks:

    “is ok not working for gsm850mhz
    NTT DOCOMO SHARP SH01B Unlocked GSM 3.4LCD 12.1MP Phone”

  84. Reader says:

    @prelovedporables: Seller is from China -> custom charges.

    I live in the EU (Germany), so I prefer European (eBay) sellers.

    @auktionadmin: Thank’s for the manual :-)

    Btw, is that SAR high or low? I usually don’t look at those figures.

  85. auktionadmin says:

    I would say the SAR value of the F-07C is roughly in the middle if you look at the list of phones (Germany):

  86. Reader says:

    Some excerpts from the official manual:

    – Car-Holder available for purchase
    – no GPS in Windows 7
    – camera light :-)
    – camera movie function (MP4)- ~180 mins. when using 2GB microSD. Doesn’t look like 720p video recording
    – IR port (pretty useless, for wireless payments in JP or connection to another F-07C)
    – manual says you may use WiFi and BT only in JP, because you may be punished overseas :D They won’t beat me in Germany when using public WiFi. Hopefully. Integrated WiFi and BT are compliant to regular standards
    – charger requires 100V? You’ll need an adapter anyway
    – no 3,5mm headphone jack directly in the device, it is realized through micro-USB cable
    – CPU utilization software (three colors-icon in taskbar indication CPU usage)
    – rear cam disabled while in Windows 7, only front facing camera is available
    – you should not dissolute the sticker on the rear side of the device as it may affect signal quality negatively?? (page 5, point 10)
    – CPU listed at 1,2Ghz, in facvt running at 600Mhz
    – NTSF is “adopted” (indication for virtualization?)

    Absolutely no words about how both operating system are being realized. No words about a seconf SoC or virtualization. Also Fujtsu JP didn’t tell me anything in the past inquiry.

  87. laton says:

    From what I’ve read so far, the compromises needed to fit Windows into this form factor (also sharing with the phone part) far outweigh the usefulness of the device. Extremely low performance, almost non-existent battery life, no right click (this isn’t a Mac) and some hardware components can only be used by either Symbian or Windows.

    I have an N5 and the compromises are already borderlining its usefulness. While I would like to have a 4 inch UMPC (no phone) too, the F-07C went significantly pass the limitations I’m willing to put up with.

    Now, if only that Magic W3 had a mouse and actually released, I’d get it.

  88. moelsen8 says:

    After seeing the videos of this thing, the performance is abysmal. If I did get this thing, I’d still take my N5 with me.

    I really like the slider form factor though (like OQO). They should make a non-phone 5 inch version and hopefully fix the issues (also like OQO).

  89. Reader says:

    @laton: I’d prefer the N5 over the Magic W3.

    Magic W3 btw is much bulkier than the F-07C. I wouldn’t hold that brick to my ears.

    Btw, I again looked at the previous feedback of the UK-eBay seller. All negative and neutral comments were given to high priced items like phones.

    Neutral feedback says that the seller offers products although they are not in stock! One negative feedback says that the product was offered as “new” but seemingly has been used already.

    So beware! Wait for new F-07C feedback within the coming days/weeks.

  90. foxtrot says:

    From what I’ve seen so far, the performance on the F-07C is so bad, it’s not worth using. Hardware and software just isn’t there to make this device worthwhile yet. Maybe sometime in the future new chips and software will make something like the F-07C not so crippled.

    For a UMPC, I would also go for the N5, S5 or W3 over the F-07C hands down. There are significantly less limitations that actually make those devices useful. Then just carry a small dumbphone for phone stuff.

  91. zepfloyd says:

    I was excited about the F-07C when it was announced back in February but as more information came out, it became less and less interesting. The sacrifices are just too severe and make the device practically useless in my real world scenarios.

    I got the N5 and there are compromises with it too but they’re not as bad as the F-07C. I agree with others that technology just isn’t there yet to make the F-07C more than just a novelty. Hopefully Fujitsu sells enough to make a refresh in the future when new hardware and software exist to make it actually useful.

  92. Reader says:

    Actually we have the technology to produce decent UMPCs.

    AMD Fusion low-power APUs for example and Oaktrail running at a decent speed isn’t that slow either.

    AMD Fusion GPU power is even more powerful than former nVidia ION chipsets and due to low heat production AMD Fusion now works in fanless 7″ Windows-tablets.

