Lenovo Flex 3 11 and S21 expected at CES2015. (Leak)

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Lenovo Flex 10 (2014)

As I dive into details of the Lenovo announcements at CES over the last 24 hours (updated Lenovo X1 Carbon with Broadwell-U for example) I see that Lenovo have HTML placeholders for all their product announcements at CES which means there’s a good chance that we’ll see a Lenovo Flex 3 series announced in the next 24 hours. The S20 (11.6-inch low-cost touch laptop) will get an update to the S21 and the same will happen to the S31.  Searching further into the Flex 3 product range though I see there’s going to be a Flex 11 which is very interesting for ultra-mobile PC fans.

The Lenovo Flex 10 was a great convertible; The 270-degree stand-mode was perfect for coffee-time reading and it didn’t pretend to be a ‘Yoga’ tablet either which meant that no-one was disappointed with a 1.3KG slate. As I reviewed it I knew I’d like an 11-inch version and when the Lenovo N20p launched I bought it immediately. It’s a Chromebook but I love it and it’s been a buddy for months now. A Windows version is going to be even better.

Will it have Broadwell-U inside? If it’s launching with the Flex 3 14 and Flex 3 15 (I’ve located references to those in HTML source at Lenovo.com) then it’s likely to use Broadwell. Given that the Flex range is a low-cost series of laptops I don’t expect it to have a Core M option. Baytrail-M (Pentium 4-core please!) is also likely though as the Flex 10 didn’t follow the ‘Core’ CPU line as the other models in the range did.

There aren’t any more details to be had right now but I’m working on it. I expect Lenovo to open the next wave of press releases at the start of CES press day which is in just a few hours time. Stay tuned!

All Lenovo’s CES  product launch Placeholders can be found in the HTML source here.

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