LG TabBook H160 Hands-On at CES

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Thanks Mobilegeeks! They’ve found and handled the LG TabBook H160. We posted about it a few hours ago but couldn’t find any proof it was at CES 2013. Nicole Scott of Mobilegeeks likes the hinge and keyboard. I have to admit, that hinge looks very good indeed.

We’ve added the LG TabBook H160 to our database.

Price unknown at this point but Nicole did manage to find out that it’s planned for Q1 2013. More info at Mobilegeeks.

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  1. animatio says:

    yeah …. fantastic …. or so she says.
    but the heck, damn’ no touchpad or mouse stick, no mouse buttons for the real, legacy work. so it might be a nice concept but again … like many of them all the years passed, stuck halfway to be finished and thus a no go for professional work

  2. Me says:

    I don’t understand why so many of these slider tablets/notebooks don’t have a trackpoint. Windows 8 does have a desktop UI where software vendors will continue to develop for. There are reasons why a person would choose Windows 8 over Windows RT.

    Also, it’d be nice for these sliders to have adjustable screen angles.

  3. Tom says:

    Although I agree that its a shame they didnt include a trackball/pad, its not the end of the world especially in a product like this where they have limited space to include a good option of either.

    The touchscreen makes up a lot for the its omission and you can always pack a mini usb or bluetooth mouse

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