    I am asking myself why there are no AMD Fusion APUs in todays’ UMPCs. Make a stronger battery (unlike F-07C) and there you go: at least 2 hours of battery life but with maximal performance.

    @zepfloyd: yes, hopefully there will be an successor, things can only get better.

  93. auktionadmin says:


    You said: “things can only get better.”

    When you compare Windows Phone 7 (for mobiles) with Windows 8 (for tablets and desktops) you can see the synergies. In Windows Phone 7 you can see lots of restrictions which are similar to iOS. I think with the iPad and future Windows 8 tablets you won’t be free as you are with the Android platform.

    Already in the F-07C you see restrictions like the WLAN in overseas, but the F-07C is still designed for Windows 7. I think with Windows 8 the the restrictions will get more by Microsoft for normal users (the “freak” can do a jailbreak). So I think the contrary that things can only get worse with Microsoft.

  94. Jack says:

    I’m pretty sure MS is porting real Windows over to ARM with Win8. So a real desktop OS, but running on ARM hardware. No restrictions hopefully.

  95. auktionadmin says:

    I think restrictions seem to be in hardware with Bluetooth, WLAN ect. M$ wants that people use their AppStore.

  96. Reader says:

    You have to differentiate between Windows 8 on ARM and Windows 8 x86-platforms, e.g. on Atom.
    ARM versions certainly will have restricted possibilites and the focus will be set to “tiles”-interface.

    Regular Windows 8 x86-platforms may result in normal UMPCs like the F-07C.

  97. auktionadmin says:

    The F-07C has still the approved free policy from Microsoft without any restrictions for tablets. And the F-07C has the x86-architecture with x86-compatibility for software. I didn’t want to wait for further tablets or UMPC now, when I can phone with Symbian under GMS900 in my country and I can watch FullHD-streams over HDMI on my TV-screen I will buy the F-07C.

    BTW the Japanese Wikipedia sais:

    “With 2CPU.
    For Windows, Intel Atom Z650 (0.6Ghz)
    (Down-clock the CPU up to 1.2GHz).
    Not announced for Symbian OS.”

    For me it’s clear that the F-07C has 2 CPU (I do not mean Hyper-Threading): The Intel Atom Z650 for Windows 7 and the “not announced” processor for Symbian OS!

    I think the F-07C is at certain points slowly, cause the Atom is underclocked .

  98. Reader says:

    The Admin of Akihabaranews told me that he was informed about virtualization at the Fujitsu press conference.

    But I also guess that it’s the 600Mhz Atom that causes slow performance in Windows 7 (look at Windows-CPU-Score: 1.0-1.1) GPU power seems to be decent though. Windows Aero score is about 2,9. Also RAM and HDD scores are acceptable.

    Da**, where are the english-reviews?

    I don’t like searching japanese google.

  99. kurt says:

    I’m also hoping this device becomes a series or Fujitsu continues the concept since I won’t be buying the first version.

    Would the WLAN restrictions be related to the different standards enforced in different countries? I had some laptops that I couldn’t get to work in other countries because of the different frequency channels. I had other laptops that could switch to conform to each country’s wireless standards and worked fine.

  100. james says:

    Ya, different countries have “tweaks” to the wireless standards to fit regulatory laws. You mentioned one of them: different number of frequency channels. Usually there are options to change these to your country or just installing your country’s version of Windows works since the WiFi chip is the same in all countries.

  101. Reader says:

    Hm you mention that restrictions may result in negtaive aspects, like not having a full Windows on future MIDs/UMPCs.

    But on the on the other side it would be good for MS/Intel, because the regular tablet/MID-user wants absolutely finger-friendly and easy to use interfaces.

    We- the UMPC users- are a minority.

  102. auktionadmin says:

    Yes, I agree that Windows 8 is touch-friendly. But that most devices are capacitive and not stylus-friendly is a pity.

  103. Reader says:

    @kurt: the F-07C’s WiFi and BT frequencies are compliant with any other regular frequencies in EU/USA.

    I don’t know exactly what Fujitsu means with “punishment overseas”. Fujtisu also told me in an E-Mail that i couldn’t use WiFi outside of Japan. But I don’t think so. Windows device manager shows a simple WiFi atheros card.

