New Core M variants signal maturing 14nm process

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Intel are introducing new Core M SoC variants. All have higher base clockrates on the CPU and GPU which indicates that the quality emerging from the Core M production process is increasing. That means yields for the low-end Core M models are increasing and that ultimately, prices can start to trend down. The new SKUs are: Core M-5Y10c, Core M-5Y31, Core M-5Y51 and the Core M-5Y71.

See a list of Core M PC’s in our database here.

Core M die

Core M die

All new models have the same 4.5W base TDP but, for consumers, the performance of a Core M under normal conditions is going to depend on internal thermal ‘headroom.’ In fact the TDP figure is largely useless now due to burst TDP and configurations that can increase or increase the TDP.

  • Core M 5Y10c  800 MHz-2 GHz , GPU: HD 5300 300 / 800 MHz, 4.5 Watt TDP
  • Core M 5Y31  900 MHz -2.4 GHz, GPU:HD 5300 300 / 850 MHz,4.5 Watt TDP
  • Core M 5Y51  1.1 / 2.6 GHz, GPU: HD 5300 300 / 900 MHz, 4.5 Watt TDP
  • Core M 5Y71 1.2/ 2.9 GHz, GPU: HD 5300 300 / 900 MHz, 4.5 Watt TDP

Core M is available in a number of PCs already (we keep a list of Core M mobile PCs here) and inital feedback is that it’s not quite as good in these products as we saw in demonstrations at IDF in September. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro offers class leading thickness and weight for a 2-in-1 but performance sits somewhere between Atom and the performance seen in Ultrabooks. Some products are including eMMC storage too.

The 14nm ‘y-series’ Broadwell SoC is a big help to PC designers that want to offer think designs at light weight and we see it evolving into Celeron and Pentium branded designs for fanless low-cost laptops and Chromebooks during 2015.

Source: CPU World via Liliputing

6 Comments For This Post

  1. andario says:

    The Surface Pro 4 Core M 5Y71 sounds exactly like my next tablet, the very first true “keeper” in years, for me. When you do you say you’ll be announcing it, Chippy? ;)

  2. Mark T. says:

    Seeing the disappointing results of the fanned Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, my hopes of a fanless 11.6″ Core M notebook was crushed. Hopefully, some OEM can make a fanless Core M based 11.6 incher that isn’t forced to operate slower. I don’t mind a “thick” notebook either especially if it allows for a gigabit Ethernet jack as well.

  3. Steven says:

    Llama Point was probably running Windows10 – which would explain the lower performance seen so far.

  4. Nicholas says:

    It would be very interesting to know whether this batch (or at least the Vpro 5Y71) has “evolved” to support the Maple Peak i.e WiGig enabled platform. At IDF Intel said that the platform (and he appears to mean the Core M “Platform”) would evolve to support Wigig (which is Maple Peak) just not at launch i.e not with a 5Y70. The reference design for the 15W Broadwell U processors that emerged via the FCC and appears certain for a CES debut includes WiGig. So, it seems probable that Maple Peak will launch at CES along with the Broadwell U chips. Also the 5Y71 is part of the Stable Image Platform – meaning that it is a long production run chip not a niche “knock a few out then move on” chip like the 5Y70. Given the 5Y71 is a Stable Image it must either support Maple Peak when that debuts or Intel will have to launch another Core M Vpro chip to exist in parallel prior to the introduction of Skylake which will have WiGig built in.

  5. noj says:

    would like to see more coverage of core M products here chippy!!

  6. jom says:

    I wonder what would be better in a fanless 10″ screened notebook: a Bay Trail Atom or a throttled Core M.

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