Winner: Ultimate Coder Challenge Going Perceptual – Puppet in Motion

Updated on 13 August 2018


The winner of the Perceptual Computing competition has just been announced by Intel

The Ultimate Coder Challenge put seven teams together and challenged them to make showcase applications for a Lenovo Yoga 13 Ultrabook and the Creative sensor hardware, in seven weeks. We watched with amazement at how much the teams learnt, wrote, developed and optimised their apps. We found hardware limitations, software limitations and problems with gestures themselves but that’s exactly what we needed. The judges, teams and Intel have put hundreds of hours effort into finding out what works and what doesn’t. It will all help the development of perceptual computing, ‘Percie’ as some are calling it now, solutions for Ultrabooks, AIO and other screens in the future.

The winner was a team that took puppetry and put into other peoples hands…

Competitors list . All our perceptual computing coverage can be found here. If you’re developing for Ultrabooks, read our Ultrabook Software Developers Resource.

The Winner: Sixense with Puppet in Motion

Well done Sixense!

Well done to the other teams too because there were other prizes.

Unfortunately Simian Squared had to drop out of the competitiondue to other commitments but I want to highlight the excellent idea they had with the live, interactive pottery app which was a huge challenge but for me the most original app in the competition.

Hat-tip to Peter O’Hanlon too who created a sequencer for image editing. If you’re into Windows Presentation Foundation you need to follow him.

Watch this space people.

‘Percie’ looks a little awkward and unrefined right now. The hardware needs a boost and we’re only just starting to learn what fits with a human. We need to work on latency to make it magic. We need to work on the SDK to make it easier for developers to implement their ideas. We need to work on miniaturising the hardware and building it into the frame of your next laptop, AIO or monitor. Expect to see the first integrated hardware in 2014-2015 and watch it develop over the next ten years into something natural, something productive and something fun.

Thanks to everyone that followed the competition. Feel free to put your thoughts below and I’ll make sure Intel see them.

The announcement at Intel: The Ultimate Coder Has Been Named – Final Results of Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual

All our perceptual computing coverage can be found here. If you’re developing for Ultrabooks, read our Ultrabook Software Developers Resource.

Full disclosure – We are being compensated for content related to Ultimate Coder.  All posts are 100% written and edited by Ultrabooknews.

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