    @auktionadmin: it definately is powered by an Atom Z600. You can see that on screenshots and in Windows device manager.

    Moreover it seems there are around 10 GB of free space left on 32GB eMMC. The other space is filled used by Windows and another ~8GB is for a emergency system restore.

  104. D3K17 says:

    I’m interested in seeing how much performance and space you can pull off after applying a lot of necessary SSD tweaks and turning off every service you won’t be needing. Disabling indexing, paging, pre/superfetch, print spooling, defragging etc + reducing the graphics to windows classic and some more did wonders for speed with my u820. Also delete all the extra baggage they included with the OS install thats not mandatory to have. Seeing the performance of the device after all this applied is something I would love to see.

    Also where are people seeing the device handing HD fine? I clicked on several links and saw nothing in the all around 12 ~ videos of it. Also didn’t see anything in print about it :(

  105. auktionadmin says:

    Did I have read something wrong? :-(

    “White’s 364 2011/07/27 ROM (Wed) 07:34:26.22 ID: EeITwsioO
    HD video can be downloaded directly to a soft body. MicroSDHC and HD video playback from this model, however, the picture does not match the sound option is not set WMP. Play set is not very smooth. Some reports have not tried playing with better overclocking, etc. Once you have modified.
    HD movies can play beautifully smooth and SH Sumaho far more over 12C.”

  106. Reader says:

    Hm it’s google translator. That might mix up some things.

    I guess the author means that with the right player and video format you should get good results in playing back 720p.

    I hope so. I already liked 720p content on my former iPhone 4 (for testing only…)

  107. D3K17 says:

    Ah, nice catch here auktion! I didn’t read this part. It seems unlocking the CPU solve a lot of issues via performance with the device from what I am reading. I have yet to see any video proof on the claim though. I’m now waiting to see that for my own assessment :P

  108. auktionadmin says:

    But I am unsure that I have read something wrong, cause google translator mixes up some things: I read and read the text repeatedly and then I noticed the author could allude to the AQUOS SH-12C (and google mixed the translated words wrong). The SH-12C Android Phone seems to have a HDMI port too. It may be the Japanese author means that the SH-12C can play beautifully smooth HD movies. :-(

  109. num0 says:

    I’ve translated the post manually.

    > 364 Shiro-ROM san 2011/07/27(Wed.) 07:34:26.22 ID:EeITwsioO
    > Both software and HD movies can be downloaded to the device directly, but WMP options
    > have to be tweaked to match audio and video for HD playback from this device. Playbacks
    > aren’t so smooth even after the tweaks. I saw someone saying that modding e.g. clock-ups
    > will improve it but haven’t tested that. Smartphones like SH-12C will play HD movies
    > far smoother than this.

  110. num0 says:

    I guess the WLAN restrictions means it’s not FCC or CE compliant or certified or something like that. I think there’s no actual problems – besides there’s no domestic 802.11b/g/n standards currently operating in Japan.

  111. Reader says:

    eBay seller “littlecube2010” now offers another stock. About 8 pieces.

  112. auktionadmin says:

    I’ve seen it today morning. ;)

  113. Dr.D.R. says:

    Thanks again to “Reader” for your information on

    Beside of all the drawbacks that surely exist when buying a personal computer in such a tiny case I’ve dreamed of having a phone with a “complete” Windows OS for almost 10 years. I don’t like to carry a cell phone, a MP3 player, a video camera, a navigator, a tablet around with me. Not because of weight and dimensions but syncronising images, videos music, contacts, adresses, etc. all the time. Even if one smarthone/PC can’t do every job at the same level each single device might can do I like it much more this way.
    That’s why I already decided to order a F-07C form that ebay-seller yesterday because only two devices were left. Not knowing that 8 units have been added today. But looking at the EUR/GBP exchange since the beginning of the week this device can get even more expensive for non British buyers.

    Can anybody say something to the missing USB Host function? Does that mean that i.e. WLAN or GPS sticks won’t work or does it effect only storage peripheral?

  114. D3K17 says:

    From what I have read, the micro-usb port only has the pins wired for charging. Any USB host functionality can only be obtained by using the external dock. (which connects through the device’s serial port)

    Very unfortunate. The lack of BT support in Win 7 makes the use of any external devices with the unit without its cradle nearly impossible.

