I’m covering Ultrabook Madness at CES this week.

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I’m focusing on Ultrabooks this week at CES though if I’m lucky I’ll have time to take a look at some netbooks and tablets. It’s more hectic than ever here and press day has been brutal so far. Events go on well into the evening tonight and then I’ll be up at 5am to head over to an Intel booth preview where I hope to get a good overview of their latest mobile products.

Give me a few days on the floor and by Wednesday I’ll have a good idea of where things are heading although the Ultrabook marketing has been so strong today that it’s clear that’s where Intel are heading.

P1010618Ultra mobile fans need to keep focus on the tablet market for any sub 1lb product news but i’m of the opinion right now that the tablet market needs something other than a hardware boost. It’s time for the software on Android to come of age and get serious and I hope Ice Cream Sandwich will give us that. For me, there won’t be any new products in my stable until I see proof that ISVs are investing. Gaming appears to be moving along well but there’s a lot of work to be done in the productivity area.

As I mentioned above I’m focusing on Ultrabooks at CES so if you’re interested in the new Samsung Series 9, the new Acer Aspire S5, the Lenovo U310 and U410 and other new devices, check out the action at Ultrabooknews.com

If I find any interesting ultra mobile PC solutions i’ll be posting the information here.

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  1. timelock says:

    Hi Chippy, maybe this is a little bit of topic but does anything change with my dreamteam Chippy, Jkk and Sasha? Cause last years you three had been more often together specialy on events like CES. And if got a lot of information and fun at the same time. Just a feeling and hoping everything is fine.

    Best regards


  2. DrNick says:

    That is what I want to know about it. I had hoped that maybe with CES things would be like they once were but I guess the sun has set on those days. The mobile tech blog world in general has really changed over the past few years. It’s not as exciting as it once was. At least not from the perspective of a reader.

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