Haswell refresh for Acer’s Aspire V5 notebook series and V7 Ultrabook

Posted on 05 June 2013 by

Acer’s S7 and S3 Ultrabooks have been the highlights of their Computex 2013 presence but Acer has also brought a Haswell refresh to its Aspire V5 series notebooks and its V7 Ultrabook.


Acer V7


Only just recently revamped with new CPU choices between AMD and Intel and display options up to full HD 1080p screens the Aspire V5 series and V7 Ultrabooks will now be available with Haswell processors promising better performance and battery life.

One of the V7 Ultrabook variants highlighted by Engadget will appeal to gamers, the V7-482PG-9884-U as it comes packed with some nice specs including a Core i7-4500U processor, discrete graphics provided by a 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GT750M GPU driving a 14″ IPS display, 12GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD.

Expected cost is $1,300 and is expected to be available this month.


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  1. Touko says:

    The extra money the i7-4500U costs over the basic i7 model might have been better invested in an upgrade to a GT760M, since gamers will never notice the 10% increase in CPU power, but would notice a 20% increase in GPU power a lot, since the GPU is the main bottleneck for games.

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