  115. Reader says:

    @Dr.D.R.: agree. I also waited years for a windows-pc that small. Or let’s say, the combination of a real phone AND a windows pc. Otherwise i would have bought a Vili N5 a few months ago.

    @D3K17: correct, you’ll need the dock in order to use external GPS, WiFi, USB-Drives etc.

    The interal micro- USBseems to be only for charging and can be used with the bundled USB-cable that brings a 3,5mm headphone jack.

    Right now there’s no chance to use a BT-mouse/keyboard or A2DP in Windows 7. Maybe we’ll see workarounds.

  116. Reader says:


    3 ebay shops that are belong to the same seller. I wouldn’t buy anything from there. Description is very suspicious and amateurish. Beware!

  117. Wormdrummer says:

    I had ordered one from the UK seller littlecube2010 a couple of weeks ago and its now on its way to me via fedex direct from Japan and its currently due for fedex delivery on Monday, I will try to answer any questions shortly after…(Just brushing up on my japanese!)

  118. Chippy says:

    Good luck. We’ll be watching. I’m re-opening the forums soon so I’ll set up a f7oc forum for discussion.

  119. PreLovedPortables says:

    Great stuff Chippy! Are you re-formatting it? Will you be keeping the existing devices in an archive perhaps?

  120. Chippy says:

    wrt the forum. I’m rebuilding it over at Users and posts are already transferred. A set of recent forum users are enabled to log in. I think it’s stable but we’ll probably re-arrange things and optimize the set-up over the weekend. Feel free to test the waters if your account is enabled. (Most are marked as banned right now)

  121. Reader says:


    where are you from?


  122. wormdrummer says:

    Im in Australia.

  123. nosirrah says:

    I’m with the people hoping for a version 2 sometime in the future. The current version is just way too crippled to actually be useful.

    The missing components, severe lack of performance and battery life just throws out the advantages of having Windows 7.

  124. vhdl says:

    I’m also hoping for a version 2 next year. Hopefully the number of comments here indicates many people will buy the current version. Though the majority of the comments are just from 2 people.

    Hopefully, the next version will have
    -Android (unless anyone can point out advantages of Symbian)
    -Non-underclocked CPU (deal breaker)
    -Hardware features usable in both OS’s (deal breaker)
    -An easy way to right click (I saw some cumbersome touch based way)
    -Better battery life (deal breaker)
    -Chargeable through USB (deal breaker unless I may have missed this in the comments and links)
    -No BSODs when turning on WiFi, haha (definite deal breaker)

    The 4 inch screen already makes things difficult as a sacrifice for pocketability but all the other sacrifices are just too much and make the F-07C very unusable. Unless you don’t mind taking forever to do things and once you finsh one task you neither have a phone nor a PC until you find an outlet.

  125. auktionadmin says:

    a solution for the battery problem in Windows 7 mode:

  126. auktionadmin says:

    It seems to run also with Android when you set the resolution to widescreen mode:

    I hope you can set to change with Android to Windows like with Symbian.

  127. PreLovedPortables says:

    I wonder if that really is on the Sybmian part of the phone or if it is the SDK in Windows somehow?

  128. auktionadmin says:

    This picture seems an emulator, but I hope Android can be fit to the phone part of the F-07C.

  129. D3K17 says:

    I got a chuckle out of this one:

    BSOD when switching wifi on –

  130. Reader says:

    Bluescreen xD

    Hrm, still waiting for decent reviews. And I have got so many questions and wishes (Android instead of Symbian) left.

    The F-07C becomes more interesting from day to day^^

  131. auktionadmin says:

    The Windows-CPU-Score is 1.8 with overclocking:,qdr:d%26prmd%3Divnsl&

  132. D3K17 says:

    WOW! Some excellent finds auktion! You have just been dishing them out. After seeing this ‘Unlocking’ of the CPU, the mod with the batterypack / USB and Android put on it, I was almost sold.

    If I could just see some hard evidence of HW acceleration with the GMA600, I think I will purchase one.

    Hopefully by Monday, Wormdrummer can answer a lot our questions and feed our hungering tech lust. Arthur can join in too when he gets his!

  133. Reader says:

    Thank you for the link!

    The overclocker says that 1 Ghz seems to be the best compromise. It doesn’t get too warm then.

