Software Companies Optimizing for Quick Sync Video on Ivy Bridge

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With the release on Intel’s latest generation of processors, codenamed Ivy Bridge, comes Quick Sync Video 2.0. This is an enhancement to Intel’s original Quick Sync Video technology which provides hardware encoding and decoding of video directly on the processor. All second-generation Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks feature Quick Sync 2.0 which is up to twice as fast as Quick Sync found in first-generation Sandy Bridge Ultrabooks. In order to take advantage of Quick Sync 2.0 you need to be using software that is designed to use it; a number of companies have announce support for the technology.

Because using Quick Sync 2.0 requires using software that was built with it in mind here I’m compiling a list from Intel of products that make use of the technology. Keep an eye out for one that applies to you!




Gom Video Converter

GoPro Cineform Studio





If you’re doing any sort of video editing, rending, or encoding, you should seriously take a look at finding a program that uses Intel’s Quick Sync 2.0. In benchmarks it far surpasses even GPU-assisted solutions in speed and quality!

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  1. joe says:

    Any of these support embedding subtitles into encoded videos either as subtitle tracks or burned in depending on the output format? If so, any info on the input format of the subtitles: separate srt/ssa files and embedded tracks?

    I tried Cyberlink MediaEspresso before because their site said it supported subtitles when converting from .mkv’s with embedded subtitle tracks but after talking to tech support, they confirmed that it actually didn’t. Now they don’t mention supporting subtitles on their site.

  2. Visigoth says:

    You forgot Splash (from Mirillis), which IMHO is the best video player/encoder ever written.

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