Acer CB3 at $179 – The New Entry-Level for Laptops

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Acer C3-111

Acer CB3-11 is $179 at

The Acer Chromebook CB3 is now $179 at There have been cheaper laptops in the past but the CB3-111 is not a piece of crap. This is a stable, productive, 7-hour laptop with a reasonable keyboard. It is a laptop that can be integrated into the business world and education markets just as easily as it can be used on a lap at home. It’s using what can be argued as one of the most stable, secure and clean mainstream operating systems available. It comes with all the software you need plus 100GB of storage, for free. I have one under my fingers right now.

A little perspective is needed, yes, as Microsoft and Google jostle for position in the run-up to the huge Black Friday weekend when, at least in ‘Western’ markets, marketing budgets across the business get together to whip-up a consumer frenzy that results in huge numbers of products being sold in a very short time.

The $179 price might not last but it gives us an idea how Microsoft and their partners will have to position themselves. The $199 Acer E11 (also Acer, also with Intel inside!) Windows laptop is an interesting, enjoyable product (I have the here too) and there’s a lot of momentum for the HP Stream 11 too so will the supply chain decide that Windows products are worth more or will they try to match this $180 price over the next few weeks. Windows laptops are also offering 100GB storage and in some cases they come with Office 365 personal but if Google can marry this price movement with a ChromeOS announcement it might be just what’s needed to get Chromebooks moving in the consumer sector.

If I was responsible for marketing Chromebooks to consumers i’d have a raft of Android apps ready to be dropped into the Chrome Web Store and they would include popular games, a popular messaging platform and  a few popular productivity tools.

$180 is the new baseline for low-cost laptops and that’s great news for everyone.

[I’m reviewing the Acer CB3-111 for]

2 Comments For This Post

  1. Christian Müller says:

    Hi Chippy,

    sounds great, I am testing the Toshiba CB30 – the CB35 isn’t available as a test unit right now – which is using an Intel Celeron processor.

    My question: How does the Acer CB3-111 compare performance wise regarding the Acer c720 or the Toshiba CB30? I would really love to hear our thoughts, also on the display, which is one of my main complains on many chromebooks these days.

    Thanks for the great work.


  2. Steve Chippy Paine says:

    The C720 has 2X the raw processing power of the N2830 platform but that equates to something like 20% page load improvement assuming there are no network bottlenecks. It’s very noticeable how much quicker a big Google document loads though. The display is similar to the C720 and possibly a little better in terms of contrast and color but i’ll have a full review up soon that will cover that in details.

    Yes, shame the B3340 isn’t available in EU. That’s such a great Chromebook!

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