    I wonder about battery life… it should get significantly shorther.

    If I get mine, I won’t overclock it instantly. Maye after a while using it.

    The good thing is, that it is no “real” overclocking, but “unlocking” or unleashing the standard frequency of the Z600. The CPU probably won’t run unstable because it runs within official Intel specification.

  134. auktionadmin says:

    The FAQ said that there is the hibernation (Ruhezustand) from Windows 7:,qdr:d%26prmd%3Divnsl&

    I really think there is no Windows 7 virtualization.

  135. PreLovedPortables says:

    This device could definately do with its own forum!
    A question for whoever gets the phone first:
    [Q] Did it come in a totally sealed box? Did the seller have to open the box and used the phone to unlock it?

  136. num0 says:

    Boxes aren’t sealed. Phones are usually opened by store employee for activation. Same for unlocking.

  137. Reader says:

    @auktionadmin: The best argument for me is still the battery time under Symbian. I just can’t imagine an Intel Atom platform to provide such long standby and talk times. Power consumption of Atom is higher than optimized Smartphone-SoC’s.

    @prelovedportables: good question. I personally don’t think that it’s factory-sealed. Akihabara’s retail unit wasn’t sealed and so far I haven’t seen any sealed boxes yet. For unlocking to any network the devices certainly have been used once at least.

    The units provided by the UK seller seem to be unlocked in Japan at NTT DoCoMo, because he told me he can’t test any of his devices (for answering certain questions like CPU core freuquency etc.) That would mean he is selling the boxes as they were provided to him.

    Most certain is that he has got enough stock left. So I continue waiting for first F-07C feedback.

  138. D3K17 says:

    Some interesting finds:

    Aero Glass:

    Performance boost tips:

    Unlocking Guides:

    Battery box charger for better battery life on the go:

    The units serial port is the same as the Apple proprietary ports. It is wired for sending and receiving data as well as charging. Many users have been jury rigging battery packs / usb connectors to connect their devices on the go without the need for a cradle. A simple procedure is to buy an iPod dock and remove the plastic casing around it. It fits the F-07c and allows it to stand like the cradle. Pic here:

    Here is something very interesting! A user on the unkar 2ch was able to get FFXI (Final Fantasy 11 MMORPG from 2002) working in portrait and widescreen mode. He had to overclock (or should I say unlock? :P) to 1.2GHz and reduce the resolution to 480×620 to get it running smoothly during battle sequences. He says he can run it at 1024×600 but it only plays smoothly when in town chatting with others. Some screenshots below:

    Landscape 1:
    Landscape 2:

    He posts several times here (post 537, ID: eiW+zcWv:

    With this new development, there is much more support that HW acceleration does exist to some degree.

    Is there somewhere better we should be discussing this? :P Theres no forum up yet (except Volker’s with no replies) on here or Pocketables and the meet mobility forum shows no threads for me (but last post dates are visible)

    Also, we should keep an eye out on eDiho’s Memogram blog. He is posting some quite interesting tweaks and workarounds.

  139. Chippy says:

    We’ve been working on getting meet mobility up and running.
    A thread exists here.

    If you have been a recent user on UMPCPortal forums you should be able to log straight in. If you haven’t used UMPCPortal forums for a while, you’ll be marked as ‘banned’ Don’t worry, I can free those accounts up if you let me know.
    New users can register as normal.

    I plan to turn of UMPCPortal forums next week.

    Good luck in the new forum!

  140. auktionadmin says:

    Could it be that with overclocking and tweaking the Windows-CPU-Score goes to 2.2 ?,img:1%26prmd%3Divnsl

    What does the author want to say in the last phrase ?

  141. Reader says:

    maybe with cradle CPU-score goes up to 2,2… ;-)

    My notebook also scores higher when being charged.

    Btw, anyone received his/her F-07C yet xD

    P.S: From now on I’ll post in the forums. regards

  142. Ux says:

    Not video-out port for PowerPoint presentations?

  143. auktionadmin says:

    You can use an adapter for USB.

    More questions can be found here:

  144. num0 says:

    You can use the cradle to connect it to TV over HDMI.

  145. auktionadmin says:

    Yes, but if the video-in is VGA, you use an adapter for HDMI or USB.

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